Gain Lean Muscle Supplement Hierarchy

By: Beverly Support Staff

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In this article we’ll walk you through which supplement to pick first, second etc.. and how it fits into your goal, including dosage and optimal timing.

Adding lean muscle while losing body fat and which vitamin supplemnt should you pick/stack in order.

This article is written by the Beverly Support Staff. We’ll walk you through which supplement to pick first, second etc.. and how it fits into you goal, including dosage and optimal timing.

Muscle Provide Glutamine Density Muscle Mass

#1 Protein

The word protein comes from a Greek word meaning “of first importance”. When it comes to gaining lean muscle, protein truly is “of first importance”.

In Vol 12, #3 of the No Nonsense Magazine there is an article titled, Which Beverly International Protein Powder is Right for You?

Rather than repeat that information I’ll offer a real quick summary.

  • Ultimate Muscle Protein is considered The Anytime Protein because of its natural 80/20 slow to fast digesting ratio of proteins. It’s perfect as a meal replacement, pre or post training and bedtime. If you’re new to supplements, begin with UMP
  • Muscle Provider is a fast acting whey hydrolysate/isolate. Its primary role is protein synthesis (anabolism). It is most valuable before and after training
  • Provosyn consists of a 2:1 ratio of whole egg to milk protein, plus beef. This combination is based on “secret” recipes used by famed nutritionists of the 1950s and 60s to help clients build lean muscle without gaining fat
  • Mass Maker Ultra (MMU) is ideal for hard-training natural athletes who want to gain lean weight (muscle) quickly and need a convenient, concentrated source of extra calories to help them do it

If you want to gain lean muscle, be sure to include a Beverly International protein powder in your arsenal.

#2 Mass Amino acid tablets

You have to be able to take tablets (and a lot of them) if you want to get the maximum benefit from Mass aminos. If taking 15–20 tablets a day is no problem, then Mass should be your first supplement choice for gaining lean muscle. If you’re familiar with "Miracle Gro"s for plants, that’s exactly how Mass aminos works for humans. It is composed of peptide bonded amino acids that yield the highest source of muscle building nitrogen available. Mass yields 700% more nitrogen than the average amino acid product on the market. So, all aminos are definitely not created equally. What’s this stuff about nitrogen?

Your body is always in one of three states:

  1. A negative nitrogen balance – here your body is breaking down muscle for its survival needs. This is the worst case scenario if you want a muscular physique
  2. A neutral nitrogen balance – your body is not breaking muscle down, but it is in a state where it cannot build muscle either
  3. A positive nitrogen balance – that’s what we are striving for if we want to build muscle. Here is where your body is putting on muscle

Positive nitrogen balance must exist for new tissue to be synthesized.

Mass aminos are the best supplement to put your body in a positive nitrogen balance.

There is a second advantage to Mass aminos. Mass aminos with meals help you to utilize more of your food protein for muscle growth. It completes and maximizes the amino acid profile of the foods you eat and this leads to more muscle building opportunities throughout the day.

› How to take Mass Amino acid tablets

  1. Basic daily use to build muscle – take 3-5 Mass tablets per meal based on your bodyweight. Divide your bodyweight by 10 to get your total Mass allotment per day; then divide that number by the number of meals you eat. If you weigh 180lbs that means you should take 18 tablets per day. If you have six meals, then take 3 per meal to get 18 for the day
  2. Training use to create a positive nitrogen balance while you train - divide your bodyweight by 10 to get your Mass allotment for your training session; then take 3 or 4 tablets every 10-15 minutes while you train until you reach your allotted amount. If it’s inconvenient to take Mass tablets throughout your training you can divide your allotment in half and take half before training and half after. Both methods work well
Which method should I follow?
Follow method 1 above for most of the year. Then, do a specialization program using method 2 for a six-week period twice per year.

#3 Ultra 40 Liver tablets

Increases strength, endurance, muscle size and precontest makes you appear in harder condition. Can be categorized as the world’s most perfect food for muscle growth because of its abundance of protein, amino acids, heme iron, and B vitamins.

Ultra 40 is perfect for any diet situation whether to increase muscle or on a fat loss diet to help with your energy needs. But you do have to be able to take a lot of tablets. Adding Ultra 40 increases the nutrient density of your meals. That means you get more nutrition, more energy, and more opportunity to build muscle with every meal.

› How to use Ultra 40
Basic daily use for increased strength, energy, and muscle – Females – take 2-3 Ultra 40 tablets per meal (9-15 per day) based on your bodyweight.

Males – take 3-6 Ultra 40 tablets per meal (15-30 per day. Divide your bodyweight by 10 to get your total Ultra 40 allotment per day; then divide that number by the number of meals you eat. If you weigh 180lbs that means you should take 18 tablets per day. If you have six meals, then take 3 per meal to get 18 for the day.

Vince Gironda method to keep your body in a positive nitrogen balance for natural muscle growth all day – Take 2-3 Mass and 2-3 Ultra 40 tablets every hour throughout the waking day (based on a 16-hour day).

#4 Glutamine Select plus BCAAs

Glutamine Select is really interchangeable with Mass aminos as your number two lean muscle gain supplement. If you have an aversion to taking a lot of tablets, then Glutamine Select is definitely the way to go. Clinically designed studies have shown that the exact ratio of pharmaceutical grade glutamine and branch chain amino acids contained in Glutamine Select produces maximum gains in lean muscle mass and strength.

How to take Glutamine Select for lean muscle and strength gains – take one or more scoops mixed in 8 oz. water before and/or after your workout. For use during intense training, mix 2-4 scoops of Glutamine Select in your water bottle with 16 oz. or more of water and sip throughout your training.

#5 Muscle Mass BCAAs

BCAAs are a staple in nearly every professional bodybuilder’s supplement arsenal. They are a little more costly because they are pharmaceutical grade free form amino acids. And the cost is the only thing that keeps us from ranking it much higher in the hierarchy. We’ve found that Muscle Mass is most cost effective when you are trying to fight catabolism due to intense training, strict dieting, or a combination of both. BCAAs have also been associated with increased loss of abdominal fat.

› How to use Muscle Mass BCAAs – in general, we recommend taking Muscle Mass around your training. Divide your bodyweight by 10 to get the total Muscle Mass BCAA allotment for your training session. If you weigh 200lbs, you would take 5 tablets before you train, 5 more about 20 minutes into your training, 5 more tablets at the 40-minute mark, and your final 5 tablets after your training. Or, if you’re not that into stopping and taking pills during your training, just take one-half your allotment before and the other half at the end of your training session.

Supplements for fast strength and muscle gain

Muscle Strength Stack

#1 Creatine Select plus Phosphates

We think Creatine Select plus Phosphates is the most cost-effective, beneficial, and under utilized supplement that Beverly makes. Everyone seems to think all creatine supplements are created equal. They’re not.

Creatine Select plus Phosphates will improve your workouts – you’ll lift more, get more reps, and have more stamina – guaranteed.

How to use Creatine Select plus Phosphates:
Loading Phase: We recommend a 5–day loading phase where you take one serving in water every 3 or 4 hours throughout the day. An easy way to remember is just take it with each meal. Females should take at least 4 scoops per day and males at least 5 scoops per day during the loading phase.

Maintenance Phase: After the 5–day loading phase take at least one serving each day, preferably before training. Males can take 2 servings on training days, either both before training or 1 serving before and 1 serving after training. On non training days, just take 1 serving with a meal or at your normal training time.

Ian King’s Creatine Loading Protocol for those who have not experienced the expected gains from creatine usage. We have seen 100% desired response to Creatine Select plus Phosphates with this method.

Ian King’s: Creatine Loading Protocol
Week Number Daily Dosage (grams)
Average daily dose: 25 grams 

Muscle Synergy

If you want to add muscle, get a great pump every workout, and can afford it – then Muscle Synergy is for you. Muscle Synergy is one of the best NO2 products on the market. But, it does more than give you the strongest nitric oxide effect. Muscle Synergy increases the size of your muscles through cell volumization and creates a positive nitrogen environment for optimal muscle building. The combination of HMB and creatine in research based amounts promotes increased lean muscle mass and strength and suppresses muscle breakdown after training.

Muscle Synergy is not just a name; it describes what it REALLY does for your muscles. L-arginine, l-citrulline, nicotinic acid, creatine and HMB all work together synergistically to boost protein synthesis, create a positive nitrogen balance, increase muscle volumization, reduce muscle breakdown, and give you rapid and sustained nitric oxide production.

However, for Muscle Synergy to work, you’ll have to take enough. Take eight tablets twice a day if you weigh less than 175; if you weigh over 175lbs, you’ll benefit most from 24 per day. Muscle Synergy holds lean muscle tissue while dieting better than anything. We just don’t always recommend it to everyone because of the expense.

Here’s an economical way to combine Muscle Synergy and Creatine Select to attain permanent muscle and strength gains:

  • Weeks 1&2: Use Creatine Select as directed above
  • Weeks 3&4: Take Muscle Synergy and Creatine Select together for the next two weeks
  • Weeks 5&6: Creatine Select, no Muscle Synergy
  • Weeks 7&8: Creatine Select and Muscle Synergy


Density is the relaunch of one of Beverly’s all-time most effective and most popular (especially with advanced bodybuilders) products. In the early 90’s it was a favorite of nearly every top bodybuilder.

Density EAA l-tryptonphan
Then, there was a problem with a tainted batch of l-tryptophan manufactured by a competing laboratory (not Beverly’s!) The FDA acted immediately and rather than isolate the problem batch just banned all l-tryptophan period. Just recently l-tryptophan has been made available once again. We couldn’t wait to reintroduce Density. But first, we had to find the purest source of l-tryptophan (as well as the other 7 essential amino acids) and put it through rigorous testing procedures to confirm that it is 100% free of contaminants or impurities. The l-tryptophan and each of the amino acids in Density is certified 100% pharmaceutically pure.

Here’s what Density does. Your body’s amino acid requirements are constantly changing (maybe it’s trying to maintain status quo, or better, it’s looking for the opportunity to build muscle or keep muscle from breaking down). At any given time the configuration of amino acids it needs is different from any other time. Density provides the material that your body needs to form the exact configuration it needs. Not only are the essential amino acids in Density the most important aminos, your body can create all other aminos from these 8 essentials. Even though it’s impossible for you to know what’s lacking, your body does always know what it needs, and it will use these 8 essential aminos to construct what it needs to build new muscle tissue.

The ideal times to take Density are first thing in the morning and before and/or after training. You can also take Density with meals in order to ensure that all amino acids are present in sufficient quantities or, my favorite way, in between meals in order to prevent tissue amino acid levels from falling too low.

No one has ever had a product that compares. Products that claim to be essential amino acid supplements often have a lot of the cheapest amino acids and little or none of the expensive ones. You also have to be careful that the amino acids are pharmaceutical grade and not animal grade which is potentially harmful for a human.

How to use Density For general training and fitness: take at least 2, and up to 5 Density tablets first thing in the morning. Take 3-5 additional Density tablets immediately before (or after) training. The latest research indicates that free form essential amino acids like Density will be made almost immediately available to your muscles and can kick start the muscle building process.

For pre contest dieting or to achieve peak conditioning: take Density 2-3 times daily on non workout days and add an additional serving (before training) on workout days. You can adjust the serving size from 2-5 tablets based on your bodyweight and experience level.

Pre contest a male might want to take up to 20 Density tablets a day as his calories decrease and a female 15 tablets daily.

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