Gotta Workout

Where is Caity? Working out!

By: Caity Hunt
Magazine 10 #1

My first competition

  "Okay, that’s enough, it’s my turn now!" Those were my exact thoughts when I was told that my story was slated to appear in the first Platinum Edition of Beverly’s No Nonsense Magazine.

But let me back up for just a minute. I’ve been around some kind of gym, whether it be a boxing gym, Hammer Strength where the Cincinnati Bengals used to workout or a health club for my whole life. If I had to put just one thing on my resume, it would be, "working out". Here are snippets of my conversations with friends and family over the last five years:

Where are you going to be Caity? "Working out" Why are you getting up so early Caity? "Gotta workout"! Where are you going this late at night? "Hey man, gotta go workout!"

Yes, working out has been my life. My father, Mike McGraw was probably my biggest influence. He was an All- American football player at Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, KY and the University of Kentucky, as well as playing pro football for the Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts.

Strength and Stamina

Growing up I played a lot of sports including, basketball, softball, track, swimming, and even football. Just because I’m a girl didn’t mean I wasn’t going to play. My dad and brothers taught me how to throw a mean football, as well as how to run with the ball. So, while other kids were swimming and making crafts at summer camp, I was at Dave Guidugli’s Strength and Stamina camp doing agility drills, speed drills, and strength training. My point is, sports is a way of life for me and lead me to where I am today, " in shape and loving life."

Are you starting to get my drift? Well, just in case I haven’t convinced you how important working out is to me yet, what would you say if I told you that when I turned 16, I cashed in the savings bond that my grandmother bought for me when I was born. Why? So I could join a gym. No kidding. Weight training after school with the team after practice wasn’t enough. I needed a place I could workout whenever I wanted.

Cable middle delts one are extended
Superset #2 on shoulders and back day is one-arm cable laterals..
Caity behind-the-neck cable pulldowns
and behind-the-neck pulldowns

At the gym, I’d watch the “hardcore” guys and wished I could be right there with them. But because of my organized sports background, I was taught to train with weights only, when I had proper supervision. Plus, I was a little intimidated. I pretty much just stuck with aerobics. In college I got my certification to teach. I taught classes at Fitworks and Northern Kentucky University between classes. It seemed cardio was all I had time for since I was teaching two or three classes a day. Well, four years later, I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Health and Fitness, got sick of cardio, and needed a new passion in my life.

I remembered reading lots of old articles about Beverly International athletes when I was 18 or 19 and was starting to get a lot more interested in weight training. Then I met Jimmy Canyon who was personal training at Fitworks. He used to always tell me that one day, my legs were going somewhere. That was an inspiration and now I’m also a personal trainer and NPC Figure Competitor.

A few more years went by, and I got engaged to a man that is part-owner of a health club. What a perfect match! Duane was competing for a show at the time and using Beverly products. Since Beverly keeps in touch with their clients on a regular basis we had newsletters and info sent to the house all the time.

Now, remember how I said I needed a new passion, well here it was, right in front of my face. I knew that this was what I needed to do in life, look like that woman in the article. The only problem was, articles.

Cardio included, running, aerobics

You name it, I did it. Back in January I had signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon relay 10k race so I was already in training for that when I started my diet. Cardio included, running, aerobics, elliptical machine, treadmill, bike and my favorite spinning you can burn 800 1000 calories in one class!

I superset One–Arm Dumbbell Rear Delt Rows with Bent over Barbell or Seated Rows.

Caity Hunt one arm row edge of flat bench
Caity demonstrating proper back position, one arm dumbbell row, stability grabbing onto the edge of the bench

I was 25 and now it WAS MY TURN. I was ready to rock or be a rock, literally!

On Wednesday, April 7 I set my first appointment with Steven Wade at Beverly for Saturday, the 10th. I was ready to do whatever it takes!

At my first consultation, I was 16 percent bodyfat and 129 pounds of lean body mass. That’s very good for a woman Steven had said; track athletes come to us with that kind of measurements. So my question to him was, "When is the next show?" Steven told me about an upcoming show that was just nine weeks away, Tricky Jackson’s Bluegrass Muscle Classic in Lexington Kentucky. I said, "Let’s do it!" To make the story even better, I found out Jimmy Canyon was going to be the guest poser at my first show! Now that’s classic!

I got my supplements, diet, workout and all the helpful hints I needed because that’s how Beverly works! They cover all your bases! And, they make sure you’re ready when you step on stage.

I was so excited leaving Beverly that day, I couldn’t stop grinning! The day was set for me to kick some serious competition booty (or get my own kicked!)

Nutrition and Supplements

Steven set me up with a three–day diet cycle. I followed Diet A for two days, then Diet B (which I really didn’t want to body-build even though everyone encouraged me to at the time. Well a year or so passed, Duane and I got married out in Las Vegas, and now I was ready for a new project, ME!

I think it was about three or four years ago when Figure Competitions were sanctioned by the NPC. I found out about Figure and was hooked.

That’s when I started to read articles about:

I think it was Missie McKain’s story that finally made me say, "That’s enough, it’s my turn!" Funny thing is, I think that’s what Brenda said about Rachel in one of her was a low carb fat burner on the third day. I just kept rotating that way.

Training and Cardio

Okay so this is how I weight trained for my first competition.

Monday – Legs heavy
Tuesday – Shoulders, Back, & Biceps light
Wednesday – Chest & Triceps
Thursday – Legs light
Friday – Shoulders, Back, & Biceps heavy

As far as weight training goes, I would mix up everything. You name a leg exercise, I did it. Being a certified personal trainer myself and having the knowledge from working out with professional bodybuilders like Jimmy Canyon, Franco Santorellio, and my favorite Ian Harrison, I’ve learned a ton. My favorite leg exercises are lunges, front squats, sissy squats, leg extensions, leg curls, deadlifts, step–ups on a 2 foot box with weight, sumo–squats and any kind of glute machine.

My best advice, "Focus on the muscle not the weight." Anybody can throw weight around but the secret is to make sure you are actually working the muscle. You want to go as heavy as possible for a woman in perfect form.

Here’s a sample back and shoulder workout. I super–setted these exercises to increase the intensity diet. Cardio included, running, aerobics, elliptical machine, treadmill, bike and my favorite spinning classes. Talk about a puddle of sweat and burning calories, take a class at the Beechmont (Cincinnati) Fitworks. If you really work hard spinning you can burn 800 to 1000 calories in one class!

Competition Advice

Here’s my advice to any woman who is thinking about competition. Stay focused, don’t worry about what is going to happen twelve weeks from now, focus on your training and diet today! Take it one day at a time.

There are a million things to think about when you are competing in a figure or fitness contest. Trust me, if you start to get intimidated early just talk to a Team Beverly staff member, they’ve been there and know what they are talking about. Everything they tell you to do is for a reason. I promise you will not regret what the end result will be, incredible!

I can actually say this because the end result for me was a big, fat first place trophy in my first competition. When I saw Jimmy Canyon at the show he said, "Boy, Caity, aren’t you just one big MUSCLE!" "I’m all grown up", I said, he’s like, "Yeah I can tell!"

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in the competition world. But for now, all I can do is focus on today not tomorrow.

Giving Thanks!

I want to thank my sister, Jane for scheduling those workouts in Florida with Ian Harrison, a phenomenal trainer and I think about his workouts to this day. Jimmy and Franco also deserve a lot of credit – not just for their training expertise but also their encouragement..

My husband Duane for always telling me, as all husbands should, "You’re not fat honey!" HAHA! Just kidding! No really, he puts up with me all the time. I have to have everything perfect. Now that I added competing to my life he has one more thing to put up with. He helps me with my confidence, my spirit and most importantly he does a great job on my Pro–tan and Pam cooking spray. Anyways honey, I love you! You’re the Best!

I also want to give thanks to my parents and if ve older brothers and sisters. Without the McGraw clan I don’t know what I would do. My family and my husband have all instilled the power in me to accomplish whatever I want to do in life. That’s what family is for, right?