Bodybuilding World September 2005

Finding how fascinating the fitness lifestyle is to others

By: Sandy Riedinger
Magazine 10 #2

Over time we learn so much. In the past few months, hearing all sorts of unbelievable things, being in the heat of the moment, getting the heat after the fact, or just listening intently, has brought me to my writing chair once again to spread some gossip.

First, let’s get personal.
My family finally moved back into our home after a 17-month home remodel. I respect anyone who goes through that kind of ordeal. One of the highlights of our project was finding how fascinating the body business and fitness lifestyle is to others. Many of our contractors started taking the products, asking lots of questions, and telling others about Beverly. One of our sub’s neighbor’s son was already competing and taking Beverly products.

Jim Collins
The owner of the pavement management company we used knew Jim Collins, drug free overall winner of the NPC Bluegrass 2005 and owner of Gymbo’s Training Center in Cincinnati. Turns out Jim trains his son! It was like peeling skin off of an onion and getting to the second layer. Every time we had a conversation, someone knew someone else who was either taking Beverly, into bodybuilding, or both. It was fascinating! No wonder they call it Back Yard Marketing! (Thanks to Tony Policci!)

Our daughter, Jaye, graduated from high school and will be attending the DAPP program at the University of Cincinnati. She has been working for Beverly part-time for 4 years.

Roger Jaye Sandy
We’ll miss her in client fulfillment when school begins later this month.

Mattie, our 9-year-old Weimerainer, has joint problems and takes more Joint Care everyday than Roger. That product just does wonders for people and animals! Joe Dardano o Hercules Gym in Syracuse, NY just told me that at age 60 he’s decided to do a Grand Master’s contest and Joint Care is one of the keys to his training. It lets him work areas like shoulders, back, and legs where joint issues were making it nearly impossible to train before. Go Get ‘em Joe!

Lana’s son, Jared graduated from high school, is attending Thomas More University and playing soccer there while Lana and her super hubby are coaching soccer at her daughter Taryn’s school. Rachel and Steven (the married couple in the business) just bought their first home together. Mark just bought his first home also and is training people in his garage. He bought a bunch of really great equipment from a gym in town that went out of business. He’s a Home Gymer now just like Roger and Me! (Hey, see Brian Wiefering’s article on basement training in this issue also.) Rita and Jeff Storch are planning a marriage soon, and Jeff will be competing this month. Julie turned Pro IFBB Fitness last November. Her first pro show is coming up. Hope she enjoys the competition! Jon left Beverly to work for Hammer Strength/Life Fitness as Ohio territory rep! If you are in need of some equipment, call them and start up some activity with Jon. I’m sure he’d appreciate it. Big Tim Mielke (everybody who walks into Beverly comments on how big he is - his arms are HUGE) and his friend from The Ultimate Fighter, Josh Rafferty just got back from Vegas. You know what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. So, I can’t share anything with you about that!! Speaking of UFC, if you stop into the PowerStation Gym in Middletown, Ohio on any given day, you would see a few of those guys (including Rich Franklin) training. I’m sure Mike Ferguson keeps them motivated. Jeremiah’s doing a ton of personal training along with his consulting duties here. Beverly’s Dependable Dan is the $ saver in the group. He is always looking for ways to invest his money to make more money! I see him as a rich tycoon in the near future.

Over the past months many clients have competed and some great things have occurred.

Reed Masters took the 50 and over in the NPC West Texas Championship. Steven Moore has Masters divisions wins as well... And Scott Hults "Old Navy" (pictured) won so many trophies this year that I cannot even find the print room to name them all. Justin Usery will be competing in the military nationals in Germany..
Andrew Paterson
Andrew Paterson, who works for his uncle Matt (Johnson) at the House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie, NY competed in the Teen Nationals (Gary Udit’s Big Show) and placed third. Tough class.
Steven and Rachel manned the Beverly booth there and said the competition was unbelievable.
Christine Handy

Christine Handy took 2nd place in her Masters Women over 35. She says that positive thinking does bring positive results. She’ll be doing the Ironman in Washington in October. What a cutie!

I know I told you that Julie Lohre (pictured below) is a Pro now, but I really just wanted to say it again so I could place this beautiful shot of her in this column!!

Julie Lohre
Julie suffered a serious training misfortune 10 days out from her IFBB Pro Fitness debut.

She tore her ACL while practicing her fitness routine. But as we teach here at Beverly, "every adversity, every failure, and every unpleasant experience carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit which may prove to be a blessing in disguise." Julie didn’t lie around and mope. Instead she petitioned to enter the Figure division at the Europa Super Show and finished 4th out of 25 of the top IFBB figure pros.

Cindy Gonzales
Cindy Gonzales, who could easily steal Dave Draper’s name, the Blond Bomber, won her IFBB pro card at the NPC Nationals.

Anne Groff is a Women’s Tri-Fitness (obstacle course) challenger. She’s a tough competitor with a beautiful smile... Adam Strachman won his Junior show and placed first in the Open Lightweights... He said his pre contest plan worked to a "T"! Roger Schei won his class at his show in Idaho and said that UMP, Creatine Select and Glutamine Select really gave him an edge. He was in the bes shape of his life. Wow! That is a great feeling...

The NPC Jr. Nationals pulled a bunch of people this year from everywhere! Two really great winners were Scott Foster and Tammy Pies.

Scott FosterTammy Pies

Scott was the bantamweight winner, and Tammy got her IFBB Pro card winning her class over 45 girls! The 2004 bantamweight Jr Nats winner, David Candy just got his BA in Athletic Training and is going to PT School. Scott Foster and David Candy will go toe to toe at the 2005 NPC National’s in Atlanta! I will be there to see that one live!

Rosemary Jennings
Rosemary Jennings, 41, an IFBB pro and long-time Beverly user made bodybuilding history when she became the first Barbadian Women to win a professional contest at the 2005 IFBB New York Pro show.

She’s now training hard and smart for the 2005 "O" and Beverly is once again in her plan of attack.

Mark Ritter and Steven Wade will be manning the Beverly Booth in the Olympia expo area. If you get a chance to attend, please go over and visit with them! I am pretty sure we are going to have a drawing for a free full set of Power Blocks there!

Congrats to Racquel Bonner who won a women’s NPC overall in April. She looked super great. So did Janell Handshoe who won the overall in the Mid Illinois competition in early spring this year. A fine couple in physique terms and in personality...
Charlie and Erica Gripp competed together in mixed pairs and placed 3rd in Illinois.

Another husband and wife team Jodi

Jodi Habschied
(pictured) and Chris Habschied both placed first in their Show (See Chris and Jodi’s completetraining and dietplans in this issue!)

Congrats to Neil Sullivan (pictured) for winning the overall at the Bay State championships and ANBC Nationals. Neil’s a wonderful guy with a terrific goal: "To be a positive impact on all who he comes in contact with". He also shares his favorite Beverly recipe: "Ultra Size pancakes made with 3 scoops of Ultra Size, 4 egg whites and ½ cup H20.

Neil Sullivan
Neil says, "They add a very enjoyable, guilt-free segment to my day. I enjoy getting creative with the condiments and varieties of recipes as well as eating them plain."

A big 40th birthday present went to Sia Davis last November when she won her masters class, lightweight class and the overall title at her show... Susan Harris pulled out of her 3rd place slump and took the first place trophy at the KY Grand Prix in 2004!

Our local chiropractor Dr. Matt Haumesser competed in an AAU World Push and Pull Contest. Matt won 3 out of 4 divisions. His bench was 430, dead was a 601. That’s power if you ask me... Heather Winters placed 2nd in the lightweight division at the Western Michigan Natural BB Champs... Another IFBB Pro card ...awarded to Kristina Henn in the 2004 USA Fitness Championships in Vegas. She made it! Star Blaylock, and Mark Perry, looked totally awesome in the 2004 Nationals!

Mark Perry
More details on Mark Perry – he just competed in the 2005 North America and placed 5th in the heavies at 222lbs!

Mark got ready for this show while acting as the general contractor and doing a lot of the work himself building a new lakefront home with his wife, Amanda. Mark and Amanda own the Total Fitness of Columbus in Columbus, Indiana. If you’re ever in the area stop in for a workout and say hello to Mark.

Aram Hamparian gave us a few pump up tips, he doesn’t pump up before a show. Instead, he goes thru his posing routine, chews Muscle Synergy, drinks hot coffee and sips on 5-6 scoops of Glutamine Select. This is all performed in a 2-hour time frame. He says he conserves energy and it makes him very vascular. He also shared some of his other secrets with us for busting out of a fat burning slump...(pre-show Bf % was a solid 4.9 for 5 consecutive weeks) his PWO (post workout) shake is 2 scoops of Muscle Provider along with 3 additional meal replacements made with 2 scoops of UMP and a single scoop of Muscle Provider. He’s on Synergy, Mass, Muscle Mass, GH Factor and totals 10 Lean Out per day. This stimulating recipe has his fat on high burn! The real reward is that is BW is up 9 pounds from last year and he is leaner! He said, "The UMP is the greatest protein supplement in the history of mankind!!!!" Clients want greater mass – less fat period. Way to grow Aram!

And while I’m talking about Muscle Synergy let me tell you a little secret.
Well, I guess it’s a secret since everyone keeps asking, When is Beverly going to make an NO2 product? Muscle Synergy is the finest, most potent NO2 product available. We did not market it as such because the nitric oxide benefit is just one of the muscle building properties of Muscle Synergy. The combination of creatine and hmb are fantastic enough alone so we just looked at the NO2 boost of 7000mg l-arginine as a bonus.

But that’s just the beginning; we have a revised formula at the lab based on the latest nitric oxide research. The new formula will contain 1600mg l-citrulline to further enhance the entry of l-arginine into the cells. See if you can find 7000mg l-arginine combined with 1600mg lcitrulline in any NO2 supplement, (and don’t be fooled by a proprietary formula of different forms of arginine and citrulline – that’s just a way of getting around having to list the true amounts of each ingredient on the label) then check the price of what you can find against Muscle Synergy. Then factor in the research proven muscle and strength building benefits of 3000mg hmb and 3000mg creatine, I think you’ll find that Muscle Synergy is the most potent product on the market and far from the most expensive.

Here’s a "did you know?" The 1998 winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine, Louis J. Ignarro of the University of California, says that nitric oxide may do more to prevent heart attack and stroke than any other drug? He recommends up to 6000mg l-arginine and 1200mg l-citrulline daily to increase nitric oxide. (Source: Bottom Line Personal Vol26, No5. March 1, 2005.) New Muscle Synergy should be available mid November. Hey, as a side note the new formula also has the potential to increase growth hormone as four of the ingredients in the new formula – l-arginine, l-glycine, lornithine, and niacin have all been shown in studies to increase natural growth hormone levels. I guess next year the question will be, Why doesn’t Beverly make a growth hormone product?

Brian Wiefering was the solid winner in the light heavyweight class at the NPC NKY
Brian Wiefering
2005. The lightheavy showdown was one of the highlights of the show and the largest class ever in the history of the Northern. There were more than 40 tough competitors in the lightheavies. Check out Brian’s website It’s one you should visit. You may have seen his slick cover shot on Muscle and Fitness back in the spring! He’s got a copy up on his website so take a look. Brian’s gone back to the basement training that most of us started with. See how he trains shoulders and traps in this issue.

Tony Poggiali
Way to go Tony Poggiali. Tony was coverman for a recent BodyMuscle and now has a new business. It’s a sports specific training facility in Southern Ohio named Xcel! Tony is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).

Eddie Robinson dropped me an email and confessed that he is a routine Beverly user and is proud of it. His contract with Weider expired so he felt he should share his real story with us. Thanks to Eddie for believing in Beverly. He gave me a little bit of advice. He said to keep doing what we are doing because we are one of a kind in our industry! Don’t worry Eddie; we are always going to keep the best product for our great clients! They deserve the best! Keep sharing your news with us. We truly enjoy sharing in your success!

Speaking of success... here are a few nutrition techies that offer excellence! Dave Spindel, a Virginian shares our wealth of knowledge in the Beverly Nutrition Field. He trains and consults many top athletes. Todd Swinney of Maryland also trains and consults athletes! His son Justin competed in his first show and the final project was an A+. Florida spotlights Tim Gardner’s expertise from his Tampa based Bodytech business and Travis Wallis offers his excellent Beverly advice from MO. Vickie Gates’ Facility in Texas is top notch when it comes to nutrition, training, and Beverly! David Halton in Japan is doing a top-notch job! The greatest Nutrition Tech of all is Jim Heflin! He is in Maryland and trying to work his way back to California where the sun is warm and life is good!

Finally, we’d like to thank Don Hidy owner of Total Fitness Warehouse in Ft. Mill, SC (pictured) for his endorsement of Beverly International.

Total Fitness

Don sums up what we try to do here each day, "Beverly has a personable and educated staff who carry a time-tested product line. They do not jump on the proverbial band wagon every time the next "greatest" product appears on the market, opting instead for the highest quality ingredients in products that really work."

Hey, don’t forget!
Beverly International’s Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding & Figure Championship on March 18, 2006. We have redefined the men’s novice class this year. A novice may not have finished top 2 in any class (other than teen) in any previous NPC contest. This should make the Novice Division wide open this year. We’ve also added an ultra masters 60 and older class. If you’re interested in competing in any of the divisions, remember we’re here to help you be your best.

Thanks for sharing all of your successes with us! Keep up the great work or play, Ta Ta for now!

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