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He Went From 289 pounds to 238 pounds Hard Mass

By: Body Muscle staff
Journal  Volume 5
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Dave Uhlman started pumping steel at fifteen at the Powerhouse in Canton, Ohio and right from the opening bell, he was as bonded to bodybuilding as Victoria is to Secrets. This instantaneous love of bodybuilding quickly lead to competition success.

Along the way, the 5′11″ giant (who has weighed as much as 289-pounds) earned an Associate’s Degree in science in sports medicine. He has become one of the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area’s most sought-after personal trainers. He has marked 2003 as his year to dive into big-time National-level waters.

Dave has made remarkable improvements in the past six months. He attributes this to the changes in his diet and training recommended by the nutritional and research staff of the Beverly Sport and Athletic Center. To begin, Dave has switched his training schedule to a three on / one-off routine, hitting each bodypart twice a week. With the increase in volume he has also increased calories and protein. Dave notes, "I am determined to improve my quality muscle, size in my chest and back and to be bigger and harder than ever."

Muscle Diet

Dave did have an original plan to compete at the NPC USA Championship in July but instead, he opened his own supplement store, Ultimate Body Supplements, in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Dave doesn’t just sell supplements at the store, he also offers nutritional and supplement counseling as well.

Dave Uhlman front Most Muscular
Here is his contest resume :
• 1994 Northern Kentucky
 » 3rd, lightheavyweight
•   1998 Battle of the Champions
»  3rd, heavyweight.
•  2001 Caputo’s Powerhouse Classic
  » 1st, superheavyweight.
•  2001 Indianapolis championships
  » 1st, superheavyweight.
•  2002 Ohio championships
  » 1st, superheavyweight.
•  2003 Northern Kentucky championships
  » 1st, superheavyweight.

Nutrition For Muscle Quality!

In order to jam his 238-pounds of muscle with more quality, Dave often pounds down 6,000 calories a day. His off-season diet is very high in protein, up to 500-grams a day, made possible by Determined to grow quality muscle daily. Dave relies on the best protein available, Beverly!

Muscle Provider, Mass Maker and Ultimate Muscle Protein. In addition to whole-food and powdered protein sources, he supplements with beef liver tabs, amino acids and glutamine.

Dave avoids excessive blood sugar levels like the plague. "I»m carb-sensitive," he says. "I can put on bodyfat quickly although I can also gain muscle relatively quickly. My body looks best when I limit carbs to 300-400 grams a day tops, even in the offseason."

Dave stays under 6% bodyfat the entire year. He is typically only ten to twelve pounds heavier in the off-season than his (current) 238-pound contest weight. Obviously, off-season bulking is not Dave»s style. "I used to blow up to nearly 290-pounds, but I find I do better staying relatively lean year-round." He finds that being in good shape all the time benefits his personal training business.


Dave’s Muscle Quality Diet:
 Meal #1: 2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites, 6 ounces lean beef, 1 cup (dry weight) oatmeal. (At three weeks out, he eats 6 egg whites with no yolks.)
 Meal #2: 2 Scoops Muscle Provider, 3 scoops Mass Maker, 16 ounces water. (At three weeks out, he changes to 3 scoops Muscle Provider.)
 Meal #3: 6 ounces lean turkey breast, tuna, or chicken, 6 ounces 93% lean beef, 1 cup cooked brown rice, 2 cups vegetables (broccoli). (At three weeks out, 10 ounces chicken breast or turkey breast – no beef.)
 Meal #4: Pre-workout: 2 Scoops Muscle Provider and 3 scoops Mass Maker.
 Meal #5: Post training: 4 scoops Mass Maker and 2 scoops Muscle Provider.
 Meal #6: 10-ounce steak, 2 cups spinach or other leafy green vegetable salad with 1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 Tbsp cider vinegar or 2 tablespoons Newman’ Own oil and vinegar 1-oz. walnuts.
 Meal #7: 12 egg whites, 2 yolks, 5 ounces turkey breast, 1.5 cups omelet vegetables (tomato, green peppers, onions, etc.) 1 tbs olive oil.
Dave recovers after a grueling training session with a power mix of Mass Maker Ultra plus Muscle Provider!
Dave cable row

Training Blast
Exercise   Sets  Reps
Day One:    Chest and arms
Incline Dumbbell Press512/12/10/8
Flat Dumbbell Flye410-12
Pec Deck or Crossover412-15
Dumbbell Decline Press312/10/8
Supersets of biceps and triceps:
Standing Dumbbell Curl4 10/10/8
Dumbbell Skull Crushers4 10/10/8
Preacher Curls315/12/10
Cable Bicep Curl312-15
Triceps Pulley Extension312-15
Concentration Curl315-20
Dumbbell Kickbacks315-20
 Day Two:  Dave splits his legs into two separate workouts. Quads are trained the first three day cycle of the week and hamstrings the next time through quad workout
Quad Workout
Leg Extension 4 25/15/12/10
Smith Squat (Sumo)420/12/010/
Leg Press (Feet Close)4 15-25
Hack Squat (Feet Close)215-20
Standing Calf Raise420-40
Seared Calf Raise415-20
Hamstring Workout
Single Leg Curls525/15/12/10
Single Leg Press420/15/12/10
DB Lunge315/12/10
Stiff Leg Deadlift312/10/8
(Calves – Same as quad day)
 Day Three:  Back and shoulders, superset back
exercise / shoulder exercise
Barbell Bent Row5 20/15/12/10
Dumbbell Press520/15/12/10
Wide Pulldowns415/12/10/8
One-arm Dumbbell Laterals415/12/10/8
Seated Row315/12/10
Seated Dumbbell Laterals315/12/10
Dumbbell Pullover315/12/10
Rear Delt Cable Raise3 15/12/10
Abdominal work is done every third day.

» Dave Uhlman 2014 KY State Overall Bodybuilding Champion

» Steve Colescott Dave Uhlman has certainly mastered The Art of Getting Big