The Garage Gladiator

By: Jeff Williamson
Magazine 13 #2

Question: I’m a 38 year old with family and work obligations, I don’t have time to go to the gym but I do have a pretty good home set up. I’ve been training nearly all my life but it’s been off and on, and lately more off than on. I really think I can workout 4 times a week for an hour at a shot. Can you recommend a training program and what supplements do I really need to get some good, lasting results from such a workout? On the supplements can you give me the reasons for the ones you recommend so that I can convince my wife?

How to Achieve Amazing Results in Your Home Gym

Here’s a list of the equipment that I’ve accumulated over the past fifteen years that I have at home:
Power rack with chin/dip attachment
2 Olympic bars,
Curl bars
Adjustable incline and flat benches
Leg Press/Hack Squat combo
Lat machine
Leg extension/leg curl combo that fits on my bench but it’s not the greatest
Dumbbells (actually Power Blocks) that go up to 85 lbs
Plenty of plates
All the best, Victor
Jeff Williamson home gym
A: You came to the right place because I have the perfect plan for you. Your set up is great for a home gym. You actually sound a lot like myself... I know all about family and work obligations and how difficult it can be to get a workout in. Never fear though... where there is a will there is a way.

I started training at home at the age of 30 with a very similar set up. I even won the 2000 Natural USA training in my garage! I have some recommendations for you that will enable you to achieve lasting results. Before I give you a plan of attack, let me give you some very sound advice. You need to be committed to bring your "A" game every time you enter your training area. You will have to block out family, work and any other distractions. Yes, it will be tough at times, training at home can be very challenging but as long as you are committed to making it work you can achieve amazing results.

It is very easy to get lazy or complacent training at home. There will be days you feel stressed from work, didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe missed a meal, my point here is there will be times that you feel you are not up to an optimal workout, but you MUST not let those feeling interfere with your"A" game. Now you may not have a record-breaking workout every time you train but if you tell yourself you are going to have a crushing workout- YOU will. Remember, your actions will always follow your belief, take a moment and let that last statement sink in. Listen to what I am telling you here. I am setting you up for success and not just throwing a program at you without a game plan. The game plan starts with you, NOT in sets and reps.

Let us pretend we are in the corporate world for just a moment, we have all heard the buzz words – continuous improvement, think outside the box, etc.. sometimes we get tired of hearing this rah, rah stuff but it really applies to real life situations and especially bodybuilding.

You mentioned that you only have time to train 4 days a week... no problem – actually that will fit the bill perfectly. I have trained four days a week in the past and I made great progress so the plan I am about to give you really WORKS!

Ok, now it’s time to get to the nuts and bolts of the program. I would like for you to split your body parts up into 3 categories...PUSH, PULL, LEGS... sounds simple doesn’t it. Well, that’s because we are doing the KISS system here (keep it simple stupid... no I’m not calling you stupid- it’s just a phrase that applies in this situation. There are no super sets, giant sets, negatives, or forced rep training here. There is nothing tricky about the exercises, reps or sets but it is critical that you pay attention to the rotation and absolutely make sure you work out 4 times a week. Makes no difference which day you start or which days you take off.

Here is what the split looks like:

  • Workout 1 – chest, shoulders, triceps
  • Workout 2 – Back, biceps
  • Workout 3 – Legs
  • Workout 4 – start over.

This routine allows you to pick the 4 days you want to workout and if you miss a day or take a day off... no big deal you just pick up where you left off. The idea here is you need to get 4 workouts in within the week. This is a perfect routine for someone with a busy schedule because you have more flexibility in your training yet as long as you train 4 times within the week you will be training at least one muscle group twice a week. Remember, we are thinking outside the box here... actually I have already performed the thinking for us, all you have to do is perform!

Here is a detailed plan of attack that will give you awesome results.

Nothing fancy... just good sound training.

Day 1 – Push Chest – Flat Bench Press 4 x 8-12, Incline 3 x 6-8, Incline flys 3 x15 Shoulders – DB over head press 3 x 8-12, Side laterals 3 x 8-12 Triceps – Laying EZ bar tricep extensions, 3 x 8, Pushdown 3 x 12- 20, Kickbacks 3 x 12-15

Day 2 – Pull Back – Pulldowns 4 x 12-20, Barbell Row 3 x 8-12, One Arm DB Row – 2 x 20, Straight arm pullovers using EZ bar – 2 x 15-20, Barbell Shrugs 2 x20 Biceps – EZ bar 3 x 10-15, DB curls 3 x 8-12

Day 3 – Legs Leg Press 4 x 10-20, Hack Squat 3 x 10-15, Barbell Lunge 3 x 12, Stiff leg deadlift 4 x 8 – 15

Make sure you do a few light sets just to get the blood flowing and muscles warm. Immediately after your warm up go into the work sets. Don’t be too concerned with the rep speed or time between sets... just get into a good rhythm and make sure you get all your sets in within the hour you allotted for your workout. You’ll find yourself resting longer between heavy compound movements than on isolation movements. That is how it’s supposed to be and perfectly fine. Training at home has an advantage, you won’t have anyone to socialize with or interrupt your focus so you should have no problem getting through these workouts in an hour.

All working sets should be performed to positive failure. Add weight on each working set (pyramid method). Each workout you should attempt to add weight to all your working sets. Begin your work sets with reps in the upper range specified and as you add weight, you reps will decrease. Your last set for any particular exercise you should be doing the minimum reps specified but using maximal poundage.

Here is your supplement program that will certainly help propel your fitness goals to the next level AND will enable you to make lasting improvement.

Super Pak – this is not an option. For your body to operate at full throttle you need to have the proper nutrients so you can’t leave this piece of the puzzle in the box.

Mass Amino / Ultra 40 Liver Tabs combo – take 4 of each at every meal. This combo should be a staple in your nutrition program. This will undoubtedly bring lasting results!

UMP – you are certainly a busy guy and using a shake a couple times a day instead of eating is defiantly advantageous. This is an awesome meal replacement that will supply your system with the right kinds of high-quality proteins.

The last thing I would recommend is Muscle Synergy – now this is one of those WOW supplements... you may want to just keep this supplement between you and I... your wife doesn’t even have to know about it. This will give you lasting awesome strength gains in addition to some freaky pumps!

This is a very simple and economical supplement program. You are not paying a gym membership or spending gas money traveling to a gym... these are savings you can put toward your supplements. In addition, you will certainly save money on your grocery bill. The fact is you do not want to waste your time training your butt off just to make little or no progress due to lack of quality proteins or sub par nutrition.

Once your wife sees your magnificent results she may want to join the fitness craze, I have an awesome plan for the ladies who want to firm up and look great in a swim suit so when she is ready, you let me know and I will give you details! The plan I designed for my 17 year old daughter and my wife worked awesome!

In the future you may want to explore a few other supplements that will even take your fitness to an even higher level. For example, you may want to get really lean for an upcoming vacation so at that point you may want to add some lean out and 7 Keto into your arsenal for a few weeks. Perhaps you want to break some of your personal lifting records so you may want to cycle in some Creatine Select plus Phosphates into the mix.

Good luck and I would love to hear back from you in about 10 weeks... this will help you stay focused and help you drive toward the best shape of your life. Go get it and except no excuses... bring your "A" game!
Good luck and I would love to hear back from you in about 10 weeks... this will help you stay focused and help you drive toward the best shape of your life. Go get it and except no excuses... bring your "A" game!
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