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› Carol Marandola
Cleaned up my diet to get leaner WNBF Pro bodybuilder

Decided to enter the Figure division too in addition to the bodybuilding portion.

› Brian Wiefering
The Best, Basic Program – Diet, Supplements, and Training to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

› Steve Colescott
Practical Eating for Lean Muscle

› Roger Riedinger
12-Week Training Cycle for Muscle Size and Strength

› Kristy Rosenacker and Jessica Jimerson
The Beverly Figure Contest Prep Workshop Series

Figure Competition Guidelines, Body Composition and Assessment Fat Loss Nutrition, Figure Cardio and Training, final week for Presentation.

› Josh King
Preparing for a Bodybuilding Contest – Here’s How I Do It

› Beverly Staff
Which Protein Powder is Right for You?

Muscle Provider, Ultimate Muscle Protein or Mass Maker

Wendi Eldre wearing her Whatever sockes

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