Ms Fitness Competitor

Nina Tonnu Ms Fitness USA Preparation

By: Jim Cash
No Nonsense Magazine
Spring 1997

I first met Nina Tonnu in May of 1995 while competing in the USPF Masters National Championships in Seattle, Washington. Nina and I started a relationship that due to the 2300 mile distance between us, was somewhat difficult to maintain. Soon, I flew out to Seattle and Nina and I made the long trip back to Beavercreek Ohio where we now live and are engaged to be married later this year. Nina has a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Washington University and is a health and fitness fanatic.

She entered her initial fitness competition in 1993 placing 2nd in the Ms Fitness Oregon. Nina was crowned Ms Fitness Washington State a year later. This past year Nina placed 2nd in the Miss Fitness Mid-States qualifying her for the Ms Fitness USA Nationals to be held in California the week of March 24, 1997. The top 5 finishers will compete in the Ms Fitness Universe March 30.

Nina and I had the opportunity to speak with former Ms Olympia, Carla Dunlap at the Ms Fitness Mid -Western. Carla told Nina that she needed to incorporate more strength moves in her fitness routine and display more muscularity and hardness in her physique. Knowing that Carla would be one of the judges at the Fitness USA contest, Nina and I decided to take a very aggressive approach to make Carla and the other judges take notice of Nina»s improvement. She»s been working on the strength moves in her routine with gymnastic classes and additional aerobics. I»m helping Nina develop her muscularity with powerlifting and we have engaged the services of Roger and Sandy at Beverly International to be sure that all of her nutritional needs are covered.

Bodybuilder to Fitness Competitor

Nina Tonnu Ms Fitness USA

Nina»s bodyfat had dropped form 18.9% to 14.9% in just 6 weeks

Nina’s daily schedule

Nina and I get up every morning at 4:30 a.m. and go the gym to engage in 40 minutes of cardio work. She concentrates on bodybuilding movements in her evening workout. After her weight training, Nina finishes with an additional 30 minutes of cardio. Every Saturday I work Nina on her Powerlifts. First up is the flat benchpress where she trains with as much weight as she can handle for 5 sets of 3 reps (after warm-ups). She then completes all of her accessory work for the chest. Next come deadlifts for her back. After she warms up, I have Nina doing sets of 5 reps, maxing out on the final set with as much weight as she can handle for 5 reps. Nina pulled 270 pounds for 6 reps in her last workout. Sunday is devoted to Squats. Nina works up over a number of sets to 235 lb for 3 reps. She then performs a back off set or two with higher reps at a lower poundage.

Nina eats 5 meals a day. Her nutritional plan, as outlined by Roger, can be characterized as high protein, moderate fat and lower carbohydrates. Her primary sources of protein are fish, chicken, lean ground beef and eggs. She ensures that she receives her essential fatty acids by taking a tablespoon of flax oil daily. Carbohydrate sources include fruit, vegetables and an occasional low glycemic starch carb. With each meal she takes 3 aminos (Mass), 3 Muscularity (BCAAs) and 3 Lean Out.

In early November Nina and I visited with Roger at the Beverly International for a complete nutrition and physique consultation including body fat testing. Roger suggested a nutritional program and supplements to help Nina increase her muscularity while losing bodyfat. He and Sandy had Nina go through some posing so that they could get an overview on what needed to be addressed.

The consensus was that Nina has a terrific “V” shape and with proper dieting could be an impressive competitor.

Nina showing off her athletic abilities
Nina showing off her athletic abilities

The results

On New Years Eve Nina and I visited with Roger again and what a surprise, Nina»s bodyfat had dropped form 18.9% to 14.9% in just 6 weeks. The real shocker was that Nina»s weight remained the same at 120 lb., which means that she not only lost 4 pounds of fat, but gained 4 lb of lean mass.

Nina and I returned for our next follow up February 1. Nina»s bodyfat dropped once again, this time to 12.3%. We saw another increase in lean mass. During the time period from November 11, 1996 to February 1, 1997, Nina»s bodyfat has dropped from 18.8% to 12.3%. Her lean mass has increased as a result of her heavy training, proper nutrition and supplement program from 97.5 lb to 106, a gain of 8.5 lb lean mass while losing 7.5 lb of bodyfat!

Nina will be scheduling more frequent appointments at the Beverly International Nutritional Center as the Ms Fitness USA approaches. This diet tracking and follow-up has kept her on track. I personally want to thank Roger and Sandy for their help and guidance with Nina»s preparation. We both feel that Beverly International Supplements are the best. We also want to thank Adam and Karl of Bodywerks for making the gym available to us at all hours of the day.

End Note: Nina returned to the Beverly International offices February 15 for another follow-up. Her bodyfat per cent has dropped once again, this time to 10.7%! Her lean mass increased by another 1.2 lb. Her net stats are now: bodyfat down from 22.5 lb. to 12.8 lb.; lean mass up from 97.5 lb. to 107.2 lb.