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Best Of Beverly Part One
Articles handpicked from our 2008-2010 archives,
are as relevant today as when originally published.

2016 Platinum Collectors Edition

NNM volume 22 #2 feature Danielle Smith

  Danielle Smith on the cover

Volume 22 #3

Volume 22 #2

Volume 22 #1

Bodybuilding Strategies

  • Michelle Brown center stage Grand Prix Figure division
    Michelle Brown
    Year in Figure.
    My nutrition, supplement, and training programs
  • Eric Senter side pose
    Eric Senter
    Physique workout pre-contest nutrition plan gained 10 pounds for muscle
  • Rachel Wade Johnson lean abs
    Rachel Johnson
    Your Fit Figure
    How to Guide training-nutrition to the ”competitive look”
  • Sean Young pro bodybuilder
    Sean Young
    Trained for 2 Half-Marathons,
    and a Bodybuilding show at the same time