My First Bodybuilding Competition

Here’s How I Trained and Dieted

By: Vince Shirey
Magazine 12 #1

My journey with Beverly began in March of 2006 when I stumbled across the Beverly booth at the Arnold Classic. And let me tell you, I had NO IDEA how much my life was about to change!

It’s hard to describe what I was feeling on my trip to the Classic that year. I was basically sick of spending money on products that weren’t giving me the results they’d promised. But, I still wanted to be big and would try anything legal to get there. You name a supplement and I’ve tried it. Name a popular bodybuilding diet, I’ve tried it. You could say I tried all the "next best things" with little to no results. My wife hit home with this comment, "Honey you spend all this money on supplements and YOU LOOK THE SAME!" I was ready to believe everything was a scam and I was about to just give up on supplements. My money could be much better spent on my family. Well, being the type of guy that I am I wasn’t ready to just give up; I bet you haven’t either no matter how discouraged you became!

Vince before

Vince after
Vince’s Before and After comparision

I picked up the Body Muscle Journal and No Nonsense Magazine magazines at the Arnold and when I got home I started to read them. I read story after story of these everyday people just like you and me with jobs and husbands and wives and kids. All these people with great bodies. I wanted my own GREAT body! I had never even heard of Beverly International before but I wanted to find out all I could about them. So I got on the internet and looked at their site. I was blown away by all the information they have readily available on their website! I chose one of the detailed nutrition and supplement plans and decided to give it a try. I called Beverly to speak with someone about specific questions I had regarding the plan. I was amazed by how much they genuinely seemed to care about little old me. I wasn’t treated like just another customer, I was treated as if I was a personal client of theirs, and I was sold! Try to call another company and get the attention and service you get from Beverly!

So I ordered my first Beverly products, Ultimate Muscle Protein, Ultra 40, Mass Amino’s, and the Super Pak. From reading the No Nonsense Magazine, Body Muscle Journal and numerous articles on the website, those seemed to be the essentials for success. I also remembered what the "big guys" I talked to in the gym had had told me, Take a quality protein supplement, amino acids are great, and a good multi vitamin. The Ultra 40’s seemed to be an old school thing and I remember guys like Arnold taking them. I was reading through his Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding and he joked about them being spilled all over his hotel room before his Mr. Olympia contests. I think Arnold had the best body ever and he took them, so this just reinforced what I read in the Beverly magazines. I didn’t want there to be any room for failure. I was sick of taking supplements and having them not do anything. (Well this was just the opposite; I briefly took some time off of the Mass and Ultra 40’s, huge mistake. When I didn’t take them I noticed a turn for the worse – I won’t ever do it again.)

Next, I made a trip to the grocery store and I picked up all the food that I needed to apply my diet properly. I wanted to give 110% and see if this program would really work. Remember I was sick of things NOT working! I learned quickly to precook my foods for a couple of days. That way when I was in a hurry, which is always, I could quickly grab my 8 ounces of chicken, sweet potato, veggies, and I was ready to go. I put my protein powder for the day inside a plastic baggy and stored the baggy inside my shaker bottle. It kept it nice and fresh and that way I didn’t have to lug around a big tub of protein. I always have a half gallon of water with me; you can ask Brian Weifering, he saw me with one at the Arnold this year. So I just added the water to my shaker bottle and dumped in the protein, took me two minutes and the meal was complete. When you’re a husband, a dad, and a State Trooper, you gotta save time somehow.

So a couple of months went by and my body was changing. Guess what? My wife could even see the changes! My friends were also starting to take notice. "Man you looked ripped." "You’re getting big, what are you taking?" were all common things I was starting to hear and it felt GREAT to hear it! When you put all this work in it’s good to finally see some REAL results and just in time for summer and the pool! I gotta keep my wife impressed, LOL!

Vince Shirey’s Pre Contest Diet at 8 Weeks Out
Meal 1
8 oz 96% lean beef; 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg
1 grapefruit
Meal 2
Protein drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider and 2 tbsp of flax seeds
Meal 3
8 oz Chicken
2 cups green salad with 2 tbsp olive oil and balsamic vinegar
or 2 cups green beans or broccoli
Meal 4
1 can tuna; 4 egg whites
1 tbsp fat free mayo (with fresh chopped onions for taste)
Meal 5
8 oz Tilapia
2 cups vegetables
Meal 6
Protein drink: 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein or Muscle Provider

One day my brother Nick brought a couple of tapes of bodybuilding contests over to the house. Some our friends had competed in them and we were basically just teasing them about their routines. But, as we watched them, I started thinking, I’m in the gym working my butt off, why not set a goal and do a show? Could I really do a bodybuilding show? Should I do a show and put on those little posing trunks, yikes? The more I thought about it the more excited about it I became. Finally I made the decision. I was going to participate in the Northern Kentucky in March 2007. It was September so I still had seven months to continue improving my new body.

Then the doubts started flooding in. First off, was I big enough? Next, I was worried about my legs. What about posing, I didn’t know the first thing. Then the music for my posing routine. What about posing trunks? What if I bombed in front of family and friends? I decided just to do MY best and if I didn’t cheat myself I knew I would already be a winner. For posing I just logged onto the web and found some posing video’s which I watched about a hundred times. Ask my wife if you don’t believe me. I started with mandatory poses and the do’s and don’ts for each. To allay my leg worries, I added a second light leg workout. I read about guys doing that in the Beverly magazines and it worked! I found some posing trunks on the web and bought those a couple months before the show, just to be safe. My good friend Neil Greathouse ( who is a multi media genius helped me put together my posing music. As far as not doing well in front of my family and friends, I knew I was doing everything I could in order to help myself be successful. Plus I know that GOD always has my back and wouldn’t let me fail!

The holidays came and went (lots of not so good food) and I was still chugging along on my Beverly diet + some cookies. For Christmas, I asked my family to get me some of the supplements I would need for my precontest diet. Glutamine Select, Muscle Mass BCAAs, Lean Out, Muscle Provider, and Muscularity were on my Christmas list.


8 weeks out
4 Ultra 40 per meal
4 Mass Amino’s per meal
2 Lean Out 3 times a day
2 scoops Glutamine Select during training with 10 Muscle Mass
2 EFA daily

I started with Creatine Select on Tuesday having 1 scoop per meal and just followed the diet and supplement plan outlined.

My workout stayed as heavy as I could go for 6-8 reps on most exercises until the last two weeks. Then I lowered the weights a bit (I had too) and upped the reps to 10-15 per set, focusing on the mind muscle link.

As the contest approached I’d call Beverly with questions as they came up. (Sorry Steven, I know I had a million of them! – Can I eat this, can I eat that, how do I use Pro Tan, when do I use Pro Tan, what about sodium, and the list went on and on. Brian Wiefering at was also a huge help. He gave me all of his secrets which I promised I wouldn’t tell, j/k – Brian actually published his pre-contest secrets in Vol 11, No 4 of the NNN. If you haven’t checked out his web site yet, take a look, it’s really cool. I had a chance to meet Brian at the Arnold this year along with all the rest of Team Beverly and everyone was a class act. Remember those bodybuilding tapes my brother and I were watching, we’d seen Todd Jackson (who won his class, by the way) on one of them and it gave me a great idea for my posing routine. He was also at the Arnold with the Beverly team and I wanted to tell him about it since he was the MC of the Northern Kentucky and I didn’t want him to think I stole it!

The show was approaching fast. I was practicing my posing daily and my diet was coming along great. I was a little nervous but I knew that if I continued practicing my posing I would be ok on stage. My eagerly awaited posing trunks arrived in the mail. The final 3 weeks I really amped up my posing practice. I would wake up and the first thing I did was pose. Mid-day I would pose some more and after work (I work midnights) I would pose right before bed. I hit all the mandatory poses; I started holding each pose for 30 seconds, working my way up to a full minute. After each mandatory pose I’d go back to the front relaxed pose for 15 seconds. I also practiced my individual posing routine daily at least two or three times. This only took about five minutes and my kids loved it because they got to shake their butt’s with me. If you were at the Northern Kentucky you know what I’m talking about!

At two weeks out I started to tan every other day. I took some advice from Bob Maurer which I read in a No Nonsense Magazine and started holding my front relaxed pose in the tanning bed for a minute. My practice paid off on stage. I was able to keep that front relaxed pose throughout the entire prejudging if need be. On Wednesday before the show I shaved my body as best as I could. My wife helped with the rest, it was very interesting to say the least. That night we applied two coats of Pro Tan. Excuse me; she applied two coats of Pro Tan. She did the same on Thursday and the same on Friday, with a final coat on Saturday. I was a little moody at this point and I am a perfectionist. We laugh now about our fights as she put on my coats of Pro Tan, Honey, you missed there! She told me I needed to just shut up! It was great! On Saturday morning my wife being a makeup artist came in handy because she applied bronzer to my face, which I hate to say looked great! It matched my body perfectly!

Friday came and it was time to head to Kentucky for the weigh in. I dropped my kids off at their grandparents; picked my wife up from work and off we went. I arrived at the Hampton Inn and it was time to weigh in. I was nervous about my weight. I was going to be one of the lightest guys in my class. Still that size hang-up. Slowly I am beginning to realize that conditioning is more important than just mere size. If you are the best guy on stage the judges will see it no matter what you weigh. I guess it’s just human nature to get hung up on our weight, men and women alike.

When I arrived at the weigh-in the hotel was packed wall to wall. I had no idea what I needed to do. There were so many competitors there that I didn’t know where the line began or even ended. I saw some guys with a yellow slip of paper so I walked toward where I thought was the beginning of the line and filled one out. It was the application for the NPC membership card. I paid Sandy for my card and headed off to the weigh in room with the rest of the Novice competitors. So here I am in this room and guys were stripping down to their posing trunks to weigh in. I felt really stupid at this point, it was a well lit room and everyone in there would see me in my posing trunks. I know that sounds crazy because I would be in front of 2000 people the next day, but it’s different when its close quarters and they’re right in your face. Anyway, I sucked it up got into the trunks and weighed in with no problem.

Vince Shirey on stage
That night my wife applied some more Pro Tan. My mom, my brother, my mom’s boyfriend, and my wife’s best friend all stayed at the hotel that night. It was a blast! We took pictures and they ate McDonald’s as I ate my oatmeal.

Saturday came and it was show time. I honestly can say that I really wasn’t nervous. I was just really excited about the show. It was my first show and I didn’t know what to expect. I arrived at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center along with 250 other competitors, the most ever! I was in the lightweight novice class and I would be going out for prejudging soon. I ate my Ultra Size Goo, and started to pump up. I didn’t have a lot of time to put on my posing oil because I was running behind. Remember this was my first show and I had no clue how fast paced everything was going to move. Thank God, one of the expediter’s got to me before we went on stage and perfected my oil.

Prejudging came and I was the first guy in line. I thought to myself, Oh no, the judge way on the other side of the table won’t even be able to see me. But, I shouldn’t have worried. After we went through the quarter turns and mandatory poses they called my number and had me move closer to the middle and did it all again – and again. I had no idea what being moved meant but I just hoped that it was a good thing.

Prejudging was over and I was ready for the night show. The night show came and I did my individual posing routine. The crowd loved it! Even the guys working the show back stage were laughing; I guess Sir Mix A Lot has that effect on people? My goal in doing the show was to make the top 5, and I made it! Now, with that first goal achieved, I was hoping to win; but I knew this was my first show so I didn’t want to get my hopes too high. But, honestly, I really wanted to WIN!! BAD!! 5th place came, 4th place came, 3rd place came, and I’m thinking I may win this thing!! 2nd place came....I WON 1st place!!!! At first it was like a dream, did I just win? Then it hit me, I did!! Even if I would have gotten 2nd or 3rd I still would have felt the journey was a success. From March of 2006 to March of 2007 I totally changed my body. If it wasn’t for Beverly I would have NEVER even competed in a show and probably would have given up on supplements (and hope of ever competing). Now, I am much more knowledgeable about nutrition and training and it’s all free from the magazine to the web site. AMAZING!!

So from March of 2006 to March of 2007 I transformed my body and became a bodybuilder, the photos speak for themselves! All I can do is thank Beverly for making outstanding products that really work. The proof is in the pudding, really, you can make pudding with the protein! Thanks to my beautiful wife and kids for putting up with my slightly poorer than normal attitude during the last few weeks, which may be an understatement. Thanks to my family and friends for coming to Kentucky to support me. Last, and certainly not least, thank you GOD for not giving me a spirit of fear and timidity. Instead a spirit of power, a spirit of love, and a spirit of self-discipline. We can do ALL things through CHRIST who gives us our strength!

Pre Contest Training

  • 2 days on 1 day off, 2 days on 2 days off
  • (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)
  • I rotated a 3 day split into my training schedule Chest/Back, Legs,Shoulder/Arms, and then repeat.
Exercises were all BASIC movements nothing fancy:
Bench Press, Squats, Shoulder Presses, Chins, and Barbell Curls were all the core of my routine.
Usually if I hate something, like squats, it’s great for building muscle, so it’s a love hate relationship!
I didn’t get strict on cardio until 4 weeks out.
My routine consisted of sprinting 1 day, jogging for 15 minutes 1 day, and walking at an incline on a treadmill for 20-30 minutes 1 day.
At 2 weeks out, I kicked it up doing cardio daily.
A. 3 sets Weighted chip up’s with 45lb plate x 8 reps
B. 3 sets Incline Press 190 x 8 reps

A. 3 sets Bench Press 255 x 8 reps
B. 3 sets Pulldown 210 x 8 reps

A. 3 sets Incline DB Fly 65lbs x 8 reps
B. 3 sets Bent Row 135 x 8 reps

A. 3 sets Dips with 45lbs plate x 12 reps
B. 3 sets Peck Deck 200 x 10 reps
C. 3 sets Close grip chin up x 12-15 reps

A. 3 sets Leg Extensions 235 x 8 reps
B. 3 sets Squat 315 x 8 reps

A. 3 sets Front squat 155 x 10 reps
B. 3 sets Single leg curls 100 x 8 reps

A. 3 sets Leg Press 360 x 8 reps
B. 3 sets Seated leg curl 190 x 10 reps

Single Sets
A. Lying leg curl 3 sets 130 x 10 reps

Shoulders Arms  
A. 3 sets Hammer shoulder press 285 x 8 reps
B. 3 sets DB lat 35 x 8 reps
C. 3 sets Bent laterals 35 x 8 reps

A. 3 sets Standing BB press rotating front to back 95 x 20 total reps
B. 3 sets Cable side lats 20 x 8 reps

A. 3 sets BB curl stripping the weights 125 down to 95 x sets
B. 3 sets Standing Tri extensions 75 x 10 reps

A. 3 sets Concentration DB curl 25 x 10 reps using 1 1/2 method each arm
B. 3 sets Standing DB tri extension 30 x 10 reps

A. 3 sets Lying DB extension 30 x 10 reps
B. 3 sets Incline DB Curl 30 x 10 reps each arm
C. 3 sets Reverse grip tri pull down 25 x 10 reps each arm


Name: Vince Shirey
Age: 25
Occupation: State Trooper
Education: Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy, some college
Family: Married to my BEAUTIFUL wife Nicole and 2 GREAT sons Noah (5) and Camden (4)
Current Residence: Columbus, OH
Gym: Lifestyle Fitness
Height: 5’ 10″
Off Season Weight: 180 lbs (82kg)
Contest Weight: 150»s
Favorite Cheat Food: Carrot Cake!
Favorite Meal: Steak and Potatoes
Favorite Supplements (and why): All Beverly proteins, the taste is amazing and the results are incredible.  Also Ultra 40 and Mass Amino's.
Most Inspiring People (outside bodybuilding): John Maxwell
In my CD player: Fergie, Disturbed, Timberlake, Matt Redman
Other Interests: I love to cook

Words to Live by: "You have to pay the price."
"You will find that everything in life exacts a price, and you have to decide whether the price is worth the prize."

Most Inspiring Words: God causes all things to work out for the good for those who love him!  If Christ be for me, who can be against me?

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