Bodybuilding World

Volume 10 issue 3

› Justin Swinney
My Training, Nutrition and Supplement Strategies

My Dad, Todd Swinney (the best trainer and nutritionist in the world) designed my contest diet.

› Brian Wiefering
Back To The Basement

You don’t need a fancy gym to go "Back to the Squat Rack". Here’s my take on the importance of squats in your training.

› Steve Colescott
What I Have Learned From Beverly

Wisdom from 10 years of the No Nonsense Magazine and Body Muscle Journal
keep your training simple, keep protein levels high, control your carbs, use cardio to shred last traces of body-fat, planning is key.

› Scott H. Mendelson
Power Pyramid Training
Here’s how to dramatically improve your physique over the next 8 weeks.

› Mike Fransen Diet And Supplement Strategy
I found that the limiting factor had been staring me in the face all along. All I had to do was pay as carful attention to my year round Beverly supplement program as I had pre-contest. It was that simple.

› Jodi Habschied Complete Contest Preparation Together
Nutrition is the biggest part of the equation. What you eat and when you eat it affects how you look much more than the efforts you put in the gym.

Tara Darland NPC NKY Figure contest

Tara Darland From Size 14 to Size 6 And My First Figure Competition
I made a decision to quit playing around. When I finally decided to stick to my plan, I went from 173 pounds at 22 percent body-fat to 145 pounds at 13 percent.
Here’s how I did it.