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Volume 12 issue 2 contents

Tips For Bodybuilding Success:
1) Keep a training journal!
View each workout as a contest with yourself – the goal is to set new personal records in each exercise as often as possible by lifting a little more weight or squeezing out another rep or two with the same weight as last time. Remember, the key to progress is progressive resistance.
3) Monitor yourself. Use calipers to make sure my skin folds don’t exceed pre-set limits, such as 8 mm for abs.
4) Variety in training is. Plateaus hit when you stick with the same thing for too long. Try different exercises, rep ranges, set volumes, training days per week per muscle, etc. One excellent way to train is to hit each muscle twice weekly, doing 2 exercises for 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps with fairly long rest periods on one day, then 3-4 days later using a different exercise for 10 sets of 3-5 reps, resting no more than 2 minutes between sets.
5) Learn how many calories you need to maintain your weight. (It’s often around 15 calories per pound of bodyweight) Subtract around 300 calories from that figure to begin a fat-loss diet, or add 300-500 calories to that number to start a muscle-building diet.
6) Prepare your food in advance and carry a cooler. I rarely leave my house without a cooler packed with meals and/or protein shakes.
7) Don’t neglect your pre/post-workout nutrition. Protein and carbs before, and protein (and maybe carbs, depending on your carb tolerance) immediately after. Research has proven the importance of this, although how many carbs (especially simple sugars) are optimal post-workout varies from person to person.

› Anthony Chapman
Trials and Tribulations of a First Time Bodybuilder

I had to deal with many challenges on this journey to enter my first bodybuilding show.

› Steve Colescott
Practical Eating for Lean Muscle Part One: The Grocery Store

We want to consume more of the slower assimilated carbs.

› Jennifer Wilson
Insights Into My Life as a Female Bodybuilder

Day 1 is chest, Day 2 is back, training legs twice each week on Day 3 and 6, shoulders and traps on Day 4, and Day 5 is arms and forearms.

› Steve Weingarten
Here’s How I Achieved My Best Condition Ever – At Age 48!

I took 4 Mass and 4 Ultra 40 with each meal, bringing my total calories on non-weight training days to 2635.

› By Roger Riedinger
My 1985 Training Routine

The training strategy is based around a 3 on / 1 off system.

› Aspects of Athleticism
Adding Functionality to Physique Training

› Brian Wiefering
My Natural Bodybuilding 12-Week Out Diet Plan

› Kerry Tighe
No Excuses Please: How I Balance Family and Figure

Planning my diet, supplements and training keeps balance in my life.

Kerry Tighe Figure E ground winner
  Kerry Northern Figure Winner

Volume 12 issue 1 contents


› Lee Anne Graham
My Preparation for the 2007 Northern Kentucky Figure Championships

› Roger Riedinger
Pre Contest Workshop   Phase 2   8 Weeks Out

› Chase Karnes
My Preparation for the 2007 Northern KY

› Jeff Williamson
Phase (III) Training and Nutrition – The Peaking Phase

› Ray Binkowski
Your 12 Week Nutritional Road Map to Your Next Bodybuilding Competition

› Holy Grail
Successful bodybuilding competition is losing superfluous Low carb diet

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