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Winter 1999 Issue contents
The Three Musketeers Brian Woeste
I can truly say, without any hesitation that if you take Beverly International supplements you can’t go wrong.
Realizing A Dream Derek Childers
I have tried almost every supplement on the market. None of the other products produced the kind of high quality lean muscle that Beverly International supplements have. I especially like the Ultra 40 liver tabs and Super Pak. Muscle Provider is delicious, and with my busy schedule is also very convenient.
Mid Atlantic Grand Prix & Kentucky Bodybuilding Teen Age Bodybuilding Champion
Fred Mullins
I initially decided to do the Teen Kentucky but also decided to enter the Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix that was two weeks prior to the Kentucky. I started cleaning up my diet, which at the time consisted of high protein, high carbs (massive amounts of starchy carbs) and low fat. I started my diet at about 204 pounds and my body fat was around 9%.
How I Won The NGA American Natural Championships
Joseph Anthony Viteritti
The real "shocker" was that all the diets included red meat. Red meat was the first thing that I eliminated when I began to diet. After reading about these diets that included red meat I was determined more than ever to really do it right this time.
My All-Time Best Condition... At Age 50
Robb Rickmann
I realized that 14 years of competing had still not prepared me for what was ahead. I was overwhelmed that a 5-year layoff had put me this far behind. But, now I was seeing results.
Staying Lean Pays Off
Dave Payne
This plan worked great, and I made great gains over the next four months, increasing my lean bodyweight while staying lean. I discussed competing in 2 competitions in the fall with Roger and he told me to go for it! At 11 weeks out from the first show, I weighed 176.25.

An Uncensored Conversation with Dr Eric Serrano
Roger Riedinger

Dr. Serrano has been a good friend of Sandy and me for a number of years. He is always there to help us whenever we call. He is also involved in our product development here at Beverly. Eric has worked with countless amateur and professional bodybuilding competitors, as well as professional athletes from all walks of life. Dr. Serrano received his medical degree from the University of Kansas and is Board Certified in Family Medicine.


NNM Fall 1999
Mark Ritter
How was going to add 50 pounds of muscle to my 112-pound wrestler’s body
Dr. Serrano
Anabolic and anit-catabolic proteins for building muscle
John Petri
Bodybuilding supplements a must, wisdom a plus
Jeremiah Forster
How Beverly International Nutrition transformed me from a weight lifter to a complete bodybuilder
Brian Strock
Proper diet and supplements make the difference

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