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This marks the beginning of our tenth year publishing the No Nonsense Magazine. Our goal is to continue to give you real-world proven nutrition, supplement, and training programs. We’ll try to make your preparation for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness easy and straight-forward. We do this by letting real bodybuilders and fitness athletes at all levels from novice to national competitors tell you in their own words the exact training, cardio, nutrition, and supplement schedules they followed to achieve their best condition.

During the first nine years of publication, two hundred successful Beverly athletes have shared the secrets they’ve used to build muscle and lose fat within these pages. It is very important to read and reread each article. With this information you will join the bodybuilding experts – with one difference – you’ll know how to practically apply the time-tested principles of bodybuilding nutrition to achieve the results you desire. It’s easy. Just follow the programs exactly as set forth in the No Nonsense Magazine.

Apply Time-Tested Principles of Bodybuilding Success

Roger Riedinger
Publisher’s Note
  Roger Riedinger

There’s a new look and feel to this issue, largely due to Editor, Steve Colescott. Steve brings another dimension to the NNN. He has the theoretical and research knowledge combined with the real world, experience of a bodybuilder who is routinely in the trenches fighting for every pound of lean muscle tissue.

Along with the athlete profiles that have been the mainstay of previous issues of the No Nonsense Magazine, we are incorporating three new departments. In Bodybuilding World we’ll share important happenings among the Team Beverly community. " Get Started Right" is specifically targeted to the intermediate trainer (and if we are not full-time bodybuilders without a day job, we probably fall into this category). Finally, some of the best Team Beverly bodybuilders will share their most productive training secrets in Advanced Bodybuilding Training Techniques.

Steve Colescott

  Steve Colescott

 " What ya looking" at?"
I cautiously glanced up from my magazine, wondering where this conversation was going. The person asking the question was John Kleban, my mentor and the owner of the World Gym that I managed. His knowledge of bodybuilding was extensive. His method of delivering those lessons left a lot to be desired. Let’s just say his teaching style was a blend of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi and Vince Gironda. He had all the kindness and subtlety of a boot to the face.

Todd Jackson classic bodybuilding pose

» Todd jackson
Building the classic physique, at Total Fitness gym where I trained when I won the Central U.S.A.