Getting Ready for My First Figure Contest

My year long plan

Cindy Herron
Magazine 11 #4

I’m writing this to help any of you who want to get started in competing and tell you what I’ve learned from my first competition will be the Northern Kentucky on 3-24-07. The contest will probably be over by the time you read this, but it’s still three weeks away as I write.

About Me:

Well to begin with, I have always been pretty fit and lean. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Specialist but I don’t always eat right. I LOVE SUGAR! I have always eaten whatever I wanted but I’ve also exercised a lot!! I’ve NEVER been over 125 lbs except when I was pregnant with my 4 girls and I went right back to 120 lbs within a day or two of having them. (Pretty lucky I know). Well, I’m NOT bragging here, just letting you know that everyone’s body is different and responds differently to different amounts of food, different kinds of workout programs and supplements. We all have unique metabolisms. You have to find what’s right for you and that’s where Beverly International comes in. They helped me find the right supplements to take, the correct nutrition program, and even a training program. Even though I’m a trainer their guidance was invaluable.

Arnold Classic and the Beverly booth

I went to the Arnold Classic in 2006 and found the Beverly booth. I picked up their NNN magazine and that’s where it started. I went to the Northern Kentucky show with my boyfriend a few weeks later. While there, a competitor in the bathroom asked if she could borrow some Bikini Bite. I WAS AMAZED! I was just there to watch and this gal thought I was competing. As I watched the competition I became more and more interested. I left the show thinking, If all these girls can do it, so can I.

Up to this time, I had never taken supplements. That was my first step in my year long plan to enter the 2007 Northern Kentucky contest. I knew I could do OK without them, but I wanted to be my best. I called Beverly; they helped me decide what I needed and what I didn’t need. I started with Glutamine Select and Muscle Provider chocolate.

So for that summer and fall, I took my workouts to the next level, pushed a little harder, lifted heavier, and worked my legs harder. I kept adding to my supplement program. Now I was taking 4 Ultra 40’s and 4 Mass with four of my meals each day. I took Glutamine Select before my workouts and three protein shakes a day. I LOVE UMP chocolate. I use 2 scoops and make it very thick. Most of the time, I add in sugar-free cool whip, put it in the freezer for a while and I have a yummy chocolate dessert!!! I also cook with Ultra Size and make up all kinds of things. I’m now taking Muscularity (4 wks before competition). Steven recommended Bev ZMA and I take it every night. Since starting this supplement regime I noticed I was gaining lean, muscle mass. People at the gym have noticed the change and some, who didn’t even know me, have said things like Are you somebody? or Are you into competitions or something because you look like it I was sooo excited. All this hard work and remembering to take my supplements is really paying off!

Cindy Herron side pose during judging

Early this year, Beverly sent me "The Beverly Method" booklet with one of my orders. I also received an application for the 2007 Northern Kentucky. I knew right away that I wanted to compete. I sent my check in ASAP. The Beverly Method booklet came in handy. I started following the nutritional program and the 5-day workout plan. My workouts are tough and hard. Most days my muscles are very fatigued and sore but I keep on. I never quit. I push myself and push even when I’m tired and don’t want to workout that day, I have to keep going. I’m motivated and I want to win. So I never give up! Like my boyfriend says, there’s something about someone who wants to win!

Trials and Tribulations

I did have some trials along the path to getting ready for the Northern Kentucky. As you already know, I love sugar! This was very difficult for me. I was cheating on the plan I was supposed to be following and I had already committed to compete. Why couldn’t I have more self-control??I really struggled, but that’s where God and God’s Word comes in. I stayed in His Word and kept reading specific scriptures that I knew would help me. For motivation and inspiration I watch Joel Osteen every week.

Another trial I suffered was the end of my relationship with my boyfriend. I was becoming totally consumed by all this competing stuff. I was reading everything I could get my hands on about competing, looking through magazines and on the Beverly web-site all the time. So if I can say one thing here, it would be to stay focused on your goal but don’t let it consume you. You don’t want to lose a relationship or neglect your family members just to compete or be in shape.

What I Eat

As I mentioned, I have four beautiful little girls ages 5, 7, 9, and 10. I take care of them and take care of everything. I work and workout 5-6 times a week and I stay on top of everything.

I start my days with egg whites and oatmeal. I get my girls ready for school. I make my next meal of UMP or Ultra Size protein pudding and take my supplements. (I already have my supplements organized.) I learned this from Brian Wiefering in an article he wrote for Beverly. Then, I head out the door for work.

I come home to eat my lunch of 2 cups of spinach with a can of tuna on top (or turkey), some almonds and some black beans and again take my supplements. I make another protein shake (pudding) for my next meal two to three hours later. I’m all set. I never go more than 2 ½ hours without eating to keep my blood sugar levels stable. I eat sugar-free jello when I feel I need something sweet!

Dinner is easy – chicken breast, tuna, salmon, or lean sirloin, a frozen bag of broccoli and some brown rice. My girls all eat healthy. They eat what I do except I do sometimes make them mac and cheese, low-fat crescent rolls and waffles, etc. They don’t complain. They’re used to it. It makes my day easier and I feel blessed most days because it’s almost too easy. But I believe it’s all about finding a balance for you and your family and sticking with it. They even eat protein pancakes with sugar-free cool whip, blueberries and strawberries and sugar-free syrup! They love it! If you can find a routine for you and your family you can do this.

Cindy one arm curl with dumbbell

My Workouts Days

When I go to the gym for my workouts, my girls normally go to karate class. If not, then they are in basketball practice or they play football in the gym. It’s a win-win situation for me. I try to limit my workouts to 1-1 ½ hrs. My girls already have their homework done before we even get to the gym. They know what to expect. We have a routine. If I can do this, you can do this too! My girls are very understanding and say that they want to compete someday, too. I will support them in anything they want to do.

Beverly’s Figure Workshop:

I was lucky enough to be involved with Beverly’s figure workshop that started in December. They went over everything I needed to know to compete. They didn’t leave anything out and if I have any questions, I call or e-mail. They told me where I needed to be with my body composition to compete and how to keep the muscle I had gained while losing the last bits of fat. I didn’t even know how to pose. Even though I looked at plenty of magazines and practiced at home, I was not getting it! Beverly gave me the extra help because I was the one who couldn’t seem to figure it out. But now I’ve got it. Thanks Beverly Team!

Tips for the Aspiring Figure Athlete

Do lots of push-ups. Like 5 sets of 30-40 a couple times a week. I also do dips, chin-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, and planks in addition to my normal weight training program.

Eat lots of protein-I actually eat 125-200 grams a day! Don’t be afraid to have a cheat meal at times. It keeps me feeling like I’m not doing anything different from everyone else. I drink at least a gallon of water a day (or more) and get plenty of rest and I DON’T forget my supplements!! If you are just starting to take Beverly supplements, try their Protein Powders first! They’re easy to mix and taste great, plus you’ll make sure you are getting in the amount of protein you need on a daily basis. If you are preparing for a contest or want to add lean muscle mass, definitely take the Ultra 40’s and Mass combination. I believe they have improved my physique the most!


It’s about 4 weeks until my 1st competition at the Northern Kentucky. I can’t wait! I’m confident and very excited (except for the days that I can hardly push my grocery cart through the store). I have mended my broken relationship with Matt. He is sooo wonderful! If it weren’t for the workshop and him I wouldn’t be getting ready to compete. Matt has bought my shoes, figure suits and some of my protein and supplements. (Of course he’s switching to Beverly, too.) He’s always there to push me and telling me I look great especially on the days I don’t feel so great. You are Awesome and Wonderful, thank you Matt! Thanks to my parents and the girls’ other set of grandparents who keep my girls when I need them and thanks for supporting me as well!

Yes, my kids are all involved in sports and different school functions and we go to church every Sunday. I am a Sunday School teacher as well. But we find time to make it work! Like my pastor says, “You make time to do what YOU want to do!” Make eating healthy, working out, and taking supplements and staying in Gods Word part of your daily routine. Try to find a balance. They helped me and my goal is to be a Pro in figure within the next 2 years, and I know that the Beverly Team will be there for me all they way!


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