Bodybuilding World

Volume 10 issue 4 contents

Brian Wiefering
Back to the Basement – Breaking Down the Chest

Mike Milas
Can a Natural Bodybuilder Continue to Improve
In His Mid-40’s?

Ray Binkowski
Planning is Key to Success in Life and Bodybuilding

Jenn Paul front stance center stage

Jenn Paul
Striving to Be the Best of the Best
My Figure Contest Plan Dieting, Training, Posing, and Tanning

10 issue 3

Brian Wiefering

Back To The Basement
You don’t need a fancy gym to go "Back to the Squat Rack". Here’s my take on the importance of squats in your training.

Tara Darland

From Size 14 to Size 6 And My First Figure Competition
I made a decision to quit playing around. When I finally decided to stick to my plan, I went from 173 pounds at 22 percent body-fat to 145 pounds at 13%.

Scott H. Mendelson

Power Pyramid Training
Improve your physique over the next 8 weeks.