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The High Fat diet

By: Eric Serrano, M.D.
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Can I stay on the high fat diet for a long period of time?
The diet, which in reality should be called the Optimum Macro nutrient Diet rather than the high fat diet, is long term for the obese person. I find it is successful 95% of the time. For the bodybuilder getting ready for a contest, it is a medium or short term nutrition plan.

Are there any health risks?

If you keep a ratio of 30 – 40% protein, 20 – 30% carbohydrate, and 20 – 40% fat, you can use it safely for the rest of your life. The key to the diet is to eat the right kinds of macro nutrients, i.e. protein, carbohydrates and fats.

What do you mean by "the right kind of macro nutrients"?
Here is a list of what I mean by the right kind of macro nutrients: Carbohydrates (CHO): low glycemic index, includes all vegetables with the exception of corn, white potatoes and carrots (you may have these also, but only three or four times per month); fruits in the whole, raw form, but not cooked or as juice. (If you need juice drink it only in morning or at night.) Why? Because early in the morning your glycogen is almost depleted and fructose will not cause a big elevation in insulin. At night, the juice will make your insulin increase just enough to make you sleepy. Grains, bread, and pasta only once or twice a month. (whole wheat varieties are the preferred source.) No cookies, candy, chocolate, or any sweetened dessert.

Fats: high in mono unsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, low to medium in saturated fats, i.e. fish, olive oil, canola oil, nuts, eggs, chicken and turkey.

Protein: all meats are acceptable including beef, pork, fish, and poultry

Do you recommend the Optimum Nutrient Diet to your patients? Do you follow it yourself?
I highly recommend it to my patients. Every person is different, so I first review his diet history, and do various lab tests before starting the patient on the diet. I then monitor the patient every two weeks for the first two months, then every eight weeks thereafter. Most of my patients love the diet. They can eat things traditionally not thought of as diet food while losing weight. I follow the diet periodically whenever I want to lose bodyfat and become more muscular.

Can you give me a sample diet?
Here’s a sample diet for a 220 lb. bodybuilder who wishes to start eating..

For a leaner body by manipulating the macro nutrients:
Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 Tbl. of olive oil, Protein Powder* + 1 cup of half and half- 938 calories.
Snack: 2 cups of Broccoli + Cheese (Velveeta) = 130 calories
Lunch: Protein Powder* 1 cup skim milk + ½ lb. Steak + 1/4 cup Rice = 905 calories
Snack: Protein Powder* + 1 cup half and half 463 calories
* 3 – 4 hours later heavy weightlifting
Dinner: 3 chicken breasts + 2 sweet potatoes + tea = 872 calories
Snack: 4 eggs (2 yolks) + Protein Powder* – 400 calories
Bedtime: Protein Powder* +1 cup half and half- 463 calories, for a daily total of 4,171 calories

I recommend Promega3, a specially designed whey protein with omega 3 oil, or Muscle Provider from Beverly International.

Note that there is only one mid high glycemic index food, rice and it is consumed at least 3 hours before the workout so it will provide just enough glycogen for the work out.

It is very hard to provide all the calories for this subject with food only, that is why I used Muscle Provider end Promega3.

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