Mr. Louisville

The Three Musketeers training partners

By: Brian Woeste, 1999 Mr. Louisville
Spring 1999

I’d like to start by introducing you to each of "The Three Musketeers" featured in this article. I’m Brian Woeste, a 23-year-old Northern Kentucky University student. I’ve been a loyal customer and client of the Beverly International Nutrition Center for 2 years. Sandy, at Beverly, helped me get ready last year for my first ever contest, the 1998 AAU Mr. Louisville. I placed second in my class and was thrilled to death. But like all of us, I wanted to do better. So, shortly after the show I was back at the BINC to set my competition goal for the coming year. Sandy took into consideration both my financial situation and student lifestyle in helping me formulate a plan to compete again in 1999, in the same contest, but this time, at a weight of 165 – 15 pounds heavier than in 98’!

Tom Spellman and Tim Powers, are my two closest friends and my training partners. They are both students at NKU, like myself. Tim’s 22 and works at Delta Airlines in addition to his full load of classes at NKU. Tom’s 23 and works as an auto detailer at Johnny’s Car Wash when not attending classes. Since we train together at Better Bodies in Fort Wright, Kentucky, we decided we also might as well compete together As the year drew to a close, we decided the plan was for all of us compete in the 1999 Drug Free Mr. Louisville show. With both Tim and Tom being totally new to competitive bodybuilding, I decided that I’d better set up an appointment for the three of us with Sandy Riedinger as soon as possible.

I called Sandy in mid December. She said she’d be happy to see all three of us at the same time. We visited the BINC for our first appointment right before Christmas. Our initial visit was crucial. Sandy sat down with each of us, looked at our physiques and pointed out our strengths and weaknesses. She then developed a highly individualized nutritional and supplement program for each of us. Although each of our nutritional plans differed greatly, a common denominator to our supplement programs were four Beverly International supplements: "Super Paks" a high powered vitamin mineral packet containing a massive dose of antioxidants for muscle repair, "Ultra 40" liver tablets, "Mass Amino’s" and my personal favorite "Muscle Provider".

Tim and Tom were a bit skeptical at first. I convinced them to give it a try and make that initial supplement purchase for I knew they’d be amazed with the results. We started our diets January 1, just 8 weeks out from the Mr. Louisville. Three weeks into our diets we made our next visit to see Sandy. This visit erased all doubt regarding Sandy’s recommendations. Each of us felt great, even though we were dieting strictly. More impressive still, we all lost fat and actually registered lean muscle mass gains! Sandy slightly modified each of our diets to ensure that our fat loss would continue at its present rate. By the 4th week we really started to notice a difference. We were each hovering around the 8% bodyfat mark and still had 4 weeks to go. Sandy had us right on schedule.

Our visits to the Nutrition Center continued every Friday morning. It became a ritual for us. With two weeks left we could hardly believe the difference Sandy had made in our physiques. Sandy never let up on us, constantly advising us to work harder and to concentrate on getting leaner still. She tweaked our diets for the last time and had us increase our cardio (which we’d hardly been doing until now) for one more week to help us lose that last vestige of fat.

One week out from the show, Sandy sat down with each of us and printed out detailed instructions for us to follow during the final week of our diet. She covered water manipulation and loading Beverly’s Creatine Monohydrate. At this visit she also took additional time to go over our posing. We all followed the instructions for the final week and made our last visit to the Nutrition Center on the 26th, just one day before the show. Sandy did our final body compositions and watched each of us pose one last time. Tom, Tim and I looked at our body composition charts with amazement. Each of us had achieved the goal we had set eight weeks earlier. Our bodyfat had dropped into the 5 - 6% bodyfat range and we were ripped and ready to compete! I was ecstatic! I had achieved the goal I’d set a year earlier. I’d be competing at 165 – 15 pounds heavier and just as lean as in 98’!

Bodybuilder Brian Woeste

The contest couldn't have gone better. Tom won his class in his first competition ever! Tim and I ended up in the same class, so only one of us could win. The judges had a time as they compared us for 1st and 2nd place. Finally, with only one point separating us in the rankings, I was given the nod and went on to a close battle with Tom for the overall title. In the end I won the 1999 AAU Drug Free Mr. Louisville overall title. It was like a dream come true. It wasn't just a victory for me, but a victory for all three of us. We not only all placed, but we stood out as the best in the entire competition. What made the difference? We owe it all to Sandy for her expert advice and counseling. We weren't the biggest guys in the show, but we were the best-conditioned athletes by far. Sandy had us totally prepared and it showed.

I can truly say, without any hesitation that if you take her advice and her "Beverly International" supplements you can't go wrong. In our wildest dreams we never imagined that things could have had such a perfect ending. Once again, THANK YOU Sandy. You're the best in the business, hands down, without a doubt!
Brian, Tim and Tom