By: Sandy Riedinger

Summer 1996

Tommie Robertson is a frequent visitor to the Beverly International Nutrition Center. At his last visit Tommie dropped off some photos from his recent class wins at the Battle of Champions and Derby Extravaganza. We’d originally planned to give you an update on Tommie’s progress toward the drug free Team Universe in August in the next issue of the "NO Nonsense Newsletter." But, after seeing the accompanying photo, Roger and I thought you’d like to know some of the details of Tommie’s training.So just prior to going to publication I gave Tommie a call and got the information for you straight form the horse’s (or should I say thorough-bred’s) mouth.

Tom trains back three times during each two week period as he believes once per seven days is just not enough for the muscle quality and size he’s after. He trains at Pinson’s Gym in Norwood, Ohio where he works part time after his regular day job. Tom believes in using what he consider a moderate weight during both the off-season and pre-contest training. Tommie continually stresses the mind-muscle link in his training. He constantly varies his grip to affect different parts of the muscle.

When I asked his favorite exercise I was surprised to hear it was pulled-ups and chin-ups. However, when I learned he uses it more as a power exercise I began to ask how a common exercise like the pull-up could result in his density and muscle separation. Tom uses a rep range of 4-10 reps with 45 pounds up to 135 pounds with varying width and grips. Some day it’s palms up in the traditional chin-up manner, other workouts he goes palms down.

Tommie’s two favorite hamstring exercises are straight leg deadlifts and the leg press. He performs the leg press with his feet high, wide and his toes actually over the edge of the foot plate pushing from the heels. Weights used on this exercise are 5-7 plates for 10-20 reps. On the straight leg he squeezes his glutes on the way up, has a slight bend in the knees and again uses moderate weights never going above 225 lb., pyramiding reps from 12-8 over three or four sets. Leg hamstring workout. He varies his foot placement form set to set, squeezes and contracts each rep, and uses both full and partial reps over 10-15 reps.

Tommie Robertson pull ups

Here is a summary of Tommie’s Back and Hamstring workout
A typical back day for Tommie is listed below:
Rear Delts/Back:
1) Bent Lateral
 4 sets x 10 reps, 35-55 lb.
2) Bent Rows
4 sets x 10 reps, 135 – 315
3) Pull-Ups
 4 sets x4-10 reps, 45-135
4) Cable row
&n5 sets x 12-6 reps, 180-320
5) Pulldown
 4 sets x 10, 135-150
6) Shrug: Traps:
Smith Machine 3-5 x 20 reps, pyramid up to 315 lbs.

Symmetrical and Instinctive, amazing bodybuilder maximized his potential

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