1st Place Super Natural Fitness Competitor

By: Sharon L. Henderson
Summer 1998

I immediately set out a diet plan for me to follow. There was one problem, I didn’t take my diet near as seriously as I should have. Four weeks later, at my next appointment, little had changed. After calculating my body stats, I got a little lecture about sticking to my diet. Without even telling her, Sandy knew that I hadn’t given it a fair shot. She then recommend three supplements: Source Naturals Diet Phen, to help me stay on my diet, Twin Labs’ Ripped Fuel to accelerate my fat loss, and Ultra Whey Protein Shake to preserve my lean tissue. Her parting advice was to bump up my cardio and stick to your diet.

Four percent bodyfat

And that’s exactly what I did for the next four weeks. I began running three miles a day. I stuck to my diet which consisted of alternating 5 egg whites and 1 yolk one day, with a protein shake the next for breakfast. Midmorning I had a 6.5 oz. can of tuna. Lunch consisted of a 3 oz. piece of chicken and salad. In the afternoon I had another can of tuna. My dinner consisted of a piece of chicken or lean turkey burger and 1 cup of broccoli or green beans. Every third day for dinner, instead of the vegetable, I would eat a potato. Four weeks later my chart showed a drop from 18.5 percent bodyfat to 14.4 percent.

The final four weeks before my competition I added Ultra 40 liver tablets to increase my energy and a daily Super Pak to help control the bruising I experienced from rehearsing my routine.

Sharon Henderson fitness competitor
Competition time came and I was down to 10.2% Bodyfat, in the best condition of my life!

Down ten

Competition time came and I was down to 10.2% bodyfat, in the best condition of my life. There had been very little change in my weight from the time I started really sticking to my diet until the competition. I give credit to the Whey Protein and Ultra 40’s for allowing me to maintain my lean mass so I did not come in thin and scrawny. In fact, many of the other girls, and even the judges at the competition thought I was there for the bodybuilding portion of the show.

I placed second in my first competition, the Super Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness competition July 18th in Atlanta, GA., qualifying for the Nationals in Redondo Beach, California. I’ll also be competing in the ESPN 2 Series in Miami Beach, Labor Day weekend. So look for me on TV.

Hats off to Roger and Sandy for helping me reach and go beyond my initial goal. As you can see they helped me stay focused on my goal and gave me the encouragement I needed to achieve it. The diet they formulated for me was easy to stick to. It also was very easy to prepare. With two children ages 3½ and 2, the ease of meal preparation was really a plus. Besides Sandy and Roger I’d also like to thank my husband for his excellent support in pushing me daily and helping me stick to my diet.


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