Kim Donough

The fitness look from 23% bodyfat to 12.9%

By: Roger Riedinger
No Nonsense Magazine
Spring 1997

Kim McDonough has always been fit and healthy. She also has carried a bit more fat than she wanted. She became pregnant last year and gained more weight. After the delivery Kim was determined to lose the fat she had gained and to get into the best shape of her life.

Guess what? She called us! Kim started her diet at 23% bodyfat. Sandy prescribed a program of diet, exercise and supplement to help her gain lean mass while losing bodyfat. She quickly became a regular at the center with anticipation of each bodyfat follow-up. The regular monitoring sessions helped her stay on her diet while Sandy made small adjustments.

Each time she came in her statistics were better and better. Her upper body had displayed good muscularity fairly quickly, but when she hit the 15% mark, her legs, a problem area for Kim, really started to lean out. This seems to be the trend in female dieting. First the upper body becomes lean and the legs follow.

Kim goes to the gym 5-6 times a week training for up to 1 ½ hours at a time. She also does aerobic activity for 45 min. 4-5 days a week. Sometimes Kim runs when she needs a different aerobic workout.

Kim will probably be happy when she reaches 12% bodyfat. Gee, her goal was to look like she could be a fitness competitor.

Kim front pose stage
Well, she sure has accomplished that! We admire Kim for her perseverance and drive.
June 1 1996 thru Feb 4 1997
Weight from 137 lbs. down to 122 lbs.
Percent Bodyfat:
From 23% down to 12.9%
Bodyfat Pounds:
From 31.5 lbs. down to 15.7 lbs.
Net change:
15.8 lbs.
Lean Mass:
From 105.5 lbs. up to 106.2 lbs.
Net change:
gain 1.2 lbs.