Matt Mr. Cincinnati heavyweight

Kim World record holder squatting

400 lbs 114 lbs bodyweight

By: Matt Sommers Mr. Cincinnati heavyweight
Magazine Summer 1998

We’ve known Matt and Kim for more than three years. They are two of the nicest people we’ve ever met. When Kim found out that our daughter Jaye was taking ice skating lessons she sent her a sweater. Here’s their story as told by Matt.

My first contest was the 1993 Mr. Cincinnati where I competed as a small heavyweight. At 5′11″ I weighed in at 204. Contest photos indicated that I should have been about 185 to be in shape. I didn’t have much quality muscle nor was I in very good condition, therefore I deservedly took 4th out of a total of five people in my class.

Since that contest I’ve learned a great deal about training and dieting, some by trial and error and some from a group of very knowledgeable people. Mike Matson introduced me to Roger and Sandy in 1995 and I’ve been following their nutritional advice and using Beverly International supplements religiously since then. I started taking Ultra 40, Mass, and Complete protein powder and felt a big difference almost immediately.

I had to put a hold on my competitive plans for the next couple of years due to a career move to Chicago, but decided 1998 was going to be the year! I ate pretty clean through the holidays and started my diet on January 1, 1998 at 243 with 10% body fat. The first thing I did was cut out the dairy products, breads and sugars. A couple weeks later I started taking the caffeine, ephedrine and aspirin stack. When I felt my fat loss was starting to slow down, I added 20-30 minutes of cardio first thing in the morning. As my contest date loomed nearer, I gradually increased my cardio and eventually added 20 minutes at the conclusion of my training and sometimes even an evening session before bedtime when I really felt that I needed it. I usually trained each muscle group one time per week and occasionally would do a little more for some areas that I needed to bring up.

My diet consisted of 6-7 meals per day. I always ate at least 1 pound of red meat daily, and sometimes 2 lb. depending on how heavy my training was that particular day. Along with the red meat I also had egg whites (2 yolks), chicken, some fish and 2-3 protein drinks daily. Since I work construction it’s hard to sit down and eat all the time so I relied on protein drinks to keep my protein intake high... 450-500 grams daily. I personally prefer Beverly’s Complete which is a milk and egg source protein powder along with a complete balance of complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. My carbs came from oatmeal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, green beans and asparagus. My fat came from the red meat, egg yolks and a couple tablespoons of flaxseed oil. At about 6 weeks out I cut the red meat back to 3/4 lb a day and picked up the rest with egg whites and chicken. I also went to strictly sweet potatoes, green beans and asparagus and cut back to two protein drinks daily.

I met with Roger and Sandy again on Feb. 21. They did a body composition on me and came up with 5.5% body fat at 223 lb. I was having a problem getting my back into the same condition as the rest of my body. Roger suggested cutting my carbs down to almost zero for 2 days, then eating 30% more than I had been on the 3rd day. He also suggested that I eliminate the protein drinks. I added Beverly’s Muscularity and Density to my daily intake of Mass and Ultra 40 in order to help maintain as much muscle as possible.

It worked, I lost a ½ inch off my waist the first week after making these adjustments. I weighed in at 218 for the Battle Of Champions and took 1st in the Heavyweight class, losing the overall by 2 points to my friend, John Meadows, who is also featured in this issue.

I still needed to be a little bit tighter for the Jr. USA. Roger revised my diet for the remaining three weeks leading up to the show. At the contest I weighed 217 and as you can see in the accompanying photo, had greatly improved my condition. I took 4th in the Heavyweights at the 1998 Jr. USA

Notice the difference after revising my diet and
supplements for the Jr. USA

My diet and schedule for the three weeks leading up to the Jr. USA was pretty much like this:
5 AM: 30-45 min cardio at
Meal 1: 6:30 AM – 8 egg whites and 1 chicken breast, 1 TBS. flaxseed oil
Meal 2: 9:30 AM – 10–12 oz cod fish and 1 cup of broccoli and cauliflower
Meal 3: 12:30 PM – salad with 2 cans of tuna with oil and vinegar
Meal 4: 3:30 PM – 12–15 egg whites
5 PM: workout then 20 minutes cardio after workout
Meal 5: 7:30 PM –– 10–12 oz codfish and 2 cups of vegetables and
1 TBS. flaxseed oil
Meal 6: 10 PM –– 6 oz London Broil I took 3 Lean Out with each meal and prior to training, 4–5 Density with each meal, 3–5 Muscularity with each meal and 10–12 additional Muscularity before and 12 more after my workout, and 1 multi–vitamin Ultra–4 mineral per meal.

Kim sets a world record

I met my wife Kim in 1993. She was working in a gym in Florida at the time. Kim has always competed in sports. She was a roller speed skater when in her teens and early 20’s. Collecting many trophies and titles, she traveled the world racing and culminated her speed skating career with a win at the world championships. She also was an avid bike racer before turning to the iron game.

Although Kim has always worked out with weights, she only took an interest in bodybuilding after meeting me. She has naturally strong legs and decided to give powerlifting a try in December of 1997. Her first powerlifting meet was the Illinois State Championships this past Feb. 8. Having trained as a powerlifter for only two months, she won the 114 lb class and received best lifter honors, squatting 375 lb., deadlifting 330 lb. and benching 175 lb. at this meet. A month later her squat in practice had reached the 410 lb. mark ... the current world record is 407 lb. Kim is currently lifting for the Ernie Frantz power team and has her sights on the APF Nationals on July 4th.

Kim Sommers
World record holder Kim Sommers squatting over 400 lbs
at 114 lbs bodyweight

Here’s Kim’s diet and schedule:
6:30 AM – 8 egg whites, 2 yolks, 1 serving of oatmeal, 1 TBS. flaxseed oil
9:15 AM – Complete protein drink with a little added whey protein
Noon – usually the same as breakfast or 1 can of tuna and a sweet potato
3:45 PM – Protein drink made with Complete, 1 orange or banana,
1 TBS. flaxseed oil
5:30 PM – workout
8:00 PM – 10 oz red meat, potato or rice and vegetables
3 Mass and 3 Ultra 40 with most meals...(if she remembers)
2–3 multi-vitamin/ mineral daily
(I left out the chocolate chip cookie dough she eats...
I think that is the secret) :)

She normally trains as a bodybuilder during the week and on Saturday trains with the powerlifting team where she does the 3 powerlifts.

Here’s an e-mail we received from Matt on July 5th:
"Kim did great at the Senior Nationals. She crushed the world record for the squat by 43 lb. She squatted 451 at 114, benched 209 and deadlifted 359. Plus she got the ’best lifter’ award as well... So it was a great weekend... Matt and Kim"

Since I work construction it’s hard to sit down and eat all the time so I relied on protein drinks to keep my protein intake high... 450-500 grams daily. I personally prefer Beverly’s Complete Meal Replacement which is a milk and 100% Egg Protein along with a complete balance of complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

For the three weeks between the Battle of Champions and the Jr. USA I took 3 Lean Out with each meal and prior to training, 4-5 Density with each meal, 3-5 Muscularity with each meal and 10-12 additional Muscularity before and 12 more after my workout.

NNM Summer 98