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Written by the Beverly International Nutrition staff to answer many FAQ. The FAQ refers to some of diets, supplement programs, outlines and formulas that get results. You can find answers that help many of our athletes you’ve read about in the No Nonsense Magazine and Body Muscle Journal.

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September Diet
Bodybuilders who are already lean and want to lean out further.

August Diet
The Grow Muscle
Lose Fat Diet Cycle for natural bodybuilders

July Diet
Designed for the female fitness, figure athlete who wants
to focus on losing fat

June Diet
A standard low carb diet is designed for the average person – not a bodybuilder

October December Diet
For bodybuilders in competition mode. Day of show prejudging & contest meals.

2 Complete Nutrition Programs for Females

  1. Gain Muscle/Lose Fat
  2. Fast Fat Burning
  3. From the BI Diet Library Volume 17 issue 4

3 Complete Nutrition Programs

Intended for intermediate to advanced weight trainees

  1. Gain Muscle/Lose Fat
  2. Maximum Fat Burning
  3. Gain Maximum Muscle and Strength while Staying Lean

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Gain Muscle and Lose Fat
Males Under 185lbs
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Fast Fat Loss
Males Under 185lbs
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Females Over 135lbs ©  Beverly International   1-800-781-3475

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