Staying Lean in the off season Pays Off

If there is one thing I learned from all this it is to STAY LEAN IN THE OFFSEASON! You really have to stay disciplined all year and keep your focus. If you allow yourself to get fat, it is really hard to improve from one show to the next because you have to lose so much weight to get into contest shape. So after the May show, I decided that I was going to stay lean and be very strict on the diet. I would continue to get skinfolds taken every two weeks and let Roger tweak my diet.

Staying Lean Pays Off!
This plan worked great, and I made great gains over the next four months, increasing my lean bodyweight while staying lean. I discussed competing in 2 competitions in the fall with Roger and he told me to go for it! At 11 weeks out from the first show, I weighed 176.25, but my 6 site skinfold total was a full 13 points lower than at 10 weeks out from the May show. Although my bodyweight was lower from 185 lbs. at 10 weeks out from the May show, I had stayed lean and added mostly muscle, which made this precontest cycle so much easier.

Stage 1

For the first part of this precontest prep, Roger kept me on a high-protein diet moderate in carbs and low in fat. My carb sources came from yams, oatmeal and brown rice, while protein sources included chicken, egg whites and lean beef. I continued using Ultra 40 and Mass Aminos, which have become a mainstay in my supplement program. I also used Lean Out and Ultra-C. Roger gradually lowered calories but kept the carbs in the diet all the way until 7 weeks out.

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