Proper Diet and Supplements Make the Difference

Setting a goal is one thing, achieving it is another, but with Beverly International as part of the plan I walked away a winner!

By: Brian Strock Fall 1999

Dateline: January 1, 1999. Time to set new goals and start new beginnings. So, I did just that. My goal for 1999 - to win a first place in my weight class during the 1999 contest season. Although, not an easy gainer, I still had the drive and determination needed to do whatever it took, naturally, to do it. What I still lacked to be a successful bodybuilder, however, was size, definition, experience and the knowledge to get me there. I read all of the muscle magazines, but what I found there were genetic freaks whose training and diets did not work for me. I needed to find a source of information that was directed at normal people like myself. People who still had the drive to compete and succeed even though we may never see ourselves in on the Olympia stage or even at the Nationals.

I began my search and one-day my wife brought home what proved to be the missing link. She had obtained several copies of the Beverly International No Nonsense Magazine. This newsletter features athletes that have excelled in the sport of bodybuilding. I was amazed. What made this newsletter so different was that these athletes were no different than I, or at least not in the beginning. They too wanted to be successful bodybuilders, and just like me they needed direction. The only difference was they had already discovered what I was about to. As I read the newsletter from cover to cover I was very impressed with their condition and how well they did in competition. After viewing the before and after pictures, I couldn't believe the incredible results they had accomplished! I decided I needed to contact the people who published the Newsletter and helped these athletes, many just like me, achieve their goals. I immediately contacted Roger and Sandy at Beverly International Nutrition Center to see if they could help me out. It was the best thing I could have ever done!

My first contact was by e-mail. Impressed with the immediate results I received from my initial diet and use of their Beverly International supplements, I decided to make a visit. It was about a 4-hour drive to the center and to say the least, I was quite intimidated as I came close to the center. I did not know what to expect. I thought they would tell me I didn't have what it took to be good enough to compete successfully. (I had competed before and knew that based on past experience that might be exactly what they would say.) Boy! Was I wrong!

Roger and Sandy made me feel relaxed and good about myself. They pointed out my strong points as well as my weak points. They did a bodyfat analysis, discussed my goals and training routine. Then, just when I thought they were finished, came something I really didn't expect - a 30 minute personalized seminar on - POSING! I did not have much experience and my posing really showed it. Roger and Sandy critiqued my posing and showed me the proper way to pose to enhance my physique. Then, after correcting my posing and giving me a posing practice schedule to follow, they revised my diet and supplement program.

I soon found out that the key to being a bodybuilder with stature, were the supplements. The Beverly Nutrition supplements took me from a "wanna be" to a competitive bodybuilder. The gains I made using these supplements were unbelievable. I have to say that the Ultra 40, Mass, and the Muscle Provider became my all-time favorite supplements. And to think, if my wife hadn't brought home that first No Nonsense Magazine, I might still not have even heard of Beverly International.

bodybuilder Brian Strock

As I left Beverly, I was well on my way to achieving the goal I had set on New Year's day. In less than one month, in three competitions in three different states, I racked up two second place finishes and my goal – a FIRST place finish. I am the 1999 lightweight MR. MICHIGAN. Mission Accomplished!!!!

Beverly International Nutrition made it so simple for me to reach that goal. It only took a couple of visits to the nutrition center, along with some e-mails and phone conversations, and the Beverly supplements to keep me on track.

In closing, I would like to thank Roger and Sandy at Beverly International for all their help in getting me in the best shape of my life and helping me achieve the goal I had set for myself.

NNM 9 #1