Staying Lean Pays Off

By: Dave Payne, 1998 Quincy Roberts' Elite Muscle Classic Overall Junior Champion

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Stage 1
I started my diet at a bodyweight around 192-193 lbs., but I had really put on a lot more fat in the offseason than I realized. My stage 1 diet at 17 weeks out was six meals and was broken down as follows:

3585 calories, 417g protein (47%), 105g carbs (11%), 166g fat (42%) Protein sources included 1 pound of lean beef per day, chicken breasts, egg whites and muscle provider, while carbs and fats came from the beef, egg yolks, flax oil and fruit. I had two carb meals per week to replace my sixth meal. Supplements included 6 Ultra 40 and 4 Mass Aminos per meal and a Super Pack.


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