Kim Donough

from 23% bodyfat to 12.9%

No Nonsense Magazine
Spring 1997

Each time she came in her statistics were better and better. Her upper body had displayed good muscularity fairly quickly, but when she hit the 15% mark, her legs, a problem area for Kim, really started to lean out. This seems to be the trend in female dieting. First the upper body becomes lean and the legs follow.

June 1 1996 thru Feb 4 1997
Weight from 137 lbs. down to 122 lbs.
Percent Bodyfat:
From 23% down to 12.9%
Bodyfat Pounds:
From 31.5 lbs. down to 15.7 lbs.
Net change:
15.8 lbs.
Lean Mass:
From 105.5 lbs. up to 106.2 lbs.
Net change:
gain 1.2 lbs.