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Magazine Fall 1998

  • Hi! Glad you’re visiting my site! I’m taking a few minutes to chat about some fun updates and then I’m going to hit a couple of serious points. Last month I had the enormous fun of being on the Jenny Jones Show. It was one of those ’Geek to Chic’ things that had some big names sharing the stage. Debbie Massey, who just completed the nationals and earned her pro card in fitness (2nd place tall class – watch for her!) was a gem. Melvin Anthony (the hunk who’s in every December muscle mag) kept us laughing. Melissa Coates was there as well others.
  • I’ve had a lot of fun filming a local cable show put together by Doug Gibsonfrom Sensible Fitness. He’s determined to make fitness entertaining. I like to think of him as the Joe Bob Briggs of the fitness world. You get my drift
  • Speaking of Joe Bob, there’s more fun stuff! Check out the B movie site on INDEPENDENT EDGE and it’s newest release Chickboxin′ Underground.
Rita promotes her movie
I’m on the right selling the Buzz Candy with Leslie Coulton (Rita on the Right)

It’s a great little comedy with all the requisit T & A spoofed in it. I played one of the characters and assisted Lynn Moliter with makeup. It was a great time with some talented derelicts.

Now for the serious stuff:

It’s time to start preparing for this year’s competition(s). I’m focusing on the Ohio State but may do 1 or 2 others around that time. I eat pretty clean most of the year. What does that mean?

Ms Northern Kentucky 98 Female Bodybuilder

  1. I ALWAYS eat every 3 to 4 hours.
  2. These meals must contain high quality protein, be fairly balanced (not too high in carbs, moderate amount of good quality fats).
  3. I limit my treats of my chocolate, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (natural style on whole grain bread...), the occasional burger or unstructured meal, etc. so that my body composition stays below 13%. I will alternate cycles of less structured eating with cycles of more structured dieting to keep the body always guessing and always responding.

It’s all so easy, right? Maybe on another planet. It all starts with a decision. That decision takes the 1st step forward for you. A few good results happen. That starts to cement your decision into a commitment. Then that sticky mess of semi dry commitment seems to suck you down into despair when the phone is ringing, your job is demanding, the kids have you running, you’re tired, and now you have to train (NOW?!), you have to eat (AGAIN?!), and finish that gallon of water (hard to use the potty when there’s an office full of patients and you’ve already been there 4 times and your boss is ready to catheterize you).

OK, you get the point. We all want to grab our blankies, suck our thumbs, and whine when something gets challenging. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT! Ask yourself: Will my whining will get me that fit body and decisive, challenge-driven mind set? If so, then don’t waste your time reading this. Go put your whiny fat ass back on the couch for another re-run of the Brady Bunch.

If you answer No but feel in the dark as to how to put it together, then I can relate. Time and discipline are always my enemies. These are some things that have helped me:


  1. Work out with a partner if you don’t have the motivation to do it on your own.
  2. Don’t have a partner? Then get a trainer. I’m a certified trainer and know how to push myself hard. But we can’t see what others can and we can’t always do what others can force us to do. So I have a trainer to take on that role.
  3. Don’t have the money to hire a trainer 3 days a week? Then find a flexible professional who will work with you 1 day a week, or 1 week a month, or for 1 month every 4 months, WHATEVER. That investment pays off huge dividends in fitness and health goals, motivation, and ensuring proper form to get the most out of your workouts with the least risk for injury.


Have a plan. Not just what to eat but how to put it all together into your busy life. I’m a licensed dietitian but I have nutritional coaches. Why? Some of the reasons are in my first article. The main reason is that I’m like most people: I can’t objectively evaluate myself to develop the necessary nutritional strategies. Sometimes I’m lazy with my diet and motivation lags. A trip to a qualified nutrition professional (like Roger and Sandy Riedenger) fixes that.

Too busy to fix the proper food? There are many options now: a) Meal replacement mixes (Muscle Provider with Complete or fruit and some EFA Gold is my favorite b) A bag of chicken breast strips, a can of black beans, frozen veggies, salsa, and Mexican seasoning blend makes a super quick, tasty, and balanced meal. I’ll have more ideas in a later article..

c) Don’t want to cook? Find a chef who does catering. Many are surprisingly reasonable. I’m fortunate to know a chef who also competes and understands the diets we follow. For $5 to $7 he can fix mouth watering meals that follow my meal plan. I was spending more at fast food places trying to get a decent quantity of the right kinds of foods. And the taste sucked. The Chef’s name is Scott Acton. More about him in another article later.

d) Your family would rather have pizza, burgers, and bologna? Tough. I’ve always told my clients that if the family is eating that much differently from your healthy meal plan then they need to change too. I fix what’s healthy. If my family wants junk then they can fix it themselves.

e) Fix quantities, portion out and freeze the servings. That way you can get your meals together quickly.

f) Get a cooler and use it! There’s so much more but I’ll save it for a later article. Until we talk again, I wish you well and I wish you excellence in your endeavors!

With love,

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