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Best Of Beverly Part One
Articles handpicked from our 2008-2010 archives,
are as relevant today as when originally published.

2016 Platinum Collectors Edition

Volume 21 Issue 2

Judy Weichman Negative Conditions Handled By Positive Attitude, she was in the early stage of multiple sclerosis

Joe Corbett Mature Muscle Personified

Sandy Riedinger
Beverly Beat – Beverly Talk with a Personal Touch

Stacey Beers
My Weight Loss Journey From 180 to Wow

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Volume 21 Issue 1

Progressive Overload Want Bigger Muscles Expose them to Bigger Workloads

On the cover Melanie Egner
My body fat was high and I had little muscle. In other words, I was “skinny fat!”

Chris Trimpey Natural Masters Pro Figure Card Achieved

Sandy Riedinger Make Our Bodies Great Again in 2016

Jacob Mangan Physique Contest Prep one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

Chelsea Ashby Striving for the “Perfect Body” transform into ideal state

Hondre McNeil It’s all about the battle! Battle within yourself to keep pushing

› Remaning issue of 21 #1 starts archive one of four Volume 20 to 15

Bodybuilding Strategies

Rachel Payne center stage Northern
Rachel Payne
Competed in my first figure competition
Age 45 Loving it learning more
hoshal Azami one arm bicep curl
Khoshal Azami
Bodybuilding Lifestyle
Training for my first competition I learned there was more than just pumping iron
Melissa Rayburn posing with trophy
Melissa Rayburn
Exercise Physiologist Physical Therapist
My idea of the perfect physique

Sean Young pro bodybuilder
SMART goal system
Managing family, life & training

Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely

› Cindy Herron Getting ready for my first Figure Contest year long plan

› A Workout for the Novice Physique Competitor

› Dawn Reichley
Competing in Figure Loving It

› Chad Forrester
Bodybuilders experience tunnel vision. Balancing Life’s Demands with Bringing my Best to Stage

› Brenda Smith Total of 45 Figure competitors in the Northern Championships I realized that the competition was going to be very tough