Personal Profiles: Heidi Ingle

Building the Fit Look

By: Heidi Ingle
Summer 1996

Here’s a letter we recieved from one of our fitness competitors, Heidi Ingle. Heidi’s worked hard and totally revamped her diet to achieve the "fitness look" evident in the accompanying photo.

Hello Sandy and Roger,I would like to let you both know just how much I appreciate all the help and advice that you have given me over the past four months. Together we have virtually transformed an "OK" body into what I feel confident is a competition body.

Thank you for helping me understand my body, food, supplements, and so much more. And a big thanks for recommending Beverly International supplements to me. I really believe that the combination of the supplements and my diet gave me the edge. I highly recommend them to anyone who has the desire to compete as a bodybuilder, or like me, in fitness competition.

Fitness Model Heidi
I hope that I will make you proud in the upcoming year.
And again I just want you to know that I could not have done this without your help.
Thank you so much,
Fitness Model and Competitor Heidi Ingle
Heidi Ingle thank you signature

NNM Summer 1996