Volume 11 to 8

› Collectors Edition 2016, 2015

Volume 10 issue 4

›  Breaking Down the Chest
Part of “Back to the Basement”

› Mike Milas
Natural Bodybuilder Improve In His Mid–40’s?

› Jenn Paul
Striving to Be Best Figure contest plan. naturally, “pear-shaped” legs heavy

› Ray Binkowski
Planning is Key to Success in Life and Bodybuilding

Volume 10 issue 3

› Justin Swinney
My Training, Nutrition, and Supplement Strategies

› Bodybuilding during the holidays

› Back To The Basement
Brian Wiefering: Squats Superset leg extensions curls

› Mike Fransen
Post-show Light Heavyweight, diet 6 meals 4000 calories 50% protein 30% fats 20% carbs

› Tara Darland
From Size 14 to Size 6. My First Figure Competition

› Steve Colescott
What I Have Learned From Beverly, my Core of strength

› Scott H. Mendelson
Power Pyramid Training, Modifying workout parameters. Rest repetition speed

10 issue 1

› Steven Wade
6 weeks to MASS & POWER. Developing shoulders, chest, pressing strength

› Get Started Right Part One:
Simplified Devastation. Human experiment of physical refinement for personal growth

› Bill Bearley
Ectomorph Battle Strategy. Physique that I could realistically achieve

› Caity Hunt
Gotta Workout. Kick serious NPC competition booty

› Stina Tellhammer
Fitness and figure competitions NABBA organization

› Andy Fausz
Building a V–TAPER. Multiple sets of Lateral Raises build wide shoulders

› Todd Jackson
Classic Physique 4 days per week on a three day split

› Amber Steinmetz
Bodybuilding competitions as a Couple

› Apply Time-Tested Principles
Successful Bodybuilders of Bodybuilding Success

Volume 9 issue 4

› Dave Candy
Teen and Collegiate Bantamweight National Champion

› Missy McKain
Complete Transformation – 2003 Overall NPC KY Figure Champion

› Mark Dal
Drug Free Pro Bodybuilder – plan to compete, Stay Lean Off Season

› Sean Andros
Balancing Life for a Student Bodybuilder

› Kristina Henn
Dedication, Commitment, Recipe for Success

› Aram Hamparian
Here’s How I Took My Physique (and life) to a Higher Level