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Magazine Volume 13 issue #3

Six Pounds Heavier and Harder than Ever! Here’s How I Did It

› Krista Schaus
Building Success on a Solid Foundation

Are You a Bodybuilder? Of Course, You Are..

› Wade Johnson
At the Meet – Powerlifters Corner

› Sandy Riedinger
Celebration! We’ve made it "half way" through 2008. If you are one of the lucky ones that made a goal and stuck to it, make another one!

Jeff Williamson
Ladies! Are You Looking for the Perfect Training and Nutrition Program?

› Jesse Dale
Perfecting the Pre-Contest Process

Autumn Edwards relaxed stance pose

How I Won My First Figure Competition – A Complete Program
Autumn Edwards

Volume 13 issue #2 contents

› Brian Wiefering
My fitness modle preparation for a photo shoot

› Jeff Williamson
The Garage Gladiator
How to Achieve Amazing Results in Your Home Gym

› Steve Colescott
Nutrition Planning Mix-and-Match Diet

› Rebecca Bruce
The Only Way to Train for the Female Bodybuilder

› Judy Weichman
The Plan I Followed to Compete in My First Figure Show

› James K Dalton III
SEIZE THE DAY: Make Your Bodybuilding Dreams a Reality