First Taste of Bodybuilding Success

High protein, high fat, moderate carb

By: Ray Kirkland
Bodybuilding World Staff Photographer
Magazine Spring 98

Inspired by reading bodybuilding magazines, Brian Ebert entered his first bodybuilding competition in 1989. He weighed 145 lbs. and placed 2nd in the teen lightweight class at the NPC Kentucky. Faced with several second place finishes since then, Brian was ready for a change.

Brian is a 25 year old business analyst who trains at Powerhouse-Eastgate. He knew Jeff Storch, Tony Dufresne and Vince Shannon had all gone to the Beverly International Nutrition Center for advice with their pre-competition diet and he also knew they had all won their shows. In July of last year Brian followed his friend's footsteps and asked Roger and Sandy to help him prepare for the ’98 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championship.

When Brian first visited the Beverly International Nutrition Center he thought he weighed 240 at 10% bodyfat. His first revelation was learning his actual stats were 246 pounds At 13.5 percent. A real reality check. He also thought he would get ex-pert diet advice and supplement guidance.

Roger set up a personalized high protein, high fat, moderate carb, 4,000 calorie diet for Brian. This was the diet he followed through the end of 1997.

Brian’s training routine is as follows:
Tuesday Chest & Biceps
Thursday Back & Biceps
Friday Shoulders & Triceps
Sunday Legs

No changes were made to Brian’s training and no cardio was done until November when he added 4 – 20 minute sessions per week.

During this time Brian’s weight dropped only 8 lbs. to 232, but his bodyfat decreased from 13.5% to 7%. His progress was gradual and consistent. He loved the diet, and even though he cooks his own food, thought it was easy to follow. Brian’s supplements included Super Pak multi-vitamins and minerals daily, along with Ultra 40 Liver tablets and Mass Aminos, 20-25 of each per day taken with meals.

In January of 1998, Brian considered entering the NPC Battle of Champions, a week prior to the Northern. At this time Roger modified his diet, reducing his calories to 3,500 to get him harder. The restricted calories were a little harder for Brian, but his strength remained good throughout.

In preparing for past competitions, Brian had followed his own diet plan, learning what he could from magazines. He thought he needed to bulk up in the off season and diet down in 8 weeks to his competition weight. He admits it was a strategy that obviously never worked for him. In every attempt he was never able to break the 6.5% bodyfat plateau. But, following Roger’s nutrition plan, eating more vegetables and less fruit, by mid-February Brian’s bodyfat was measured at 5.1%, flying well below his previous barrier. He was finally on the right track.

Brian had used other brands of protein powder in the past, but when he switched to Beverly International’s Muscle Provider he noticed the difference within 3 days. Brian’s Muscle Provider shake recipe is included in his diet at 9 weeks out shown below:

Brian Ebert’s Diet at 9 weeks out

Super Pak
Mass Aminos – 4/meal
Ultra 40 Liver – 6/meal
Meal #1
4 egg whites – 2 yolks
1 slice (1 oz.) cheese
6 oz. lean beef, chicken, turkey, or tuna
1 piece fruit (grapefruit, cantaloupe, apple or orange)
Meal #2
Protein drink
2 scoops Muscle Provider
2 oz. heavy cream
6 strawberries
12 oz. water
Meal #3
4 cups salad containing choice of salad vegetables w/2 tbs. dressing 12 ounces lean beef, tuna or other lean protein
Meal #4
Protein drink 2 scoops Muscle Provider 2 oz. heavy cream
6 strawberries or peach slices
12 oz. water
Meal #5
8 oz. Ground Round
12 oz. cottage cheese
½ small can pineapple or other fruit
Meal #6
8 – 12 oz. lean beef, chicken, turkey breast, or fish
2 cups vegetables (½ bag)
1 tbs. Flax Oil
Every 3rd day
2 cups rice or oatmeal
1 large sweet potato or regular
1 – 2 bananas 1 cup vegetables, 1 tbs. oil, and 1 tbs. butter

Roger made more changes to Brian’s diet at 6 weeks out. Two additional cardio days were added which consisted of 30 minutes of walking or other light cardio activity. Supplement changes included substituting Density for the Mass Aminos and adding Muscularity Branch Chain Amino Acids, and thermogenics.

Brian’s Diet at 6 weeks out

Super Pak
3 Muscularity & 3 Density between meals
Ultra 40 Liver – 6/meal
3 Ripped Fuel and
3 Energy Reserve
before a.m. cardio and training
Meal #1
6 oz. lean beef
4 whites, 1 yolk
½ grapefruit
Meal #2
6 oz. lean meat (chicken/turkey/fish)
or 9 oz. tuna
1 cup vegetables
Meal #3
10 oz. lean meat (chicken, etc.)
1 grapefruit or salad
Meal #4
6 oz. chicken
1 cup vegetables
Meal #5
10 oz. lean meat (strip sirloin, beef, etc.)
2 cups vegetables or salad
Monday and Thursday (Add a sixth meal)
1.5 cups oatmeal
1 large sweet potato
1 banana
1 cup vegetables with butter
no supplements

Brian Ebert
The Sunday before the Battle, Brian wrote the following goals in his daily planner:
  1. Qualify for National Competition (place 1st or 2nd in my class)
  2. Win the Queen City Novice Overall Title
  3. Win the Heavyweight Class at the ’98 NPC Northern

His weight was 211 and his bodyfat was 4.4% with 6 days to go before the Battle. He met his first two goals that next Saturday. He placed second in the Heavyweight class at the Battle which qualified him for national competition and he won the Queen City Novice Overall title.

Four days later, Brian visited the Beverly International Nutrition Center again. His weight was 212 and his bodyfat was 4.1%. After getting his first taste of success the previous week, Brian won the heavyweight class at the NPC Northern and was able to check off all three goals in his planner.

Brian was more than happy with his results. He had a goal in mind and an ideal for what his body should look like, but he never dreamed he could do it. Brian thanks Jeff, Tony and Vince for their support and honest advice. He also owes a lot of his success to Roger and Sandy. He thought he knew what he was doing, but admits he has learned so much from them and could never have achieved his placings without their guidance.

What’s up for Brian in the future. First of all he plans to take a year off to make improvements in his calves, add more density to his upper body, and keep his bodyfat under 7.5%. He’ll probably enter the 1999 NPC Kentucky to maintain his national qualification. Then in 2000 he hopes to compete on the national level.

When asked what advice he would give someone who wants to achieve their first taste of success Brian says, Don’t get fat in the off–season, stick with basic exercises, rest a lot because that’s when you grow.