Bevelry Beat 13 issue 2

By: Sandy Riedinger
Magazine 13 #2

Arnold Expo 2008

I’d like to start this issue by reciting three of theTen Rituals of Radiant Living.

  1. Ritual of Physicality – Caring for your body, cares for your mind. As you train your body, you train your mind. Perform daily vigorous exercise
  2. Ritual of Live Nourishment – A poor diet drains your mental and physical energy. As you nourish your body, you nourish your mind
  3. Ritual of Personal Reflection – By taking time to get to know yourself, you will connect to a dimension of your being that you never knew you had. By looking at what you are doing, how you are spending your day and the thoughts you are thinking, you give yourself a benchmark for measuring improvement. The only way to improve tomorrow is to know what you need to improve upon today

Bodybuilding World

So to sum this up for you – we need to be physically active, because our bodies require it. Not because your trainer said so, or you have decided to begin your journey into the competition world, or because you have just six weeks to get into that bathing suit for your big Vaca... or, oh my, "The Wedding", yes the wedding is just around the corner, hurry up and get in shape... We need to eat and nourish our bodies with proper food and supplements so we can achieve the type of body we are striving for and, more importantly, be as healthy and happy as possible. And along the way, take a look at what we are doing – Stop take the time, (it is our most important commodity) and evaluate it. I just read that we as people take little or no solitary time to just think and plan. We make snap decisions for the moment, based on either what’s expedient or on what we think our peers will think, and never stop along the way to consider whether it really is the best decision for our lives. It has been during my most quiet times of solitude that I have connected with my needs.

Have you ever stopped training, yea like just up and quit cold turkey?... chose food at random or from stress without thinking of what you were doing, or how about, I will start my plan tomorrow and the procrastination of trying to get started was the only exercise you began... How about working out regularly, but eating poorly without a plan and wondering why you were getting little to no results? These are all common things that nearly all of us have experienced. Take it from me... don’t let your years go by in embarrassment of being over fat, or under muscled. You can change your life, you can change your direction – you can make a complete difference in your physique. Don’t put off. My first suggestion is to stop and get somewhere by your self. Think about what you want to change or improve upon. Make a plan. Then, start improving your knowledge. Start with a clean slate. Don’t let the memories of past failures or habits determine your future successes... One way to get more info on how to improve your body is from our website. Roger and I have placed everything we can to help you on that site so you can be empowered. There are easy to follow diets, how to use the best supplements, real doable training programs, and progressive cardio schedules. Just find your way there and start reading. I guarantee that you will be inspired and before you sign off you will be smarter on a topic than you were before you logged on. Go for it.

Arnold Expo 2008

Arnold Expo 2008 Beverly International went into the Arnold with a high powered group of individuals and with lots of industry awards! Let me brag a little. Our proteins, UMP and Muscle Provider (both our top selling items) were awarded the very prestigious Platinum award for the Best Muscle Building Protein from Jeff Everson’s Planet Muscle! Even this Newsletter you are reading was tagged as the best supplement and training magazine published by a supplement company! Beverly being recognized as the industry leader in legitimate bodybuilding supplements and nutrition is a wonderful honor and something we have tried to live up to for the past 41 years. What we really like is the "legitimate" part. No doubt... we aren’t the leader in sales or advertising dollars spent.

The Arnold Expo was spectacular. Many of our clients made the trip to Columbus to meet and greet our gang and to take part in the offerings from Beverly. I am proud to announce the winner of the give away was Chris Pigott from Columbus Ohio. He won the Platinum awarded Beverly Proteins, signed copies of books by Cory and Jeff Everson, subscriptions to magazines and more. He hit the Beverly Jack Pot! Congrats to Chris!!! He told us that Muscle Provider was his favorite protein and that he’s been using it after every training session since 1999? How the years fly by...

I personally had one of my all time best Arnold weekends this year. I was surrounded by wonderful people, not only from my personal team, but from you. One thing you need to know is... I know that without you, We (Beverly) are nothing. We would just be a company making products and selling it through distributors to nameless faces. You, my friend, give us the life extension to create a whole new world for individuals. You have helped us grow this Beverly company into something that is alive... you have spread the word by telling others about your results and satisfaction using the best supplements available. Your tenacious desire to learn and build a better body has rubbed off like a bad tan on your peers and even those watching you from a distance. You have been my soldiers. You are Beverly. I heard a friend this week say that he read one of the articles by Vince Shirey (about 30 times) and when he competed in our NKY 08 contest he got to meet Vince in person. It was like meeting and talking with a celebrity. You, like Vince, who have offered your life changing journey articles for this magazine have helped change the lives of more people than you could ever dream. So, if you hear someone say that the articles in this Newsletter are FAKE – strike back, and set the story straight. They are your personal stories and they are real. They touch and inspire me every time I read them. Thank you for that.

...Speaking of inspiration, Roger and I decided to tell others what we’ve been doing ever since we moved the Northern KY show to the Northern KY Convention Center – donating a portion of the ticket sales at the NKY to the Shriner’s Burns Hospital for Children (a children’s hospital funded by donation only). We also asked the competitors and staff to help out with a little donation for the KY School for the Blind on competition day. They came with toothbrushes, deodorant, combs, toothpaste, and other small articles that we all take for granted. The Show happened to fall on Easter weekend so the donations were fitting. Walt Oster, our NPC Mid East Zone Chairman works closely with the School so he offered to represent us and deliver all of the donations to the school. Thank you, Walt! He said he could hardly get it all in his vehicle!!! I am saying thanks to all of you (who had enough to worry about with the show), who went out of your way to make a difference in a little kid’s life. Vanessa, from the Shriner’s Burns Hospital shared a very touching ten minute video to begin the night show. I could not get out of my seat because my eyeballs were filled with so many tears I was weakened by it. Our show (your show) gave a little more than twenty thousand dollars that night to a cause that is well worth the seat price of admission. Thanks for attending and competing in the show. It had many tentacles that reached out and touched others! You may review the results and awesome photos at
We offered our final Contest Workshop this year before the NKY 08 and I would like to share a few of the Craving Cutters that the Figure WS offered as their saving grace...

  1. Microwave Ultra Size or MP mixed in a little water and it turns into a brownie
  2. When you feel like cheating on your diet, put on your posing suit, stand in front of the mirror, and digest your reaction!
  3. Drink any hot liquid, tea, coffee
  4. Sugar–free gum
  5. Take 2–3 Energy Reserve and 3–5 Density together in times of need
  6. Grapefruit, celery
  7. Egg whites and strawberry sugar free jam
  8. UMP Cookies and Crème as a thick shake or freeze it like ice cream
  9. Glutamine Select anytime
  10. Water, Water, Water,
While we are on cravings, I will share an Ultra Size Brownies recipe that my friends Becki and Charles Pearl brought to the show for the staff to snack on...
½ cup Ultra size
1 tsp baking powder
1 small pack of fat/sugar free instant pudding mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup splenda
1 tsp vanilla
¼ (ish) cup low–fat milk (mix to brownie consistency)

Spray an 8 x 8 size pan with Pam. Bake at 350 for about 17 – 20 minutes.
This is from Pearl World and I suggest you step into the light and try some! They are delicious. I used UMP for an experimental substitute and I conclude has a better texture with Ultra Size for sure!

Note: You could be creative and use the Ultra Size Chocolate, brown sugar splenda and a little nut butter in place of the eggs and maybe that would give us an entirely new recipe. I think I will try that too.

Workshop attendees included Autumn Edwards, overall figure winner of more than sixty competitors, and Dan Johnson, open welterweight champion coming back after a four–year lay off, and Rainer Hartmann, over 40 lightweight champion. We’ll have articles in upcoming issues from Autumn, Dan, and Rainer revealing the exact training, nutrition, and supplement plans they followed to achieve their successes. Past workshop attendees also fared well – Brad Steere, men’s open MW winner, Kerrie Tighe, open figure E champion, and Amber Carpenter, open figure F champion.

Overall Figure Autumm Edwards

Rick Ruether, one of our long, long time friends just offered a special mixture that he uses with his clients. It calls for egg whites, oatmeal, cottage cheese, and Muscle Provider. He mixes and measures the ingredients that his diet template calls for... to balance out the nutrient ratios. He mixes all the ingredients in a blender, then cooks them in a skillet like pancakes. He said they look like Monkey Puke (thanks for that visual), but he personally eats them for at least two of his daily meals. He never gets tired of them. They are portable, don’t spoil easy, taste pretty good cold right from the fridge, and can be frozen, thawed and toasted in an everyday toaster. That sounds like something we all could use to keep us on track. Thanks for sharing Rick!

One of Roger’s goals for this past year is to read five epics (you know the books you are supposed to read but nobody does?) The books he’s read are the Iliad, Paradise Lost, The Divine Comedy (Inferno), the Aeneid, and he’s three-fourths through the Odyssey. Well, he’s on the last book and comes out of his reading room last night and says look at this! In Book XVII of the Odyssey (which was written approximately 2800 years ago in 800 B.C.) it says, "If you would turn him over to me to keep my steading (that means take care of my farm), then he could drink whey and build up a big leg muscle". Can you believe that? And about 10 years ago whey protein was advertised as the latest, newest, supplement. Folks, it doesn’t have to be new to be a great supplement. That’s why Beverly sticks with the formulas that work even though others bring out a new product every three months.

Speaking of tried and true supplements, Beverly has had a product that has been in the magazines and news lately, for many years. Energy Reserve is 600 mg pure L–carnitine. Did you know that l–carnitine helps you transport stored fats into the mitochondria (think small fat incinerating furnaces in your muscles) where it is burned for fuel. It seems like whenever someone added high doses of Energy Reserve to their diet that they also started adding a little more muscle as well. We just thought they were getting leaner and looked more muscular. But now, new science tells us that carnitine may also increase your muscle’s androgen receptor sites. Testosterone levels are almost always higher in the morning. So, I suggest taking a couple (2–5 tabs or 1200 to 3000 mg) of Energy Reserve when you roll out of bed, and couple it with Density because you will maximize your muscle building potential at this time. It is great to use them both as a tag team 15 minutes before you train or do cardio also. That is my secret formula as of late.

Beverly holds true to products that work and our history reminds you of that but speaking of secret formulas, something came in yesterday in a white container with black magic marker writings on the side. Now if I were not in the business and I saw this somewhere else, I would stay away from it and no way would I put it in my mouth. But, since it came straight to us from our chemist, and the jargon written on the outside was congruent with Roger’s newest trial specs, I gave it a try. The taste was horrible. It must have been real monkey puke in a pink façade. I drank it anyway. (Have you seen the movie, "She’s The Man?") I made the awful face and marched off to the gym. Well, I can say that back in the day when guys would say, I would drink it no matter how bad it tasted because I wanted to grow? I can empathize, of course this was only round one of the testing on us, and if this thing can be made to taste better, you are gonna want it. Here’s what I felt.

Dan Johnson overall men<
  1. Increased strength. I got more reps with higher weight than last week on the same training schedule
  2. Increased recovery (none of our sessions have been easy of late, and I have been fatigued after each set, this time I was ready to go when I normally I would not have been)
  3. I felt like I "wanted" rather than "had to" to do the set (I have been in the dumps lately.)
  4. I felt really good and pumped the entire session, and my overall body did not hurt like it always does during my lifting and when we exit the building
  5. My mental alertness and outlook was on high throughout the workout
We are going to keep working on this proto–type and see if it is really the Deal! I will keep you posted on the current findings and developments.

Dialed In Rick Ryan
One of our great clients, Rick Ryan sent us an advanced copy of his new book, Dialed In. I stayed up till 3:00 am reading it.

Needless to say I was impressed. I can best describe Dialed In as a comprehensive instruction manual for anyone who is serious about transforming his or her physique. You can use this book to create a complete, customized nutrition and workout plan regardless of your current experience. Personal trainers take note – this book is an invaluable addition to your professional library. You can adapt the information in Dialed In to get results for each individual client.

In the next NNN Rick will contribute an article titled "Building Your Nutrition Journal". If you don’t want to wait, you can contact Rick by email at [email protected]

Did you ever realize that when you are not competing (and the majority of us do not - or haven’t for a long time...) and training in the off season that you are planting and sowing? That means that you are preparing your body for what is to come. Now, if I were planting a garden to feed my family, and I was responsible for what it would yield, and it was my sole source of food or live nutrition as we mentioned early on from the Ten Rituals of Radiant Living.., I would be planting, tending, fertilizing and watching over my crop like it was life or death. (Because essentially it would be) Now take this analogy and apply the same concept to your own body. If you are training shouldn’t you also be choosing the best food, highest grade supplements, getting the most rest you can so you can repair and grow from your hard efforts? If you don’t do these things, won’t what you reap be compromised? So, if that is true, then why is it that people feel proud to use and choose Beverly when they compete, but then during the rest of the year (the sowing and growing seasons), they use inferior protein, little to no other supplements, and maybe even give up on daily vitamins and minerals? I just can’t figure that one out. I think I will leave you with that question to ponder until we meet up again.

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