Meet Tony Dufresne Mr. Cincinnati

By: Jeff and Michelle Storch
Summer 1997

The progress documented in the accompanying photographs and interview with Tony Dufresne exemplify the Beverly International Nutrition Center's approach to bodybuilding nutrition. We first met Tony when he was the overall winner of our Northern Kentucky contest in 1994. We felt then Tony had a ton of unrealized potential. Tony decided to work with us directly after seeing the results that his training partners, Jeff Storch and Vince Shannon, had achieved on our program. (Note: With Tony's win at the 1997 Mr. Cincinnati, all three lifting partners have worked with Roger and Sandy and all three have now won the Mr. Cincinnati title.)

Tony Dufresne posing at Mr. Cincinnati contest

Some of the beliefs Tony had prior to his decision to seek our advice were: the need to bulk up in the off season, a belief that nutritional supplements were unnecessary, and a belief that a severely restricted caloric intake was necessary in order to reach peak condition.

Tony’s improvement from day one quickly readjusted his thinking. He is now a firm believer in keeping his body fat lower during the off season. He was amazed that at certain points during his diet we asked him to consume three times as many calories as he had in the past. Yet, he continued to get leaner. Tony also became a firm believer in the proper use of Beverly International supplements. He learned that proper supplementation effected a number of positive changes as he drew near his contest.

More Tony at Mr. Cincinnati
Tony's rear double bicep pose
Below is a conversation Tony had with Michelle and Jeff Storch shortly after his contest victory.

Jeff: When did you seek Roger & Sandy for nutritional advice?
Tony: April 24, 1996.

Jeff: What made you seek outside nutritional advice, rather than doing it yourself?
Tony: Seeing the results you got through Roger & Sandy’s nutritional advice for the 1997 Mr. Ohio.

Jeff: So you had a goal in mind?
Tony: Yes, the 1997 Mr. Cincinnati title.

Jeff: What were your starting stats?
Tony: 245 lb, 14.2% bodyfat, lean mass of 210 lbs.

Jeff: What was your initial diet like?
Tony: Well, it started out at approximately 4,000 calories, 50% protein, 30% fat, 20% carbs.

Jeff: Along with the meal plan, were there any supplements added?
Tony: Yes, Super Pak Vitamins, Ultra 40, 6 per meal & 4 Mass Aminos per meal & 1 tablespoon flax.

Jeff: Your protein intake was pretty high. Did you use any protein powders?
Tony: Beverly International's 100% Egg Protein.

Jeff: How did you feel on this meal plan, better or worse?
Tony: I felt better. I had more energy and my strength increased while dropping body fat. I was very pleased.

Jeff: Were there any changes made before your pre-contest diet began?
Tony: Yes, believe it or not, Roger & Sandy took my caloric intake up to approximately 6,000 calories per day.

Jeff: Did your body fat still continue to drop?
Tony: Yes, by 11-21-96 my body weight was 243 lb. at 7.9%. My lean mass was 224 lb.

Jeff: So, within 7 months you'd gained 14 lbs. of lean mass and your body % dropped almost in half?
Tony: Yes – I couldn't believe it!

Jeff: So, when did you start your pre-contest diet?
Tony: It was the beginning of December, approximately 16 weeks out from my show.

Jeff: How was this diet different from your other contest diets?
Tony: It was higher in calories, lower in carbs, and higher in fat. The protein source consisted mainly of red meat, which I never had before on my contest diets.

Jeff: I found it less stressful having Roger do my diet. Did you find this to be the case as well?
Tony: Yes, it was much easier having someone else plan my meals for me, and telling me the exact amounts to eat.

Jeff: What was your training like?
Tony: Heavy weight, lower volume routine. Similar to Dorian Yates style of training.

Jeff: How was your strength on the pre-contest diet?
Tony: It was very good. Six weeks out from the show, I was still doing 405 for sets of five on flat bench.

Jeff: Did you do any cardio?
Tony: Yes, I started six weeks from the show.

Jeff: What did your cardio consist of?
Tony: 45 minutes of bike riding before my first meal, then 45 minutes of treadmill after my workout at night. I did this five times per week.

Jeff: Did your supplementation change for your pre-contest diet?
Tony: Yes, Roger added Muscularity, Density, and increased my Ultra 40 liver intake.

Jeff: Did you use any thermogenic supplements?
Tony: Yes, I used EPH. I started approximately five weeks out.

Jeff: Did you notice any change in body fat after using these supplements?
Tony: Yes, I noticed a significant change. I became harder and gained muscle density

Jeff: What were your stats by show time?
Tony: I was at 211 lbs., and I was at 4.0% body fat.

Jeff: Were you happy with your condition?
Tony: EXTREMELY HAPPY! I looked like a different bodybuilder. I was 20 lbs. heavier than my last show and a percent leaner. The results were incredible! I achieved my goal by winning the heavy weight class and was the overall winner of the ?97 Mr. Cincinnati.

Jeff: Do you feel you made the right choice by working with Roger and Sandy to prepare for this show?
Tony: Most definitely. Roger and Sandy are a true asset to the bodybuilding community. I felt privileged working with them, and I highly recommend Beverly products and Roger and Sandy's nutritional counselingto anyone.

Jeff: What are your future plans?
Tony: I plan on doing the Mr. Ohio in two years

Tony Dufrense 1st place NKY 40
   Tony Dufrense Training for Muscular Weight Gain

Summer 1997

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