Volume 7 Contents

Gradually, articles from BMJ are being included into Bodybuiding World sections, relevant their content topic or author.

BodyMuscle Forum:
›  Everything You Need To Know About Bodybuilding!

Basic Training:
›  Jeff Everson’s Big Chest Bomb

Maximum Muscle Mass Through

›  Multi Angular Training

Julie Lohre Ms Figure champion
On the Cover Julie Lohre IFBB Pro

All Photos of Julie are by Richard Lohre

BMJ Volume 6

›  7 Fat Loss Tips Prioritizing Your Supplements
The Best Way to Build Maximum Muscle Size

Basic Bodybuilding Training:
›  The 30-Day Calf Blast

›  Jeff Everson’s Best Muscle Size Training Routine

Maximum Muscle Mass Through Nutrition & Super Supplements:
›  Excess Protein May Cause You to Burn More Fat

›  Muscle Synergy The Strongest Supplement Stack for Muscle Growth

Feature –Tracy Beckham
›  Warrior Athlete NPC female bodybuilder

Natural Success:
›  Real World Goal Setting

Fit Doc’s Apothecary:
›  Dewayde Perry,M.D. Muscle Advice from the Fit Dr.