How I Won the

Show Me Naturals Bodybuilding Competition

By: Tony "Naturally Shredded" Smith
Magazine Spring 98

As the 1997-year ended I had to get my last feasts in because I knew it was time for 110% dedication for my 1998 contest preparation season. In 1997 I had competed in the Show Me Naturals. I'm blessed from God with good symmetry and usually come into contests pretty shredded. The 1997 Show Me went well. It was a hard class, as light heavy weights usually are. I weighed in around 180 with no water and about a 6-7 % body fat. I felt pretty good about myself because I had my rips going for me. The only problem was I came in flat as I normally do. This was my fourth or fifth show. I always gained size in the off season and dieted it away for contest prep. I would always either try to carb load and come in flat or carb deplete and still come in flat.

I tried every thing that other bodybuilders try and nothing was working for me. People would say every one responds differently. I definitely agree with that, but if you don't diet right to begin with, then you usually won't respond period. Anyway back to the Show Me. I ended up with second place out of six. I was pleased with my placing because the guy who won (by only one point) had an awesome body. He looked like a smaller version of "FLEX".

I knew if I wanted to beat him next year I really had to get my ducks in a row. I know I have unlimited potential even being a natural athlete. I feel if you strongly believe you can get huge without drugs than you can get huge. I am not saying that I am huge yet but I will be. And if you listen to people who say you can't get big without drugs, then you probably can't. The mind is where it's at, so don't listen to anyone who says you can't do it without them because you can! You just have to learn how to train smart, recover, and of course get on a nutrition and supplement plan from the GURU’S Roger and Sandy.

The Best Thing That Could Have Happened

Well, after the Show Me I competed in the caveman. I didn't do so well. In fact, I went crazy and shriveled up to nothing because I did not have a plan to follow, nor did I know where to find one. I wanted to figure it out so bad that I competed every six months. My best friend, Lester, was going to compete in Kentucky so I decided to join him. That's where I met Roger and Sandy. I came in ripped and flat like normal even though my calories were at 3500 per day. Roger was the head judge at the show and I will never forget the conversation we had. He said, "Tony you have a great body for this." I said, "How do I keep my size when I diet?" (I knew in my heart that I dieted size away, but most people say, "no you didn't that's just what happens") Roger replied, "Red meat can help you keep size." I had come to the Kentucky (Ohio Valley) show in the same condition as the 1997 Show Me. I got second place. Later that year I realized it was the best thing that happened to me because I received my first No Nonsense Newsletter from Beverly International. If I had not done the show I probably would not have received the information.

I called Roger right away and told him I would like him to monitor my diet for the next year's Show Me. He seemed delighted to help. All I had to do was switch to Beverly International supplements. Twist my arm, I later realized that was the second best thing that ever happened to my bodybuilding career. I say bodybuilding career because my wife (who is an angel sent from heaven) might read this. After using Beverly supplements for this year's Show Me, I know why Roger and Sandy are so high on them.

Diet: Phase One

So Roger sent the first phase of my diet I couldn't believe my eyes, I loved it! It looked like this:
Meal 1:
2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites 
6 oz. lean beef (my favorite 4 letter word "BEEF")
one cup of oatmeal 
Meal 2:
10 oz lean beef
1 sweet potato
Meal 3: 
10 oz lean beef                                                       
1 apple                                                          
Meal 4:                                                  
10 oz. chicken breast
1  sweet potato                                 
Meal 5:
10 oz. sirloin steak
2 cups veggies.                   
Meal 6:                        
12 oz sirloin steak
2 whole eggs                                             

As you can see this diet was music to my taste buds. The only thing was that I goofed and measured my meat after it was cooked which brought the beef to actually 12 to 14 oz. I didn't realize I was wrong until my next diet phase. The amazing thing is that it still worked. I was dropping fat and keeping my mass. My supplements consisted only of 4 - Mass Aminos and 4 - Ultra 40 Liver per meal, 1- Super Pak, and Creatine Monohydrate.

This diet started 16 weeks out from the Show Me. My body fat was around 14% at 215 (too many pecan pies). Roger said I would drop 5-7 pounds the first couple weeks and that's exactly what happened. That was just my fat cells shrinking and losing some water. During the duration of the 6-week phase my weight stabilized at 205, as I kept looking leaner.

Diet: Phase Two

It was time to call Roger for the next diet phase. This phase was the one that really threw me for a loop. In the past, I had always been told to cut fruit, red meat, and to ditch the fat. That's exactly the opposite of what happened. Roger tweaked my diet to where I was still eating plenty of red meat, which kept my fat at around 110 grams per day and my protein close to 500 grams! I was still eating 4 pieces of fruit a day and some veggies. I followed this plan for 4 weeks and wow, did the fat just melt off! I kept freaking out and calling Roger for the first week or so saying, "Roger I'm losing too much weight". Roger assured me that it was only a metabolic shift, sure enough my body adjusted to the diet phase and my weight stabilized. That had never happened in the past.

Even though my weight stabilized, my bodyfat kept decreasing. At 5 weeks out from the 1998 Show Me, it was time to pay Beverly International a personal visit. I was very pleased with the results, my body fat was at 6% and my weight at 196. Sandy spent a long time working with me on my posing while Roger tweaked my diet again. The diet now looked like this:

Meal 1:                                                               
 8 oz. ground beef                                            
 3 egg whites, 1 yolk                                       
1 grape fruit                                            
Meal 2:                                            
8 oz. round steak                         
1 cup green beans                      
Meal 3:                                 
11 oz chicken breast            
1/2 grapefruit                 
Meal 4:                   
8 oz. lean beef 
2 cups green beans 
Meal 5:
12 oz sirloin steak                                                  
2 cups green beans                                              

It seems like as soon as this phase started, I was on the phone again. "Roger I'm losing too much weight!" Roger provided me with a savior. Every Sunday and Wednesday I ate a carb meal that consisted of 1 1/2 cups oatmeal (measured dry), a 16 oz sweet potato, one banana, one cup of green beans and a tablespoon of butter. Boy did that hit the spot! Sure enough, My weight stabilized again.

At the 1998 Show Me Naturals

Two weeks away from the Show Me at close to 4% bodyfat, I weighed 190. I thought Roger was going to change the diet again but Roger said why change what's working. Between the high protein and the awesome supplements there was no way I was going to lose muscle. He was right! After manipulating my water I weighed in just under 182. The same as last year, except my body was totally different!

When I arrived at prejudging, a guy (who had beaten me at a different show) said, " Oh, Tony, you mean I have to beat you today?" I played an Arnold on him and said I had gained 20 pounds of muscle and my bodyfat was at 3 %. Talk about mind games! I had just competed against him 6 months prior. He kept saying, "how can you do that in just six months?" He was starting to feel real unsure of himself. Needless to say, he believed me. The other guy who was a threat looked the same as last year, although his muscle bellies were a little fuller (this is the same guy who beat me by one point last year). He competed at prejudging, but for some reason got sick and could only watch the night show. He tied for third with the other guy who was supposed to beat me.

Talk about a good feeling! I came in the best shape I had ever been. People said I was so cut that I looked like a huge ball of string all rolled up. The difference was so amazing that people who knew me didn't even recognize me. Yes, I trained hard, but I could not have done it without Roger and Sandy. I probably would have looked the same as I did the year before. The overall was so close. The heavy weight, who had to be drug tested 3 times, got 2 votes, I had two votes and the middle weight (who is a natural pro) had three votes. I felt so good to be able to compete against these guys.

The bottom line is this, Roger and Sandy know exactly what they are doing when it comes to diet and supplements. If you want to compete looking healthier than anyone, all you have to do is follow the simple plan they can provide for you. I didn't just learn how to diet for the Show Me, I learned how to diet for the rest of my life. Roger and Sandy, I thank you so much for the knowledge you have given me and for being so patient with me.
God bless you!