Motivation, Determination and Desire

Brief profile on each of four athletes

By; Scott Acton
Summer 98

Pick up any bodybuilding magazine and you’ll read that the keys to success in bodybuilding are training, recovery, and proper nutrition. At the gym you’ll hear a lot of talk about bodybuilding drugs being one of the keys. Through my work with Sandy and Roger, and as a columnist for the No Nonsense Magazine, I’ve learned that there are some far more important factors involved in achieving a winning physique.

In this article I’m going to give you a brief profile on each of four athletes, including myself. I developed very close ties with each of these athletes while training for the 1998 Northern Kentucky Championships.

In fact, three of us, Kevin, Mike and Scott, trained together for the show - even though we would be competing in the same class. All four of us, including Rita (she’ll love this when she reads it) are over 40 years of age, yet we have been training for a relatively short time.

Although we each have a unique body structure and genetics ranging from excellent (Kevin) to poor (Scott) we all shared the following attributes:

Scott Acton the 3 Amigos
Scott Acton    Kevin True       Mike Rapp The 3 Amigos, training partners that garnered the top 3 spots at the 1998 NKB
in the 40 – 45 Masters Division
  1. We were all motivated to be the best we could be
  2. We all started our pre contest preparation with an accurate analysis at the Beverly International Nutrition Center of where we currently were physique and bodyfat wise
  3. We all set a goal to be the best that we each could be at the Northern; and with Sandy and Roger’s help, developed individual nutritional and supplementation plans to achieve our goal
  4. We all had the determination and self discipline to stick to our plans as the training and diet got tougher and tougher
  5. We all went out of our way to help each other achieve our goals
  6. We all use and believe in Beverly products 100%

Kevin True

Kevin True has been training for 7 years and competing for 5 years. His best previous placing was 1st in the lightweight class, at 152 lb., in the 1996 Mr. Cincinnati. This year he won the Masters division at the Battle of Champions, and the 40 - 45 class and overall Masters Championship in the Northern Kentucky. He also placed second in the open middleweight class, at 167 lb. (a 15 lb. gain from his previous best and Kevin is a drug free competitor) to the eventual overall winner, Rainer Hartmann.

Kevin believes one of the most important keys to growth is consistency, both in training and with his supplements. He worked more closely this year on his diet with Roger than in the past.

At first Kevin did not measure his food portions even though he ate the correct foods. Juggling work, his family, training and posing, Kevin found it very difficult to weigh out and prepare each meal to the exacting requirements laid out by Roger. At one of Kevin’s sessions at the Beverly International Nutrition Center Roger noted that his condition was not at the point it should be. He interrogated Kevin and found that although he was eating the foods and taking the Beverly International supplements (we’ve found that the substitution of an inferior brand, even though from a reputable source, often leads to cheapened results - value in supplements is measured by results - not price), he was not eating the precise portions Roger and Sandy require for contest winning condition. Roger thought for a few minutes and suggested that Kevin talk to his training partner, me, who just happens to be a chef at one of the finest restaurants in Cincinnati, the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. Roger called me and asked could I help Kevin with his meals. He’d send me the diet, I’d prepare a week’s worth of meals and bring them to Kevin. I even labeled the meals as to which day and which meal it was. The results, as you can see, were amazing; the combination of Kevin’s desire and self-discipline, genetics, Beverly International supplements, and a precision diet that not only gave fantastic results, but tasted good, were hard to beat.

Rita Kaya

Readers of the No Nonsense Magazine met Rita in the Fall, 1997 issue. Besides falling in the same age range as the other three of us, she has three children as well. Any woman who thinks that there waistline will never be the same after childbirth should check out Rita. Rita’s desire and perseverance is amazing. Jeff Storch, another familiar face to our newsletter readers, is her trainer. Sandy and Roger take turns as her nutritionists.

Rita’s improvements since her last contests – 2nd at the Northern Kentucky and 1st at the 1997 Cincinnati have been tremendous. This year she not only won her class and overall at the Northern Kentucky, but qualified for national competition with a class win at the Battle Of Champions. Rita is looking forward to competing at the Masters Nationals in 1999.

In order to make the improvements needed for this year’s competitions, Sandy and Roger had to give Rita a more sophisticated diet (see box for details) than the one she followed in 1997. The demands on her time made it very difficult for her to prepare, not only meals for her family, but specialized meals for herself as well. Once again the "Beverly Team" referred her to me for meal preparation. Rita and I discussed the various foods she preferred within the guidelines set out by Sandy and Roger. We came up with a combination of beef; chicken, fresh roasted turkey, and fresh vegetables. Her carbs were brown rice and yams. Roger or Sandy would e-mail the diet to me and I would prepare her meals according to the guidelines.

One day Roger changed her diet after an evening consultation. In a panic Rita called at 10:00 p.m. to tell me she didn’t have the right food combinations for the next day. I prepared what she needed and had her set and ready to go by 11:00 p.m.

Rita looked her best ever. She came into the shows at a lower bodyfat percentage, with much better proportions, while actually gaining lean muscle mass. Again the combination of hard training, a great diet that tasted good.

Mike Rapp

The next competitor, Mike Rapp, had never competed before. In fact, he had very little knowledge as to what it would take to even compete in a bodybuilding show, much less place. His job as high school teacher, coach and newly appointed athletic director left little time for the scientific study of nutrition and training required for success in bodybuilding, a sport that’s not found in the interscholastic competitions over which Mike presides.

Participating in a bodybuilding show had been no more than a lifetime dream for Mike until his friend, Tony Dufresne, brought him to the Beverly International Nutrition Center. Tony told Mike that Sandy and Roger were both great people to work with and to do exactly what they said. Although his knowledge of bodybuilding competition was very limited, that’s exactly what he did. Mike followed Sandy and Roger’s nutrition advice with strict adherence. He used the precise amount of supplements recommended at each stage of his diet and followed the food plan to a tee. In the gym, he was fortunate to "hook up" with Kevin and Scott. Three training partners, all over 40 years of age, were in hard training for the same contest. Well, Mike, not only accomplished his goal of competing, but finishing 1-2-3 with Kevin and Scott in a class of nine outstanding Masters athletes, far exceeded his wildest dreams.

Scott Acton

The last competitor, me, is one of the hardest competitors for Roger and Sandy to work with. Since I’m not blessed with the best genetics in the world, I rely on hard work, self discipline and exceptional dedication in both training and diet. During my body composition analysis at the Beverly International Nutrition Center, 16 weeks out from the contest, Sandy was worried that I did not have enough lean mass. Rather than starting the precontest diet I was expecting, she put me on a controlled weight gaining diet! She explained that by keeping my bodyfat percentage low in the off season, I would be able to actually gain lean mass during the initial stages of my contest diet.

The results were spectacular! The diet consisted of 6 meals a day. The combination of no carbs at meals 1 and meal 6, with carbs at meals 2, 3, and 4, combined with precise ratios of protein, fat and Beverly International supplements, not only put on 8 lb., but dropped my bodyfat from 8.5 to 7.5 in a month.

In February, Sandy decided it was time to start "bringing me in" for the show at the lowest bodyfat percentage possible. She reduced my carbs to only one 6-oz yam at meal 2 and she even reduced the amount of lean protein at each meal by two ounces. She intensified my cardio by going from 5 days to 6 days, and upping the calories burned to 440 per session. (Meanwhile Kevin and Mike were hardly doing any and Rita was out running sprints with Jeff.) By doing these high intensity cardio sessions, Sandy explained I would be able to keep my calorie intake higher while losing fat and maintaining lean muscle.

Everything worked! I placed 4th at the Battle of Champions, tied for 3rd at the Northern, and placed 2nd at the Mr. Cincinnati. Each show my bodyfat dropped while my weight went up! For the Battle of Champions I was 5% and 178 lb. the Northern I was 5 % at 179 lb., and for the Mr. Cincinnati, I was at my lowest, 4.7 % at 180 lb.

Do I believe that the combination of hard training and the work that Roger and Sandy put in, and Beverly International supplements pay off? YES! Here are four competitors that swear to it.

If you want to be the best you can be; and achieve the best results possible, do as we did and visit Roger and Sandy at Beverly International, all the winners do!

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