Rita Kaya, R.D., L.E., C.P.T

Ms Cincinnati 97

Magazine 7 #3

Rita Kaya has a broad educational background and brings several areas of expertise:

  • Rita is a registered and licensed dietitian and has many years of clinical and consulting experience. She specializes in sports nutrition (through additional certification) and lifestyle counseling. She presently consults with Cincinnati based Fitness Management Services as well as maintaining personal clients.
  • She is licensed in esthetics (professional skin care). She specializes in medical esthetics, skin rejuvenation, and makeup application. She practices with a local board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown.
  • She also acquired certification as a personal trainer after gaining experience and excitement from training as a competitive bodybuilder. She won the Ms. Cincinnati title in ‘97, Ms. Northern Kentucky ‘98, 1st place lightweight Battle of Champions ‘98 and competed at the state level in June finishing 2nd place.

She trains clients at in Blue Ash (Cincinnati) Ohio as well as working with clients in their homes.

  • She owns and manages Debita Distribution, a company that offers unique products (skin care, makeup, nutrition, and even veterinary) with education and guidance for the client. Showcased in the line are products that represent state of the art technologies in skin rejuvination, semi permanent makeup (foundations, eye, and lip,), and an elegant natural mineral line of foundations enhancers.
    Ms Cincinnati 97 Female Bodybuilder
    Ms Cincinnati 97 contest prep diet traning
  • Finally, Rita believes in holistic approach to appearance.

    She is uniquely qualified to offer this guidance from inner health to outer beauty.

    She is available for nutrition and skin care consultations as well as training through Sensible Fitness.

    Competition History

    • 2009 – 1st Place 55+ Division and 4th Place in Pro–Qualifying 45+ Division –– Masters Nationals
    • 2009 – 6th Place ––– IFBB North American (International)
    • 2006 – 2nd Place Middleweight ––– Jr. Nationals
    • 2003 – 1st Place Middleweight ––– Central States
    • 2002 – Top 10 Middleweight ––– USA’s
    • 2001 – 3rd Place Lightweight ––– Jr. USA’s
    • 2000 – Overall Winner ––– Masters Nationals
    • 1999 – Overall Winner ––– Ohio State
    • 1998 – Overall Winner ––– Northern Kentucky Regional
    • 1997 – Overall Winner ––– Cincinnati
    Real Life Case Study Rita Kaya

    Real Life Case Study: Rita

    The Challenge: I discovered weight training after the birth of my second child. I loved it. It was a quick, efficient way to get toned. But after a little while I stopped seeing results. I wanted to look fuller and tighter than I did. So I tried supplements: All kinds, from the most “popular” companies. Nothing. Even though I invested a lot. I tried training more. Nothing. I was well into a vicious cycle of more training, more supplements, but only getting diminishing returns.

    It’s not like I didn’t have a plan. I had the educational background. I did the research. I did the work. But I kept going farther down the road to nowhere. I looked, and felt, like road kill. If insanity means expecting different results by doing the same thing over and over then I was certifiable. I thought it was me. Maybe I didn’t have whatever it took. Or maybe, just maybe, there was another approach that might work?

    I started watching people at the gym. The ones making noticeable progress were training with Jeff Storch. So, that’s what I did. First he set me straight on training an then he attacked my diet. “If you really knew as much as you keep telling me you do then we wouldn’t be having this talk. I’m saying the problem isn’t you; it’s what you’re eating. That includes your supplements. Your problem? You haven’t tried Beverly. Until you do, shut up.”

    Was he ever right! But I was starting to sour on supplement companies. I was involved with some FDA work involving a scam. What a disturbing eye opener!

    The Action:
    But, I did as Jeff suggested and met with Roger and Sandy, owners of Beverly International (actually, it was more like interrogation). I was immediately impressed with how graciously and enthusiastically they answered my questions and shared their information.

    Other companies I dealt with weren’t like that! They set me up with a diet plan and a strategic supplement stack. I followed the program exactly and took the supplements faithfully. Their generous support and product guarantee calmed any reluctance I had.

    The Results:
    3 months later that 15 year plateau I’d been riding was history. I was so motivated that I decided to compete, just for fun. I placed 2nd in the first event and won the next one a month later. I’ve won many times since. I accomplished more than I ever imagined in my dreams. With Beverly’s support, guidance, and incredibly effective supplements, I keep making progress year after year.

    What I Think of Beverly:
    We live in an age of information overload and quick buck scavengers. Confusion and skepticism are inevitable consequences.

    Their “real world” guidance clears away the confusion cobwebs and for 35 years has guaranteed its claim to have the most effective supplements on the market.

    1. Rapid and continuous progress towards my goals
    2. Dependably effective, highest quality supplements that never stop working
    3. Fewer supplements / greater results
    4. True value. Nothing is more costly than wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work.
    5. Teamwork instead of guesswork. Confidence instead of confusion. I know it will work

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