Last time we visited, I was on the come back trail, just two days out from my first powerlifting competition in many years. This time around, we will discuss the day’s events including some supplement things I do at the meet.

Training is the easy part for me. I am truly the proverbial gym rat. The only time I really feel comfortable is when I’m wearing my training clothes in the friendly confines of my basement gym.

But mounting the platform, ah, that’s the hard part. You have no control of the tempo of the meet. It’s hurry up and wait. I won’t kid you. Competition is almost always nerve wracking for me. This meet was no different. I was nervous as soon as I entered the meet venue to weigh in. One thing I did not have to worry about was making weight. I’m a super heavyweight, but still it is always fun to see where I have landed bodyweight-wise. I had eaten a steak dinner just minutes before stepping on the scale, so I was anxious to see what I would weigh... 340. Now that was a new one for me. My last meet I competed at 330. I knew I had gained a lot of muscle size and strength with Beverly supplements over the past 18 months of serious training, but I wasn’t expecting a 10 lb increase! Oh well, my gear still fit, I felt strong so, it was time to see what would happen.

But that would have to wait until the next day. It was time to go to the hotel, chill out and hopefully, get some sleep.

The next morning, after some breakfast, I went to the warm-up area and the meet director saw me, smiled and said, “Go on back there and get a spot”. He knew I was a little edgy and to be honest, I think he was enjoying it as he and I go back a ways. I sat down, got my stuff sorted out and set up and started my routine of supplementation for the meet.