Jeff Williamson

A Winning Combination

to build a bodybuilding champion

By: Jeff Williamson
Interview, Beverly Support Staff
Winter 1997

How does a 5′ 10″, 30 year old electronics design engineer get to be the Tri-State Novice Overall Champion and the Midwest States Natural Overall Champion in his first two competitions ever? Jeff Williamson did and here’s how.

Jeff is a native of Batesville, Indiana, where he grew up with two brothers and two step sisters. His family taught him two valuable lessons; first, always give 100% to whatever he was doing and second, he could do anything he set his mind to.

He was active in high school sports, but it was a couple of years after high school when he started lifting weights. At 140 lbs., his motivation was to get stronger, put some muscle on his relatively skinny frame, and to do something physical which was both challenging and beneficial. Weight lifting fit the bill on all counts.

During his first three years of training gains came quickly for Jeff, but then his progress slowed. He read everything he could find on training and nutrition and tried almost every supplement and training routine available. When he tells you he knows first hand if something works or doesn’t work, he speaks from his own experience. Some say experience is the best teacher, but Jeff wishes he had known Roger and Sandy and Beverly International back then, it would have saved him a lot of time and a lot of money.

Why did Jeff wait till he was 30 to compete? Mainly because he never thought he was big enough. When he’d diet down to lose all his bodyfat, he always lost too much muscle and thought he was too small to compete. Jeff never thought seriously about competing until this June and wouldn’t have considered it then if it weren’t for Roger and Sandy.

Actually, last December he made a decision to get in the best shape of his life when he entered the EAS Physique Augmentation Challenge. He took his before photos in December when he weighed 215 lbs. Then he started his own diet. His after photos were taken this June. He didn’t win the contest and was only mildly pleased with his results. He did lose some fat, but as his diet progressed he found he was losing more muscle and less fat until pretty soon he was only losing muscle. At this point Jeff knew something was wrong and he needed some help.

Jeff had been training at the YMCA in Batesville for 9 years. He knew he wasn’t in competition condition, but when he started training at Excalibur Fitness in Harrison, OH, he met Stan Thomakis and Dick Zahenis who told him about Roger and Sandy’s Beverly International Nutrition Center. Jeff called for his first appointment right away.

Jeff told Roger and Sandy he was losing muscle and almost no fat on his current diet and supplement program. What he expected from them was guidance to get his body out of it’s catabolic state (burning muscle for energy,) back to a fat burning state and into competition shape. Roger and Sandy put Jeff on a new diet and supplement program and things changed almost overnight. He began to eat a little more fat and protein and less carbs. He also supplemented his diet with Super Pak Vitamins and Minerals, Ultra 40 Liver tablets, Muscularity BCAA’s.

Training 4 days

No changes were made to Jeff’s training. He was training 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, training each body part once a week. He rarely ever repeats the same routine. While he doesn’t have a written routine to follow, he’s very focused and always knows what he’s going to accomplish before he arrives at the gym. He doesn’t have a specific time commitment for training, but his workouts are so intense, he’s rarely at the gym more than an hour. Even during his pre-contest training, his workouts were never more than 90 minutes.

While his determination and dedication to the sport are commendable, Jeff also enjoys the support of his wife Linda, and his family. Linda loves bodybuilding and works out herself. She’s good at keeping Jeff on track as far as his diet goes, and she’s the one who made all that turkey and chicken eatable. Jeff’s step daughter, Chassi, is also supportive and already has an eye for what a contest shape body should look like. She’s only 7, and has only attended 2 shows, but she can not only tell who is probably going to win, she can also tell you what their weaknesses are.

Within 10 days of starting his new diet and supplement program, Jeff saw noticeable improvement in his body and almost immediately his energy level went up. In fact, he had so much energy he started doing more work around the house just to stay busy. For obvious reasons, Linda is grateful for Roger and Sandy’s help, too!

Jeff visited Roger and Sandy every week or so during the time leading up to his first show, the ‘97 NPC Tri-State Open Novice. On his first visit, the potential was obvious, his weight was 186 lbs. at 6.5% bodyfat. Within two weeks he lost 3 lbs, almost all fat. By the week of the show, Jeff’s bodyfat had dropped to less than 5% while retaining his lean mass. Jeff was amazed with the results he achieved following Roger and Sandy’s advice and using Beverly International supplements. He didn’t have a clue he could look that good. Every week he saw drastic improvements and gladly admits the result was far better than he ever imagined. Because Jeff had a specific goal and a time-line, he found following Roger and Sandy’s advice easy.

On September 13, Jeff entered the NPC Tri-State Novice competition. He competed in the medium height class and won both his class and the overall title. The next week he entered the NPC Midwest States Natural competition and won the middleweight class and overall men’s title.

Jeff is the first to admit there is no way he could have attained his winning physique without the help he obtained from the Beverly International Nutrition Center, especially in eight short weeks. He’s given plenty of supplements their day in the sun, but believes Beverly Inter-national products work and are superior to all other products in the industry.

What’s Jeff up to now? Like most of us, he’s trying to get bigger. But he’s trying to do it sensibly, adding quality muscle, not just weight. The next time he competes he’d like to be at the top of a higher weight class. To accomplish this goal he’s following a post-contest diet designed specifically for him by Roger and Sandy. A major component of this diet plan is a special formula using Beverly International’s Muscle Provider. He’s also supplementing his diet with Mass Amino tablets and Ultra 40 Liver tablets (4 of each per meal,) Super-Pak Vitamins and Minerals, and 100% pure Beverly International Creatine Monohydrate.

How’s it working? The last time I saw Jeff he weighed 191 lbs. and looked great!

When I asked Jeff what advice he would give some-one who was considering entering his first contest, he didn’t hesitate when he said, Don’t be brainwashed by what you read in the magazines and don’t be fooled (like I was for years) into wasting your money on useless supplements. Listen to Roger and Sandy because they know what works! I had to learn the hard way, you don’t!

Jeff isn’t sure when he’ll compete next. Perhaps the Indianapolis or Indiana state show. We congratulate Jeff on his accomplishment and wish him the best of luck in his promising bodybuilding future.

bodybuilder Jeff Williamson
Jeff’s Pre-Competition Diet and Supplement Program
Meal #1
5 egg whites – 2 yolks,
6 oz. chicken or turkey,
½ grapefruit
Meal #2
8 oz. Turkey,
1 cup vegetables
Meal #3
2 cups salad containing choice of
salad vegetables w/1 tbsp oil + 1 tbsp vinegar,
10 ounces Fish,
1 carrot
Meal #4
5 oz. Ground Round,
2 egg whites
Meal #5*
10 oz. Turkey breast,
1 ½ cup vegetables,
1 tbsp Flax Oil
*Every 3rd day Jeff ate the following meal in place of regular meal #5: 1 ½ cups rice,
1 large sweet potato,
1 banana,
1 cup vegetables with 1 tbsp Flax oil

Winter 1997