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Skinny blonde chic

By: Liberty Kayden Gray
Magazine 11 #3

Darn Genetics! Being a skinny, blonde chic isn’t always a good trait when it comes to building muscle. I guess you could call me a late bloomer, I never imagined myself as being an athlete until the age of 36. It isn’t until now, six years later, that I feel I can finally say I am a true "female bodybuilder".

What makes this special is my journey to get here. It involved venturing out of my comfort zone and committing to do something extraordinary that changed my life. Scary to say the least! In retrospect I look back and am amazed at the trail that was blazed on faith and blind luck in the process. However, I know it wouldn’t have been possible without many role models and encouragement from the people who are closest to me, especially my husband Jerry.

After a few years of weight training I decided to compete in a bodybuilding contest the next spring. As it turned out I did pretty well. I won my class, but I knew there was so much more to learn and that I had a long way to go to achieve the physique I envisioned. I was determined to find out how to be the best I could be. Soon I was on information overload! I read bodybuilding articles every night. I bounced around from one training and diet theory to another but never reached the goal I was seeking. What I didn’t know was that most of the articles I was reading were not geared for the natural bodybuilder and especially not for the female natural bodybuilder.

It’s an interesting story how I first found out about Beverly products. I was in a bodybuilding competition and I thought for sure I was going to win, I had tried harder than anyone I knew to prepare for the show. Then two girls showed up who were so cut that you could see every ripple in their body. I was so frustrated, that after the show I went home and did a search on the Internet on “how to get super shredded” and a Beverly article came up. That became my new plan and by the time the next show season came around I had gotten down to below 7 percent body-fat and was super shredded. I won all my shows that spring!

Liberty Gray during her personal posing routine

Liberty posing routine Women’s Middle Weight

During the next off-season, I continued my Beverly education – referring to the Beverly website and newsletters over and over. The next plan I adopted was incredible. The body fat started coming off again, but this time I was gaining muscle! I’d thought that was impossible. But I was using a plan from one of the articles that showed me how to (by taking Mass Maker shakes after each workout) to optimally create an anabolic state when I was most receptive and then the rest of the diet was designed to help me shed the body fat (See detailed plan outlined below).

I have gained the confidence in knowing that I can do anything I set my mind to. And I think any woman can do this if they set small and realistic goals and just make the commitment to follow through with them. I might not be the next Monica Brandt, my fitness idol, but I am confident that I have achieved my best condition ever and I challenge every woman to do the same – you won’t regret it.

Liberty Kayden Gray Personal Profile
Age: 42
Occupation: Owner of Liberty FitRx, a Health & Fitness studio, where I teach TaeKwon Do, Kettlebell Workshops & Classes, Personal Training & sell Nutraceuticals. Am also President of an Engineering & Survey Company jointly owned with my husband
Residence: My husband Jerry and I live in a small retirement community in Canadian Lakes, Michigan. We work and train in a little college town about ½ hour drive from our home
Then and Now: When I first started weight training I was a mere 107 pounds at 5 feet 7 inches tall! Now I am 24 lbs heavier, and all of it is muscle. I have been training for seven years. I started out in the corner of the gym with the “girly” weights. After I kept coming back I was approached by one of the local gym goers. He asked me my goals and I told him that I wanted to see how strong and muscular I could become. Turns out he was the chief of police and he invited me to work out with him. Seven years later we’re still training partners. I started competing in natural bodybuilding five years ago. Although I still feel that I have room for improvement, I did earn my natural pro card with the IFPA this past spring
Off Season Weight: 131 pounds, I used to gain more weight in the off-season, but found it frustrating because I gained as much fat as I did muscle. Renowned nutritionist, Dr. Joe Klemczewski, is working very closely on this detail with me this year, so I am hoping that combined with the power of the Beverly products I will go onstage a pound or even two heavier in 2007
Contest Weight: 121 pounds at about 6 percent body-fat
Favorite Beverly Supplement and Why: My favorite products are the Vanilla Ultimate Muscle Protein and the Muscle Mass Branch Chain Aminos. I make the greatest tasting pudding out of the protein. When I take the Muscle Mass during my workout it makes me feel like I’m feeding them throughout the workout. Jerry, my husband, has a favorite snack of mixing Vanilla Ultimate Muscle, lo-fat yogurt and Fiber One Cereal together. I can’t believe that I was actually anxious for my shows to get over so I could try the Ultra Size brownie recipe
In my CD Player: Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater”. I like it because it’s got Attitude! As a matter of fact, it’s going to be the next song for my posing routine.
The Biggest Challenge I face in preparing for a contest: I have to work harder, but especially, work smarter! I continually train and diet with the knowledge that there are other women out there with the same goal as myself ˜ to be the best they can be.
What I’ve Learned from Beverly: The most important value I received from Beverly is to always believe in myself and take responsibility for my results. I get the tools I need to make it happen from Beverly and then it’s up to me to follow through. I know the Beverly products are superior to any other products I have ever used and without them I would not have been able achieve the condition that I did
The most important things that someone who wants to emulate my bodybuilding success should definitely do:  (1) Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights. After a thorough warm up, I gear my workout around basic multi joint exercises like squats, rows, deadlifts and bench presses. I stick to the 6–12 rep range for 3-4 sets of each exercise. Then pre-contest I throw in some finishing exercises for definition. I always use some form of periodization to keep my body from adjusting. (2) Get on a Beverly International nutrition and supplement plan – you can search their website and find a plan specific to your needs or even better, start with mine that you’ll find in this article. (3) If you are new to the sport meet with a personal trainer for a few sessions to learn which exercises to do and how to do them properly to avoid injuries. (4) Lastly, my motto is “train hard or go home”. You will not make progress in the gym if you do not put in the effort, plain and simple.