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Volume 19 Issue 1

› Beverly Staff 40+ Men Use This Stack to get Your Physique Back!

› Molli Smith Two Overall Bikini Titles, Here’s How I Did It

› Joe Lewandowski Men’s physique diet, supplements, and training

› Sabrina Sonner Bodybuilding to Figure to IFBB pro card Women’s Physique

› Joe Munich My No Nonsense Approach to Bodybuilding Success

14 #3

› Steven Wade Steven Wade Q & A Beverly Nutrition Discussion Supplements

› Jon Abrams Featured Nutrition Plan from the Beverly Nutrition Discussion Board

› Erin Rhoades FAT! I’ve always hated that word.

› Gary Benkendorf Old School Goes Back To School

› Amy Bowen 40 Years Old, 2 Children, and Winning My 1st Two Figure Shows

› Cheat Meals normal lifestyle Family Lifestyle Bodybuilding Nutrition

› Roger with Jeff Everson Here’s Put Your Muscle-Building Training On The Right Path

› Mr Buckeye My 2009 INBF Contest Prep

› Lyndsey Blair How I Won the Overall Women’s Bodybuilding Title at the NPC Northern

13 #3

› Brandon Bass Six Pounds Heavier and Harder than Ever! How I Did It

› Brian Wiefering Are You a Bodybuilder? Of Course, You Are

› Jeff Williamson Ladies! Looking for the Perfect Training and Nutriti›gram?

› Autumn Edwards How I Won My First Figure Competition: A Com›Program

› Jesse Dale Perfecting the Pre-Contest Process

13 # 1

› Marc Shulman My 1st Con›Here’s How I Prepared

› Brian Wiefering To Compete in bodybuilding

› Suzanne Barlas How I Train for Figure Competition

› Jeff Dunn 42 years of age, with 25 years of training, now in my best shape

12 #2

› Kerry Tighe No Excuses Please, How I Balance Family and Figure

› Anthony Chapman Trials and Tribulations of a 1st Time Bodybuilder

› Steve Colescott Practical Eating for Lean Muscle Part One: The Grocery Store

› Jennifer Wilson Insights Into My Life as a Female Bodybuilder

› Steve Weingarten Achieved My Best Condition Ever – At Age 48!

›  Roger Riedinger My 1985 Training Routine

› Steve Colescott Adding Functionality to Physique Training

› Brian Wiefering The Natural Competitor

12 # 1

› Vince Shirey Here’s How I Trained and Dieted for My 1st Bodybuilding Competition

› Lee Anne Graham My Preparation for the NPC Northern Figure Championships

› Roger Riedinger Pre Contest Workshop – Phase 2 – 8 Weeks Out

› Chase Karnes My Preparation for the 2007 Northern KY

› Jeff Williamson Phase 3 Training, The Peaking Phase

› Ray Binkowski 12 Week Nutritional Road Map to Your Next Bodybuilding Competition