Bodybuilders who are already lean

Want to lean out further

September Diet

By: Beverly Staff
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Below is the diet that both Chris Schulte and Tom Witt followed to achieve phenomenal condition at their last contests. This diet is designed for the bodybuilder who is already lean and wants to lean out further while maintaining and building muscle into the contest.

We developed this diet for Chris and competitions this spring. Since then we have used it effectively with a number of bodybuilders who met the criteria: fairly fast metabolism needs to lose fat can’t afford to lose muscle.

Tom Witt was the latest proponent of this diet utilizing it for this September 15th Heart Of Texas over 50. Tom Witt is 58 years old and in the best condition of his life after following the September Diet of the Month. Check out how he dominates his age group at The Heart of Texas Championship!

Diet Program
Meal #1
6 oz Flank Steak or turkey breast
6 egg whites
½ cup oatmeal before cooking
2 Flax Oil Capsules
Meal #2
Protein Drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 scoop 100% Egg,
16-oz water
Meal #3
10 oz Chicken breast
1/2 cup oatmeal or 6 oz sweet potato before cooking
2 Flax Oil Capsules
Meal #4
Protein Drink: 2 Scoops Muscle Provider, 1 scoop 100% Egg,
and 16-oz water
Meal #5
10 oz 95% or leaner beef, Flank Steak, Chicken breast
or Turkey breast
2 cups vegetables
2 Flax Oil Capsules
Meal #6
12 oz fish (look for fat grams = 1 : 3 per 4 oz serving)
2 cups spinach or salad
or 6 oz chicken, 6 egg whites, 1 cup omelet vegetables
Monday and Thursday as a 7th meal: 1.5 cups oatmeal (precooked) or cooked rice, 10 oz. sweet potato, 6 oz. banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 TBS butter at the end of the day – no supplements with this meal
Supplement Program:
Super Pak w/ 1st meal, 6 Ultra 40 w/ every meal, 4 Mass Aminos, 2 GH Factor, 2 L-Tyrosine, 2 Lean Out and 1 Energy Reserve 30 minutes prior to every meal (Works with or without thermogenics to burn more fat and preserve more lean muscle) 2 Antioxidants after training; 3 Bev ZMA before bed 30 Muscle Mass during training or take 4 Muscularity with every meal

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