Explosive muscle growth eat big get big

I-N-T-E-N-S-T-Y Spells Success for Kevin Koshuta

By: Adam Wotherspoon
Winter 1996

When Kevin Koshuta stood on stage holding the fifth place trophy at the 1995 Ohio Championship, he vowed that 1996 would be different. Although he'd been training hard for the past eight years, stuck to what he thought was a good contest diet - moderate protein, high carbs, low fat, he just wasn't where he wanted to be. There and then he set a goal for 1996 - to win a national qualifier and blow some minds with his condition when he did. His sights were set on the NPC Midwest States Championship on October 12, in Middletown, Ohio.

Kevin is a 27 year old bodybuilder from Dayton, Ohio. He trains at Bodywerks Fitness and Nutrition Center in Beavercreek, Ohio under the tutelage of Adam Wotherspoon and credits much of his success to Adam and the other fitness professionals at Bodywerks.

Extreme Intensity + Maximum Recovery = Explosive Growth

If you ask Adam to describe Kevin's training, he'll answer with one word, intense. Kevin's routine is set up for extreme intensity and maximum recovery, which translate to explosive growth. For the Midwest States he used the following split routine:

Monday- legs; Tuesday- chest, calves; Wednesday- cardio for 15 - 20 minutes; Thursday- back; Friday- shoulders, calves (soleus); Saturday- arms, calves (gastrocs); Sunday- off

Kevin employs almost unheard of intensity in the gym - all the time, and uses very respectable poundage all the way up to the show. He incorporated lots of drop sets as the contest date drew closer. As those who attended the Midwest States contest can attest, one of his outstanding body parts were his super striated glutes. Although diet and low bodyfat percentage play a large role, Kevin feels full range movements on squats and leg presses, as well as lots of stretching and isometric posing between sets really brought out his cuts and separations, not just in his glutes, but in his entire lower body.

Mr. Intensity - Bodybuilder Kevin Koshuta
bodybuilder Kevin Koshuta
Eat Big to Get Big

To get his contest diet on track for the 1996 contest season, Adam recommended that Kevin hook up with Roger and Sandy Riedinger of Beverly International. So Kevin took a road trip to Kentucky in early March to the Beverly International Nutrition Center. When Kevin arrived at the center his off-season weight was hovering around 260-265 lbs., at 9% bodyfat! Very subtle changes were made to Kevin's diet during this visit - a little more protein and fat and a little less carbohydrate along with some simple supplement recommendations to increase lean mass without added fat. Kevin continued to visit the Beverly International Center at regular intervals throughout his contest preparation period for nutritional fine tuning.

Switching to low glycemic carbohydrates and a higher protein and fat diet certainly did the trick for Kevin. Roger set Kevin's diet up to provide enough calories to fuel his grueling workouts, but still enabled him to shed his bodyfat to an all time low - Kevin tested at 4% two weeks out. He definitely was below 4% on the day of the show! Here is an example of Kevin’s daily diet regime and supplementation.

Food breakdown:

Protein: 475-500 grams (45%)
Carbs: 330 grams (30%)
Fat 125 grams (25%)
Calories: 4500 per day
Muscle Provider
Mass Amino: 6 per meal
Density: used the last
week prior to the contest
Ultra 40: 6 per meal

Meal #l1 ¼ cup oatmeal
2 whole eggs
8 whites
2 scoops muscle provider
Meal #22 chicken breasts
medium salad
1 medium potato
Meal #31 ¼ cup oatmeal
4 scoops muscle provider
1 tbs. Flax seed oil

Meal #4

1 ¼ cup oatmeal
l tbs. low sugar jam
4 scoops Muscle Provider
Meal #51lb. ground sirloin
3/4lb. cup brown rice
medium salad
Meal #610-12 0z fish
medium salad
1 medium potato
Meal #7large salad- olive oil dress.
12 0z. chicken

As you can see from Kevin’s precontest diet, you have to eat big to be big. One of Kevin’s secrets was his combination of oatmeal and Muscle Provider. Kevin used a lot of this combination and responded very well to it. He usually mixed the two together and really enjoyed the taste. During the two weeks prior to the contest Kevin eliminated the Muscle Provider at Roger’s recommendation and replaced it with chicken. Kevin cut his sodium on the Wednesday prior to the show, and did not restrict water until the day of the show. Even then he continued to sip distilled water to keep some liquids in him.

Kevin’s cardio consisted of only 2-3 sessions per week at 15 - 20 minutes a session. With his strict dieting and intense training he didn’t need anymore. Doing so little cardio allowed him to maintain his muscle mass, and is a primary reason why he came into the contest so big and full. Kevin included ab work only during the eight weeks leading up to the contest. This allowed his waist to stay slim, and added to his overall symmetry and appearance.

Kevin came to the show ready to avenge his 1995 debacle. He weighed in at 223 lbs. with less than 4% bodyfat - beating Roger’s previous record. He not only was the unanimous overall winner of the Midwest States, but he achieved a totally different look from his 1995 condition. Kevin was not only huge, but symmetrical and ripped to the bone. His presentation was professional and polished throughout. Kevin just might be the bodybuilder to watch at next summer’s Junior Nationals. In closing Kevin would like to thank Adam Wotherspoon, owner of Bodywerks Fitness and Nutrition Center, and Roger and Sandy of Beverly International, for giving him the support and expertise he needed to achieve his goal.