Fall 1997 Contents

Beverly International Publication

» Jeff Baugh Complete workout plan in detail, get it step by step. Off Season Bodybuilding and Pre-contest Bodypart Training

» Larry Schweer Competed in four contests this summer: the Buckeye, the World’s Classic, the Indianapolis and finally the Ohio State Championships. By my final contest, less than three months from the day I started on my diet, I had lost over 7% in body fat and nearly stayed at the same body weight

» Mindi Boysen From Cheerleading to bodybuilding then Fitness Competitor. Mindi uses cross training to develop a winning look

» Jeff Storch 1996 Ohio LHW Champion Preparation for the 1997 Junior Nationals. At 6% it was time for some thermogenics and fat burners At this point, Roger and Sandy cut out my whipping cream (bummer). I began taking EPH, caffeine, and aspirin 2-3 times a day.

» Elmer Schwartz From 3rd place at the Teen Indy to the Teen Nationals