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Volume 21 Issue 2

Volume 21 Issue 1

Volume 20 issue 4

20 issue 3

  • Jay Pratt 1st place, in both Men’s Physique Master’s and Open Division
  • Karina Rhode My 9-Year Journey to an IFBB Pro Card
  • Sean Young Trained for 2 Half-Marathons, a Pro Bodybuilding Show
  • Savina Nikolova NPC Bikini Competitor Best version of Me

20 issue 1

  • Trim and Tone Figure Plan Lose fat, tone up, while you add lean, shapely muscle & strength
  • Sarah Sweis 10 Years of Training Still Evolving. First competition was both scary and thrilling
  • Mark Rhoades A Fantastic Journey into Men’s Physique at Age 51
  • Steve Thomas Although triathlons were fine I really wanted to try bodybuilding
  • Chad Forrester Balancing Life’s Demands with Bringing my Best to Stage

19 issue 2

› High-potency stack to Produce Unprecedented Gains in Muscle Size.

› Julie Lohre Want to get started (or restarted) with your fitness lifestyle?

› Dana Taggart Cop, Mom and Fitness America Class Winner

› Joey Martinolich All In The Family, diet and training to make my bodybuilding transformation

› Ryan Propst The Dynamic Drug-Free Duo Beth and Ryan

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