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› Roger Riedinger & Dr. Serrano
Building Muscle FASTER! Building Muscle & Losing Fat Simultaneously

› Answers questions about the "High Fat" diet
Keep a ratio of 30 – 40% protein, 20 – 30% carbohydrate, and 20 – 40% fat. A sample diet for a bodybuilder who wishes to start eating for a leaner body by manipulating the macro nutrients

› Manipulating the Anabolic Environment
Importance of Vitamin C

› Manipulation of our Anabolic Hormones
Fat, fat and more fat?

› Perfect Timing: Leaner & Muscular Bodies
Timing of eating meals and the Glycemic Index a brief overview

› Roger Riedinger and Dr. Serrano
BI’ products have come up good every single time I’ve tested them

› Anabolic and anit-catabolic proteins for building muscle
whey protein isolate, egg protein

Dr Serrano at the Arnold Expo
Dr. Serrano talking fitness and health

Articles by Roger Riedinger

› Increase Your Bench Press by 30lb in 6 Weeks
Three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the full six weeks.

› Training for Muscular Weight Gain
A Training and Nutrition Program for Pound-A-Week Gains. If you follow the workout and supplement plan as written, you should conservatively gain a minimum of six pounds in six weeks.

› Over 50 Training Roger’ Perspective
Here is an outline of notes I’ve taken regarding myself specifically, and the aging bodybuilder in general. I started training pretty regularly in 1963, so these comments are based on 50 years of training experience.

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