Straight-Up part 3

Sports Supplements in the Real World

By: Jim Heflin founder of Beverly International Nutrition

Established Laguna Hills, CA 1967
Summer 1997

Straight-Up Part III

The Straight-Up column has always told it like it really is, not what you read in the various muscle magazines. This is the third in a series of articles by Jim Heflin, owner of Beverly International.

In Part I of his series, Jim discussed the blending of inferior products and the many false claims prevalent in the bodybuilding supplement industry. Part II discussed one of the Peptide Bond (hydrolysate) Amino Acid Double Blind studies in which Beverly International was involved.

This month, Part III relates the results of some other studies plus more of the scams perpetrated in the supplement industry.

The free form amino acid study

In the late 80’s, Free Form Amino Acids became the supplement of choice for serious trainers. Beverly International is still high on the use of Free Form Aminos (Muscularity, Muscle Mass, Free Entry & Density), especially for those on strict diet regimens.

During this period, our Southeastern representative was contacted by a well-known sports medicine physician who was also a contributing writer to several bodybuilding publications. The Doctor had collected 32 bottles of various Free Form Aminos in the Atlanta area and submitted them to a local University. This University had a BECKMAN 600 Machine, an apparatus designed to determine the presence of Free Form Aminos when combined with other forms of proteins. This equipment cost about $80,000.00, therefore not many facilities have one. The doctor was trying to determine the validity of the commercial Amino products as far as actual content.

Much to the researchers’ amazement, the test revealed only two products had 100% free amino content. Interestingly enough, they were the two Beverly Products submitted, Density and Free Entry. The next highest was 50% content from a relatively new company at the time, but which today is one of the giants of the industry. The average content was only 6%. Again, the old blending game in which a smidgen of free forms were used and the rest were basic protein fillers. The comment to my distributor was, AI just assumed Beverly was just like everyone else. I was amazed at your quality.

A very profitable scam

Also during this period, a much ballyhooed, highly advertised product appeared on the market in powdered form with a AWarm Name, claiming every possible anabolic substance possible. The label stated two servings contained 50 grams of protein and trace amounts of carbohydrates. After reviewing the label, I decided to purchase some and submitted it to a lab in the Los Angeles area for analysis. As I suspected, it was a bunch of bull ****. The lab analysis came back reflecting 6 Grams of Protein per two servings and a 67.7% simple sugar content. Needless to say, the product was pulled off the market by the FDA. However, with a very clever bit of side stepping, in a magazine article the owner stated the reason it was pulled off the market was its HIGH CONTENT OF ANABOLIC SUBSTANCES. Believe it or not, sales actually increased when the product reappeared on the market.

How one of the industry giants keeps their prices so low

During this same period, the industry was subjected to a shortage of available raw materials for then one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements A100% Egg White Protein. During this period, Beverly International sustained 9 price increases in EGG WHITES, finally resulting in a temporary suspension of our popular Instant Egg Protein. Needless to say, when thumbing through two of the popular bodybuilding publications, I was flabbergasted when I saw three different companies advertising EGG WHITE PROTEIN at a consumer price less than I was paying for raw materials. One company is still pulling this scam in the overseas market today.

I proceeded to have my people purchase these products in local health food stores and sent them in for analysis. This is what we found: PRODUCT #1 was SOY POWDER; PRODUCT #2 was SKIM MILK, PRODUCT #3 was a mix of CHEAP Dairy Whey and SKIM MILK. Interestingly enough, all three products were produced by the same company under private labeling. This company is still today one of the GIANTS IN THE INDUSTRY.


One often asks, why not reflect these findings in a series of articles in a national bodybuilding publication. When I attempted to do just that, I was quickly informed they would not touch it with a ten-foot pole because all these companies were paid advertisers.

The moral of this story: There are many great products out there,and a few real legit companies doing their best to combat all the shenanigans that take place. Be selective and inquisitive when investing in supplements.

Straight Up Part I