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Magazine Summer 1996 contents

Summer 1996 Issue

» Personal Profiles: Heidi Ingle
Fitness centerfold fitness model Heidi's thank you letter to Roger and Sandy

» Tommie Robertson’s
Back and hamstring training methods. Tom believes in using what he consider a moderate weight during both the off-season and pre-contest training. Tommie continually stresses the mind-muscle link in his training. He constantly varies his grip to affect different parts of the muscle.

» Tommie’s Nutrition Program
High protein low carb diet. As I Modified my diet I increased my fat intake to at least 10% of my total calories, I began to use Flax Oil and added two egg yolks to my daily portion of whites. At this time my protein intake was between 360 to 420 grams daily.

»  A Straight-forward Guide to Protein
An excellent article to answer the question "how many grams of protein should I eat in a day". Protein in large amounts, 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of body weight maxes out the amino acid content of the muscles, giving them a harder, fuller appearance. Your hormonal system also gets involved, switching over from fat storing to a fat burning mode through the release of the hormone glucagon. This fat burning hormone released in response to a greater protein/carbohydrate ratio in your diet. You could simply lower carbohydrates, but you'd lose a lot of muscle.