BEST Of The BEST Part One

Classic articles from Beverly’s Magazine

We hope you enjoy the classic articles in this special Best of the Best edition of No Nonsense magazine. These golden oldies, handpicked from our 2008-2010 archives, are as relevant today as when originally published. Our goal in reprinting the Best of the Best is to give you a collection of valuable ideas to use and inspire you on your fitness journey.

Best Of Part 1 contents

Todd Jackson

Todd most muscular pose
Classic Physique »

An old school body in a new age of bodybuilding.
I went from 12.7% body-fat to just about 9%, while increasing strength and muscle mass.

Natural Muscle Size Stack For Men

Muscle Stack »

With special provisions for collegiate athletes, hard gainers, and
mature muscle (35 & up)

Brian Wiefering

Natural Competitor Brain Weifering

The Natural Competitor

Natural Competitor »

39 year old lifter wants to get back in shape – here’s how!
The diet I gave to Joe to help him retain muscle and get harder

Roger Riedinger

Bigger Arms »

My Quest for Bigger Arms This article is for anyone who wants to increase his arm size, but especially for those whose arms measure in the 15-17 inch range.

Mature Muscle Stack

Dave Uhlman bicep curl

For Men 40 and Older

Muscle Stack »

Use this supplement stack and get your physique back.
Full Body Routine for Older Newcomers, Split Routine for Intermediates

Entry Level Express

Goal Setting »

This No-Nonsense Action Plan will get your workout program back on track!

Practical Eating For Lean Muscle

 foodsreplenish glycogen

Choosing the right foods at the grocery store makes all the difference.

Practical Eating »

Ideally, we want to consume more of the slower assimilated carbs, as the sustained-release nature of these foods tends to replenish glycogen stores while minimizing fat storage

Julie Lohre Hello Bikini!

Training Program »

Julie shows you how to achieve your dream bikini shape.

Sunshine “Spring” Moose

Sunshine bikini competitor

NPC Bikini Champion – here’s how I did it

The first thing »

I did was decide if I am going to do it, do it right. No crash diets, no all liquid diets, no going hungry, I wanted to stay healthy and get in top physical shape.

Autumn Edwards

Illustrated plan »

How I won my first figure competition

A Complete Program, Training and Cardio.

Linda Reho

Linda Reho bicep curls

Lessons for the figure competitor

My first show »

A complete “How To” primer.

Advice I can offer someone contemplating first-time figure or bodybuilding competition

Leslie Draper

Leslie Draper posing with trophy

Three 1st place wins in one season! How did I do it?

Tunnel Vision »

My ability to stay focused on my goal and not let daily struggles hinder my diet and training plans in large part determines my success.

Shape Up Stack for Women

Trim Tone »

Lose fat, tone up, while you add lean, shapely muscle & strength!

Sandy Riedinger Bodybuilding World

Beverly Beat »

All that’s going on in the bodybuilding world of Beverly International.

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