In peak condition experience is the Best Teacher

By Kurt Mangos, Summer 1998

My name is Kurt Mangos. I am a middle school math teacher in upstate New York. I became hooked on bodybuilding after competing in 1995 for the first time. I had lifted weights for baseball and wrestling. Throughout high school and college, but did not take the stage in posing trunks until I was twenty–five years old.

My first competition was the NPC New York State Championships. I experienced success the first time out by winning the Lightweight Novice Class. I decided to compete again the following year as a middleweight and placed third in the Open Class at the same competition. My placing was satisfactory, but my condition was not. I was miffed. How could I have come in to my second competition, with more experience, yet in worse condition? I thought maybe I hadn’t taken enough time off after the 1995 contest season so I decided to wait until 1998 to compete again.

Where should I even start?

New Year’s Eve came and so did January 1998. There were now seventeen weeks until the 1998 NPC New York State Championships. I was 215 lb. and at least 20% body fat! I had my work cut out for me all right. (see my before photo below) I doubted whether I could make it into contest shape at all. I was confused, didn’t even know where to begin with my diet.

Just when I was about to give up hope, Daryl Grass, the manager at Eagle Fitness, brought a copy of the "Beverly International No Nonsense Magazine" to my attention. I looked it over and was very impressed with the condition of the athletes depicted. I read the article entitled "The Best Kept Secret in Bodybuilding" and decided to send Roger and Sandy on E–mail (via the gym owner, Larry Hughes I’m not the most computer literate person there is). I received a diet and supplement schedule in a couple of days and began immediately.

Progress right from the start

During the first sixteen weeks of pre–contest training, my strength steadily increased while losing an average of 2.5 – 3 lb. each week. My skinfold measurements indicated this was all body fat. I only did cardio three times weekly at thirty intense minutes a session. After experiencing phenomenal results for the first few weeks, I accidentally ran out of Ultra-40’s for about a three day period and felt awful! Unbelievable as it sounds, when I got my supply ofUltra 40 and began using them again I had a four pound loss of body fat! This was enough to convince me of the unmistakable quality and superiority of the Beverly supplements.

My progress slowed down a bit at ten weeks out and Roger recommended adding some additional protein to my diet. This worked great! I stayed on this new, higher protein diet for another two weeks before starting to cut back calories and gradually increased my cardio sessions. Please look at those accompanying photos (below) again, can you believe I was allowed to add food half way through my diet and still make progress?

Three weeks out – a tough diet

Three weeks out from the competition Roger and Sandy put me on a three day rotation diet to bring me to peak condition as follows: day one was five meals of 6 oz. chicken each – that’s it, day two was the same as day one with the addition of one cup of vegetables at each meal.; day three was the same as day two with a sixth meal consisting of one large yam, one and a half cups of rice, one tablespoon of butter, one banana, and one cup of vegetables. Supplements at each meal included 4 Ultra 40, 4 Mass, and 4 Muscularity. Additional L–Carnitine (Energy Reserve) was added to my ECA stack.

Cardio sessions had increased to forty–five minutes in the morning and a one mile run after training in the afternoon. This combination was tiring, but really paid off!

A stress free final week

Roger and Sandy mapped out my last week’s diet, supplements, and water plan. I was able to stay focused and relatively stress free all week. Everything Roger and Sandy had recommended worked as well or better than I thought possible. I had complete confidence in the plan designed for me to reach my peak and was really looking forward to the Snickers bar Roger prescribed prior to taking the stage!

I weighed in at 163 lb., in better condition than ever. I placed third again in the Open Middleweight Class, but this time was in much better condition than ’96 even though my condition was pitiful just sixteen weeks earlier. The only competitor to beat me in the Novice was unfortunately the winner of the Open MW class as well. I received many compliments on my condition and felt very good about my placing. The improvement from my earlier contests was quite evident.

The professionalism and attention I received from Roger and Sandy were unbelievable (not to mention I’m in New York and they're in Kentucky!) I recommend their services and the Beverly International products to all of my friends. Many people at Eagle Fitness, where I train have began using Beverly products after witnessing the results I achieved.

I’d like to thank Roger and Sandy for their wisdom and attention over the past sixteen weeks. I feel that I have learned a lot from this experience and I’m looking forward to becoming a full–sized middleweight under their guidance this off–season. We all learn from experience, but I learned a lot more from Roger & Sandy’s vast experiences with bodybuilders at all levels than I ever expected!

Kurt Before Beverly Nutrition
I wondered if I could even make it into contest shape at all

Kurt Mangos After 16 weeks
16 weeks after
The professionalism and attention I received from Roger and Sandy were unbelievable (not to mention I’m in New York and they’re in Kentucky!)

During the first sixteen weeks of pre–contest training, my strength steadily increased while losing an average of 2.5 – 3 lb. each week.

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