How Beverly International Nutrition Transformed Me from a Weight Lifter to a Complete Bodybuilder

By: Jeremiah Forster

Fall 1999

My story with Beverly International began June 13, 1998, at the Indianapolis Bodybuilding Championships. I competed in the Super Heavyweight class (226 lbs. at 6.65%). My initial introduction to Beverly International was the buzz going on backstage about how shredded their competitors were in the show. Walking by the Beverly booth I remember hearing other competitors saying, Oh great, this guy's from Beverly. I walked away and thought to myself, Who’s Beverly International? By the end of the night I would know exactly who Beverly International was.

Now, granted I won my class, but that is easy when you are the only one in your class. While walking on-stage for the overall, I noticed the middleweight, Andre Ewing, a Beverly International client. He was not only big, but balanced and shredded too. He kicked all our butts. Even though I took notice of how shredded Andre was, I still believed biggest was best. Little did I know then, that in just one year, Roger and Sandy would change my life and bodybuilding career forever!

bodybuilder Jeremiah Forster

At this time I was big, in fact I was one of the biggest and strongest guys in my and just about any gym I walked into. But that didn't mean much anymore to me cuz I was getting beat in contests, and my whole life was on the edge. I was living a life that was not too healthy for my own well being or my bodybuilding. I needed a wake-up call, a reality check.

That first reality check came early in July when I met my soon to be wife Su. I quickly fell for her, and told myself that I needed to get in control of my life and change many things. At the time I was living in Indianapolis, and Su recommended that I contact a company near to Cincinnati called Beverly International. She gave me their Newsletter, and I looked it over. Now the idea of having a professional set up a program for me was intriguing, I was still in the mind set that I knew what was best, when quite obviously I didn’t. About a week passed, and I was so frustrated in my training progress, and through Su’s persistence I contacted Beverly International via Fax. They were very prompt and sent me back a fax within a couple of days along with a diet. In the fax Roger wrote a little footnote, We judged you at the Indianapolis, we noted your size, but also the need for much more definition." Roughly translated "You need to get in shape FAT BOY!!

Now I was a little thrown through a loop with this one. I had no idea number one Roger and Sandy were judges and number two that I looked that bad. I told myself if these guys own a Supplement Company, are Judges, and are willing to help, this is one opportunity you cannot pass up!

So I made an appointment to go meet with Roger and Sandy personally in early August. Arriving at the center Roger took notice immediately of my potential, but said there were many things that needed to be worked on. I needed to get much leaner, work on my posing, work on my stage presence, my tan, pretty much everything. Basically he was saying "you’re big, but now we have to turn you into a bodybuilder." I guess at this time I was sick of everyone telling me the potential was there. I never wanted to hear again "If you were only shredded" or "You’re young you’ve got time". I wasn’t going to hear any of that anymore. This time I was getting in shape, no one was ever gonna tell me again that I lost because I wasn’t shredded.

Roger put me on a diet and suggested some supplements for me to take. I could tell in the beginning Roger and Sandy were a little reluctant to work with me, and I must admit so was I. But as each week passed I saw myself getting leaner than I ever had been before. I was just as strong, just as big, but now I was getting lean. Su loved me working with Roger and Sandy; I think losing the "Pregnant" look I possessed was something she especially liked.

So, into September my weight dropped to 230, but my bodyfat was down to under 5%. I was really getting jazzed, and decided to enter the Gold Cup. Just 4 weeks out Roger really kicked my diet and Cardio into high gear. Now at this time I was following the diet and taking most of the supplements Roger recommended, but I was still using some of my old philosophies and listening to way to many people about my contest prep.

A week out I made another trip into the Beverly International Center, my weight 220 at 4.2% enough said. Roger said my transformation was awesome and I was looking 10 times better than the Indianapolis show. I was scared about the last week, cuz that is where I always seemed to screw things up. Trying to do to many tricky things to look tighter, when I should have realized the best way to look real tight on stage is to be really lean. Roger told me to calm down and not worry, and he wrote out a guideline for the last week. I followed it to the tee, but was still listening to way too many other people on the side. I weighed in the morning of the show at 208, and went on to take second in the heavyweights. I was very pleased with how I looked, but people where still telling me “If you were just 10 lbs. lighter.”

Now I had no one to blame but myself for how I did. I cheated on my diet a few times, didn’t really practice my posing (It was terrible), I was in a transformation in my life and I didn’t totally listen to what Roger or Su said. Nevertheless I still looked better than I ever had, and knew the next time it would be different, next time I could feel was my time. All I knew was Roger and Sandy got me in the best shape of my life, I fell in love with their supplements, and the more I got to know them, the more gracious and nicer they became. I finally realized my key to success was Beverly International.

My story fast-forwards to February of this year. I had taken about 3 months off from dieting and training. My life had completely turned around. I was engaged to the woman of my dreams, and had a new outlook and attitude on life. I was much closer to my family, and was just much more pleasant to be around. Yet something still seemed to be missing, something not complete in me. I missed my chosen sport, one of my loves.

So and I sat and discussed my getting back into bodybuilding. It was a joy of mine, but at the same time it was also something that was a destructive force. Su and I decided that if I did it this time that it had to be done the right way. Su had complete trust in Roger and Sandy. So we agreed to go ahead and do it. But this time I’d go completely by what Roger and Sandy say, not listen to any outsiders, and put my total faith in Beverly International. So I did.

I had a totally different attitude. I knew Roger knew exactly what it took to get to the top, and things were going to be done right, in moderation with No-Nonsense, the Beverly International way. It was funny I thought getting shredded would be really tough, but trusting in Roger and Sandy and following their lead, put me in cruise control.

In late February I was 215 at 7.8%. Roger told me "If you wanna win you have to cut that number in half." That was a phrase that stuck in my mind the whole contest prep, a phrase that I played over and over again in my mind. That was a dream to be under 4%, and this time it was gonna happen no questions asked.

Roger put me on a diet low in carbs, moderate fat, high Protein. And oh yeah, the world’s best protein (Muscle Provider). No cardio yet, he wanted to see how my body would react to such a long lay-off. Supplements were Creatine, Ultra 40 and SuperPaks. In just 4 short weeks the results showed 220 at 5.8%. But already I could see huge improvements from October. I was focusing on my weakpoints, and was training and thinking like a bodybuilder, not a freak. The feeling was awesome.

I was certain it was time to add cardio, but Roger said, "No! Just stick with the diet, its working so far let’s ride it until it doesn’t." As each week passed my weight was staying the same my bodyfat decreasing 1/2 % a week, and I was getting stronger and stronger by the day. Whoa this isn’t supposed to be happening, I’m supposed to be losing weight and strength like every other diet I had followed.

8 weeks out

Roger tells me to start posing, 30 min a day. Work my way up to an hour a day one week out, holding front-facing pose for 2 minutes, and each mandatory pose for 30 sec. "WHAT" I told myself "For How Long". I didn’t understand why posing was that important. But I didn’t argue I did it anyway. Everything else stayed pretty much the same, no changes necessary yet.

6 weeks out

Bodyfat now down to close to 4.5% and getting stronger yet. I look better now than the day of the Gold Cup this is getting scary.

No Cardio, but at under 5% with 6 weeks out it wasn’t needed.

4 weeks out

No Change just keeping this express train rolling!

2 weeks out

Bodyfat now under 4%. Still Stronger, feel great, a little tired, but am getting new striations everyday.

Roger cut out a little more fat and carbs, This is crunch time, this is where it gets tough, but I have cruised this far, two more weeks is nothing.

Posing now up to an hour a day. I have met with Roger for the past 4 weeks, and in that time he thinks my posing has turned into a strong suit. Big change from last year.

One week before the show I went and saw Roger, and I could just see it on his face. He was proud of me. Roger, Sandy, Su and I worked so closely for this show not only did we build a strong business relationship, but we became friends. I value Roger and Sandy’s friendship more than anything else I could have received from them, that is how wonderful they are.

June 5, 1999, 1 was 206 at 3.67%--No Cardio-WOW!!! That is all I have to say about that! At that time Roger gave me instructions for the final week. It seemed so simple, just things I never knew before. I was up to 3 gallons of water a day, on Thursday it was cut to 2, and on Friday we reduced it to a gallon of distilled water with Saturday sipping on Spring water. Sodium was cut in half on Thursday and completely on Friday. Started Loading Potassium on Wednesday and increased it through Friday. The diet and Supplements pretty much stayed the same. If it ain’t broke, Why fix it?

Thursday before the show I once again visited Roger to get some last minute details worked out, but I was ready, so there was no talk about what needed to be done because I was there. Finally no more hearing about being in shape, I was in shape, I was ready, and that was a feeling that I will never forget. Roger told me that I was in shape, that I had turned my physique into something pretty, my posing was good, my tan was good, and I had turned into a bodybuilder. With that in mind it was time to put my assault on the Mr. Ohio in Lordstown.

Saturday at the weigh-in was a shock (195lbs.). In one year a Super-Heavyweight to a Light-Heavyweight, WOW again!!! But it was not a bad transformation; Roger had me so dialed in! My cuts in my legs were so deep, it was FREAKY!! Everything was in; I could see things I have never dreamed of seeing. I was tight, hard and confident, it was my turn to kick some butt.

At the weigh-in it was announced that there were 11 guys in my class, I knew this was gonna be tough. They kept us up there for what seemed an eternity, but all that posing paid off big-time. While every other guy was gasping for air and relaxing in front of the judges, I was staying tight and hard, just praying they would keep us up there longer. I knew the longer they kept us up there the stronger I became.

I ended up winning my class, and losing the over-all by one point. How well I did, wasn’t the issue, because my transformation had taken place. I had changed my fife, and become a complete all-around champion bodybuilder. My dreams had come true all thanks to Beverly International.

I do have to give thanks to a few people. To Larry Schweer who has been a great friend and a mentor. Stan Thomakis for all his help. Bill at Natural Health & Fitness for all his help and support. My StepSon John for all his patience, and support. My mother of course who continues to support my dream after all this time. And all my friends and family who are always behind me. But most importantly I must thank the love of my life Su. She has been such a huge support through all this; she has been my eyes and voice through this grueling process. She unselfishly sacrificed so much to make my dream a reality. She has helped me become the man and bodybuilder I am today. She is the ingredient behind my success, and deserves as much recognition and awards that I receive. Su thank you for being my friend and partner, and being there for me when I need you, I love you!

Lastly, I want to tell you what Beverly International means to me. Roger and Sandy are the two most giving and unselfish people in the world. They are knowledgeable, have the best supplements on the market and have great rapport with their clients. That is not what makes this company so special, they care and give when other people don’t, that is what makes them special. Roger and Sandy helped me out and worked with me, but they did more than that. They cared about me, as a bodybuilder but most importantly as a person. Try getting that from another company. They made my whole prep and approach NO-NONSENSE. There was no guesswork, they knew exactly what I should do and made it quite easy for me. Take it from me, you can either see your potential or you can achieve it. In one year I went from a big guy with the potential, To a well-rounded champion bodybuilder with all the tools. How did I do this?

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